Retribution and the side effects of magic

For those who frequently visit the magical forums, certainly know the word «retribution» and «side effact.» Try to understand what it is and find out the causes of the side effects and return after the magical casting. Side effact — energy blow aimed at the artist (at least — customer) magical effect that occurs when non-compliance with the rules of the rituals, or with strong protection to the victim.

As the theme of magic still irrational, and largely subjective, it will be a few reasons

1. Self-hypnosis, which will be rolled back at any ceremony. This cause is present in the beginning of practice, lack of experience and self-confident.
2. The fear of punishment for the negative effect (at damage or spell) to light Egregor. Sometimes those wizards and witches, who is at a crossroads, and has not yet selected the Force, on the side which he works.
3. Use of untested techniques ceremonies. Now on the Internet, few places are not diminished or distorted rites. Stuffed with «scary» details of sacrifice, or components for the ceremony (dried snake tongue dead frog, eyes dead horse, dead dog tooth) the techniques are not true and are not consistent, and therefore causing some vibration, they can cause considerable harm to the person who applies them.
4. Confrontation with another spellcaster. It happens when the order is fairly common. You shoot the spell, and someone immediately it forges. Your rite time to «go» and the action with the back of the flies and brings along with it the return line.
5. Not following the rules repurchase Forces. If the appeal to the Orthodox Holy payment will be keeping the commandments and regulations of the Faith the customer and the treatment or cleaning, when referring to the Spirits or Devils have to pay. Its size can vary depending on the size and significance of the request. Standard buy off the dark forces will vodka, meat, money. Economy at the mercy may cause severe pullback: Forces will charge you the cost to change the reality.
6. Perform complex rituals to remove a curse or a powerful tribal curse to death. The cost of this ritual for the client should be very significant to the problem was removed.
Of the person, even if the practice is difficult to estimate the cost of removing the curse of all kinds, and in most cases the price is so high that few people are willing to pay for the work.
7. Abuse of power. That's what I wanted to talk separately. Each of the practitioners, beginners or experienced, is within its powers: What can and can not in any case. In this case, the magic of the «advanced» will fall on the personal qualities of the person, the level of development of education. The more educated you are, the easier it is to make an informed decision: whether to direct damage, whether to make black spell, helping a particular person. Diligence and perseverance of young ladies, are the forums in an attempt to make the curse of impotence denying their love for the man is just a bitter smile as not having the right to a «low blow» it shatters itself gynecological, disfiguring own further woman's fate. But I do not feel sorry, let learn. And not only do the omens, but read. And weigh all the «pros» and «cons» when making decisions.

And now a few rules for the performance of magic rituals and to avoid side effects and retribution for his conduct.
Do not aspire to an overestimation of the simpler and more intuitive ritual, the better it works, as simple and concrete action will be more effective.

During any ceremony or ritual is to be built (mouse) channel between the performers and the victim, this is achieved by the use of bindings (biomaterial, photos or things belonging to the victim) to the source of negative energy (conductor) — cemetery and forces of the elements, a variety of subjects.
Proper configuration of the rite to produce vibrations, making contact with the Force (Demons or spirits).
It is mandatory to respect the rules of each particular ritual: the phases of the moon, black rite of fasting before, vow of silence, etc.

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