Curse Spells Using Phone

The phone changed our lives, making communication and information more accessible. However, all is not well, because the phone brings not only joy, but also disappointment, which is a powerful curse through the phone.


The theory of the Curse spells using mobile phone

Often, calls curses happen at night, because night-time is favorable for practicing black magic.
Is it possible to have a negative impact on the person over the phone? Yes! And it can be done in different ways. In this case, there are two approaches. First, it's a direct spell of the curse through the telephone, to be precise – the introduction of negative programmes in the energy field of a person. The second curse, which is a powerful blow to the energy of the man, after which the person introduces themselves to the influence of negative program.


How to make a curse using the phone?

Through a special ritual, of which today there is a large number. Phone in such cases is a beacon that helps negative the program to reach the victim.

I recommend you watch my video how to do the spell "Death spell" using the phone


Protection against curses via cell phone


If your phone call and are silent, be sure you at the moment of casting the curse spell or  love spells  through the phone! Also the curse can do those people who seem to have the wrong number and the incorrect words trying to call you on the conflict. Irritated and answering back, you make yourself weak and open to implementing negative programmeprogramme. To avoid this, during those telephone calls mentally say:

"Adam was my father, Eve is my mother.
None my soul can't take.

After that, power the phone off and then spray the phone with Holy water, and walk around the house with a lit Church candle.

If negative or silent calls are regular, you should not wait for troubles, and begin to actively defend themselves! For example,you can use Mirrored protection spells, to send curses back to enemies.

After each call to spray the room and the phone with Holy water, which neutralizes negativity and protects from evil. After that, take a clove of garlic, clean it and draw on the phone cross. If it's a landline phone is put near it the head of garlic. The garlic can be put in the coat pockets of all family members or in bags. Garlic should manatkadu dries. If your garlic dries instantly, then this indicates a constant negative attacks to your address. Taking these magical attacks on himself, the garlic dries .


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