Jinx symptoms and signs. How to remove Jinx

Jinx symptoms and signs. How to remove JinxIn this article I will tell how independently to meaning Jinz at home, shows pericentral and symptoms available way to check for a negative, non-complex rituals. When the need arises to test yourself, you can do it at home. There is no special difficulty, and special skills are required. With a curse on the man a bit more complicated, because the curse is more serious than jinx. At home to find out whether jinx, can, using the decomposed rune or Tarot reading. It is an effective ways to check the availability in the aura of negativity, but they require knowledge and skills.

Yourself to find out whether Jinx – how hard it is and what you need to know?

To define jinx on a person can own runes, for example, there is a good alignment detection magic negative "Rune wax". Shows any magical presence of negativity on the person, and, moreover, makes it clear where it's from, whom it is initiated and what, what spheres of life the affliction affected. However, if you don't know runes, will hardly be able to read and understand their message.

Tarot cards are very informative and help to know yourself if you're jinx. Especially black magic Tarot cards , if we are talking about the negative. Some casters believe that the rune system is complex and uninformative, others of the message of the runes seem simple and understandable. With the diagnosis on the Tarot cards also many of its features. If you have mastered any system of predictions, you will be able to know the status of your own biofield, as well as to determine the RRR someone at home. Otherwise, you need help caster.

As for how on your own to find the evil eye at home, it's very simple, and now I will tell you that.


Symptons Jinx to find out whether jinx – several options for home diagnostics

First, I will say with complete certainty that the person is sensitive, intuitive, living experience and trusting your body will certainly feel the RRR, because Jinx is nothing more than a charge of negative energy which will affect the person and will act in a negative way.


- sudden weakness in arms and legs
- dizziness,
- the darkening of the eyes,
- a feeling of weightlessness,
– these are signs of the energy of impact. If you are a person perceptive of you this moment, the signals of the body is not miss.

In addition, if your inner voice tells you that you jinx, so the way it is, and you need to at least try to determine and understand the jinx. Such rituals of witchcraft are. They are quite simple, applicable at home, and do not require special skills and serious knowledge in the field of magic. Applying these methods home diagnostics yourself, you will be able to identify the negative, and even with some ability to understand what kind, and what intensity this jinx.

I am a witch Reddy, I propose to try to define Jinx at home by:

- matches

- fresh chicken eggs

- wax candles

Diagnosis magical ways gives opportunity to someone to find out for yourself whether jinx and independently verify the signs jinx at home. Simple voodoo rituals used even practicing spellcasters. How to determine jinx with a match
This is an old recipe for determining the presence of evil eye and magic damage on the person. Home diagnostics using matches requires clarification, especially if you suspect yourself of the negativity is much more powerful than banal., and want to determine the presence of jinx.

For the ritual you will need:

glass container with cold water
a box of matches
Take an odd number of matches, at least 3.

Some time hold them in your hands, having a clear intention, and thinking about needing a home to determine Jinx. Charge them with your energy, these matches turns light and throw into the water. Then look at the result.

If all the matches float on the water surface without overlapping, so you have to order. No jinx
If a match is tilted down or float on each other, this can be interpreted as the presence jinx.
If at least one match and is dropped in the water, it is likely that there is a curse.
Home diagnostics yourself with the matches is one of the most simple. And, of course, the responses need to be clarified. For greater confidence I recommend jinx to identify yourself in different ways.

How to find out for  jinx – diagnosis using eggs.

Witch doctor has long been tested, not jinx whether people with fresh fertilized chicken eggs. The egg has a delicate aura. In contact with another energy, biological field eggs reacts to the negativity that leads to external changes. Use eggs in magical rituals make the diagnosis of negative; on the egg as a negative and removed.

a way to determine the symptoms jinx to the person or to himself, the easiest. The headboard of the bed to put on night glass container with water, smashing into her fertilized egg. Morning can check the status of the biofield in appearance of eggs.


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