Miscarriage spells. Infertility curse. Casting. Signs. How to remove and removal infertility and miscarriage curse. Black magic abortion spells

Miscarriage curse. Infertility curse. Casting. Signs. How to remove and removal infertility and miscarriage curse. Methods. Cure. Tarot reading. Black magic abortion spellsMiscarriage spells and Infertility curse. Casting a curse on a pregnant woman. Signs. Infertility curse casting and removal methods. How to remove a miscarriage and infertility spell. Fortune telling about the results of magical influence (if the spell or ritual will work, if the curse has been cast. remove the curse and so on.) Magical influence methods. Witch consultation.
If you can’t get pregnant, it doesn’t mean you’ve been put an infertility curse on. To begin with, go to a doctor; undergo medical examination and then, if needed, medical or physiotherapy treatment. Don’t forget that the reason may be not in you, but in your partner, husband, boyfriend. It happens rather often.
1. How to determine an infertility curse. You can determine if you’ve been cast an infertility curse on with the help of magical diagnostics, clairvoyance, psychics, runes, tarot (the Tarot of Demons and the Tarot of doctor Paracels).
2. To avoid negative consequences after performing any ritual, you should find out if you’ve been cursed (diagnostics) and if the ritual can be performed (remove an infertility curse or cast an infertility curse).
3. General signs and symptoms of an infertility and miscarriage spells curse:
Bad dreams (nightmares about snakes, spiders, mud, needles, knives, arms, ropes, coffins, corpses, you being raped or having sex with a person of the same sex) or no dreams at all; obesity, mouth dryness, headache, hunger, fatigue, loss of interest in life and the partner, irritability, absent-mindedness, despair, darkened face skin, itch, suicidal thoughts. Worsening of these symptoms during the full moon indicates an infertility curse.
Signs of an infertility curse (for women):
False pregnancy, inability to carry a pregnancy, chronic miscarriage, missed abortion, hair loss, splitting nails, skin aging, acne, bruises and wounds which wouldn’t heal and close up, burning palms.
Signs of an infertility curse cast on men:
Secondary infertility (when a man has children but can’t impregnate a woman again (especially when she’s healthy and hasn’t been cursed)), kidney and adrenal gland disorder, heart problems (dyspnea, tachycardia, constricting chest pain), baldness, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, lechery or refusal to have sex, unwillingness to go home after work, loss of sexual interest in the wife (girlfriend), money problems (loss of a purse, job, legal battles), violence and aggression.
If you have some of these symptoms but drugs don’t help you or their effect doesn’t last long, while doctors can’t determine the cause of your infertility – you may have been put an infertility curse on. To know for sure, you are going to need magical diagnostics.
4. Objects used for casting an infertility curse (miscarriage spells):
An infertility curse can be cast with the help of your photo, hair, nail clippings, cloths, saliva, sperm, sanitary pads, blood, food, water, gifts, money. Be careful if you suddenly find (near your doorstep, in your pockets, purse, wardrobes, house, etc.) objects which don’t belong to you, such as a thread with knots, ashes, eggs, black wool, beer, garbage, feathers, hairs (infertility, divorce), shells of sunflower seeds, grains, coins, vodka, salt, pins, glass, earth, expensive jewelry (usually gold), wine, watermelon and its seeds (difficult delivery), mushrooms, melon, toys, crosses, flies, butterflies, moth, flour (difficult delivery, delivery of a dead fetus and further infertility), fish, flowers (especially roses and coax-eye daisies).
Presented with an object with an infertility curse (especially rings, amulets, chains, bracelets, flowers, clothes (skirt, pants, dresses, belts), knives, forks, soft toys, tableware), you won’t be able to get rid of it by throwing the object away. The negative magical program has already been passed on to you and needs to be removed.
An infertility spells curse (black magic) &can be cast in a church (with the help of funeral candles) and turned upside down icons.
Often such curses are put with the help of wedding presents, bed linen, golden rings and earrings, tableware, money.
5. Who casts infertility curses (miscarriage curses and abortion spells):
Often infertility curses are cast at weddings (on both newlyweds, just the husband or the wife, or the pregnant wife) by envious friends, relatives or mean mothers-in-law.
A powerful evil eye curse can cause infertility
Sometimes people cast infertility curses to improve their health. Look around. Do you have friends who can’t get pregnant for a long time and then suddenly, as if by a miracle, get pregnant and give birth to a baby? This person might have improved his health at the expense of your health by shifting his curse onto you.
Infertility curses can be passed on from one generation to another and occur generations later.
Miscarriag curses are often cast by exes (ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers, ex-spouses).
Practicing magic or occultism recklessly, for fun, as well as having one’s fortune told before pregnancy, can cause infertility and miscarriages (as a punishment for your mistakes). So never perform magical rituals on your own. Instead, go to professional spell caster or witch.
I often curse casting miscarriage or a coffin, or a rotten egg or fish
Now, I'll show you my ritual fragments-miscarriage spell on the coffin.

