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obesity curse spells remove obesity and obesity curse lose weight spells cast to how to makeIn fact, many obese people, whose obesity can’t be explained by an illness, sedentary life, genes and gluttony, are victims of black magic. Obesity curse. Lose weight magic, plumpness curse, lose weight, spell. how to remove and how to cast
These people have been put an obesity curse on, a rare but very dangerous kind of curse. It can damage your heart or vessels or cause diabetes which can lead to an untimely death. Despite its magical origin, your obesity will pose real threat to your health.

Obesity Curse Spells Signs Symptoms

It’s not difficult to determine whether you have an obesity curse on you or not. To do that, give yes- or no-answers to the questions below. Each yes-answer is a one, while each no-answer is a zero. If the result is more than five, you’ve been cursed.
1. In the past, when you were younger, obesity was not a problem for you. Moreover, you’ve always been skinny.
2. You gained weight very quickly and had to buy clothes with bigger sizes.
3. You feel uncomfortable being obese. It seems to you that it makes you defective, people aren’t interested in you and think you’re emotionally sick.
4. You eat even when you don’t want to. Your brain and stomach seem to be living their own life, suffering from hunger that you don’t feel (at least, physically).
5. Despite all the food you eat, you always feel weak and tired.
6. If you fail to have dinner or don’t wake up to eat in the middle of the night, you have nightmares.
7. Your body stinks and only a very strong perfume helps you.
8. Whenever you see food (any food), you want to have a bite.
9. Obesity spells destroys your life, career, business, hobby and relationship.
10. Your parents and children are not obese.
Have you answered yes to five or more questions? It’s time to go to a specialist as you won’t be able to solve this problem on your own.

Who could have put an obesity spells curse on your and why

Remember, that an obesity (plumpness) curse causes a lot of problems, as the purpose of this curse is not to make you fat, but to destroy your life. Cast by a powerful specialist, it can easily do it. People don’t want to have anything to do with a person who’s been cursed that way. This person is not that funny fat man next door or lady with sexy curves everybody loves. A cursed man seems ugly to everybody which eventually destroys his life.
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Besides, a cursed man gets sick. He feels so weak that he can’t do simple things he usually does around the house (cleaning up, taking care of children). He turns into an addict who can’t live an hour without food. He can’t satisfy his hunger eating healthy food anymore (such as fruits and salads). He needs fat food, with lots of sugar which destroys his body.
On top of that, an obesity curse blocks the brain and the victim stops being able to think properly. All he thinks about is food, what to have for lunch and what to eat to make the meal more nourishing.
So, as you see, this kind of curse is a powerful weapon to attack one’s enemy. Since most people don’t know that it exists, many sorcerers and witches use it to punish their clients’ enemies and remove all rivals. What can turn your husband away from his lover than turning her into an ugly fatty? Imagine your good-looking and popular coworker turning into a disgusting fat man… isn’t it good? Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, as I personally can not only remove obesity curses but also cast them!

How an obesity curse removal ritual can help you. Lose weight spells

The main thing is that any person who’s been put an obesity curse on will never be able to lose weight on his own. No matter how often he goes to the gym, how many diets he sticks to or how long he goes without food, he won’t be able to overcome the main problem – overeating as the only way to feel happy. Such people see their life through the prism of food.
— they eat to relax;
— they eat to calm down;
— they overeat to celebrate something;
— they eat to punish themselves for something.
So when their obesity curse is removed, they feel like they’ve been released from prison where they were tortured with food and continuous (also spiritual) sleepiness, laziness and apathy. These people know that they don’t live – they live in a sleep, lying to themselves that they’re not that fat or that tomorrow they’ll start a new life and will lose weight. They won’t just try to lose weight, they will get skinny again.
With thoughts like this, have you won a victory over your extra pounds? So, have you thought that maybe you’re cursed?..
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