1. Starting ritual, you can see at the beginning of this article: On the altar lay magical items. Spell casting call demon.
Photo girls put coffin and cast spells on the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus
2. Photo girls removed from the coffin. The lower part of the photo-legs and abdomen finely break and put in a coffin
3. On the right part of the photo casting a curse on destruction, effect upon the minds and health, cause fear, coercion to have an abortion / upper part of the photo is ignited by a candle flame
4. Fire photo send in altar cup (In cup is already ash from mouse skin). Shake for all
5. Filter cup is poured into the coffin
6. The coffin is closed and sealed with wax on the edge of the black candle.
7. Bury the coffin to the grave with the words spell-curse to the dead in the grave took the child's soul
This ritual I cast for you in order. Details are discussed in person or by email correspondence

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how-to-remove-and-removal-infertility-and-miscarriage-curseMiscarriage  spells curse. Infertility curse. free Black magic abortion spells
6. Consequences and results of casting a curse on a pregnant woman, infertility curse on a man. Miscarriage spells and abortion curse consequences:
Consequences for the victim include: infertility, associated illnesses, miscarriages, false pregnancy, inability to carry a pregnancy, missed abortions, psychological problems, behavioral and psychic problems, dead fetus delivery, death of children under 12 months old, delivery of babies with pathology (intrauterine curse); babies mostly have psychic problems, such as autism, schizophrenia, oligophrenia, Down’s disease, infantile cerebral paralysis, speech disorder. If the baby has been cursed while in its mother’s belly, the signs of the curse can fail to appear or appear slightly.
Consequences for the curser: side effect, nfertility.
7. How to remove an infertility curse, pregnancy curse and dark black magic. Methods of removing a curse from men and women. How to get pregnant with the help of magic
— Black magic. Shifting the curse onto the curser (if the curser or his name is known, if his photo is available). Sending the curse back. If the curse isn’t known, the curse is shifted onto another person (donor) or animal. In some cases, it is shifted onto a dead man.
— Runic magic. Runic curse removal formulae and pregnancy formulae, runic amulets and runic protection
— Voodoo magic spells
— White magic, healing and prayers are ineffective for infertility curse removal, as the curse often returns. White spell casters and healers usually refuse to remove this kind of curse, as they’ll have to let it through themselves and it’s way worse than, let’s say, hernia, fright or warts. If your infertility isn’t caused by a curse, white magic and healers will be able to help you.
— Psychics can’t remove curses. They can see the information about the person, his health, past, present and future. Trying to remove an infertility curse, a psychic can lose his powers. True psychics never try to practice magic.
8. Witch services:
You can receive my consultation via email magicredmercury@gmail.com or by making an appointment with me (see. Contact Information)
My services include:
1) Determining if you have been cast an infertility curse 
The consultation ( 300 $ us)  includes:
— general health diagnostics (of the couple and individual)
— determination of the causes of infertility (search for non-magical causes of your infertility)
— determination if you have a curse on (including an evil eye curse) for the man and the woman (search for magical causes of your infertility)
— recommendation on best treatment or curse removal methods
To carry out magical diagnostics, I will need photographs of the man and the woman and their names. I will need the partner’s photograph to rule out or confirm his/her infertility.
The ritual and spells “Remove the infertility curse” is not included in the consultation! The consultation will touch upon only the questions listed above.
If you need to remove an infertility curse and spells, ask me for magical help
2)If you want to cast a curse on a pregnant woman (miscarriage curse, abortion spells, infertility curse on men), I can consult you on curse casting possibilities
The consultation includes:
— general health diagnostics of the pregnant woman
— pregnancy forecast (possibility of miscarriage, complication, pathology, etc.)
— recommendation on best infertility curse casting methods (for you to later perform the rituals on your own)

3) Make Miscarrige curse spells-  In price includes: miscarriage spell  ritual+ photo or video record (report) about spellcasting + magical protection for customer against retaliation), so the price of ritual so low.
The ritual “Cast an infertility curse spells” is not included in the consultation! You are only consulted on possibilities of performing the ritual on your own.
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If you want to order miscarriage spells and infertility curse, contact me via feedback form. Paid service. Not for entertainment!
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