Sell soul to devil. How to sell soul to devil How to sell your soul to the devil for money and love

Sell soul to devil. How to sell soul to devil spells ritual How to sell your soul to the devil for money In a world where the highest value are wealth, success, luck, even love can be bought. Price of feeling, a comfortable life and good luck always different, because there will not be two different people with the same goals. If you plan for the future more or less clear, then choose the method of selling the soul to the devil is one of the most difficult, intimate, and exhausting ritualov giving 100% result. Black Magic will contribute to a fast career and finding love. How to sell your soul to the devil for a wish? The ritual sale of the immortal soul to the devil is one of the most difficult


Deal with the devil


in order to achieve the desired goal, you need to sign the so-called "contract" with the devil. To implement will help the ancient rituals, the casting of which will provide the desired result in the shortest time. The ability to measure the value of our own souls is the seller, a man who commits a magical effect. Whether it is love or a successful business, for Black Magic is unidentified things, the importance which you attach on their own. For some, family was just an unnecessary attribute, but for others benefit, the cost in immortal soul.

There are two ways the conclusion of an important contract with the devil: written and recorded on paper, or oral transaction without witnesses. In the second case, when the material confirmation of the transaction does not remain on the human body there is a characteristic mark, which means all the weight and responsibility of this promise. Sign, symbolizing a valid contract, does not issue yourself, no sore or inflamed. It appears so quietly that the man, mark, did not even notice her. A contract on paper signed by the blood of the one who sells an immortal soul. There is nothing less breakable than print, bonded innate power of the person.


The features of the rituals of selling souls to the devil


The essence and nature of contract with the devil in that they allow (give all possibilities) to implement your ideas and plans. Favorable period for career or love lasts, no love, twenty-one years. During this time, you will receive unlimited power over their own lives and good fortune, previously completely absent. Make informed, deliberate many times, the solution – the key to your future achievements. Are you ready for such a short period of a successful life?

Are your desires, the only soul? If the answers to these questions are positive, then proceed to the preparation of the transaction without unnecessary delay. Cancellation or adjustment of such types of contracts can not be, so the initial conditions must be acceptable and satisfactory in all plans. The money will come out of nowhere.. Before committing a secret ritual, formulate a wish on the paper. Make it more specific, living only in your head. This procedure will help not only able to change goals, but also to prepare for their implementation from a moral point of view. Your desires must be clear, realistic in terms of performance, because in any case, payment under the contract will be taken in the prescribed contract period.


Preparing for the rituals for the sale of the soul

 the First, and most important, conclusion of a deal with Satan himself, is the utter secrecy of magical rituals, performed by you. For any type of ritual to sell a soul you'll need certain attributes – the things that are least important in magical way for the average person. They will become your guides to using Black Magic to communicate with the devil. After the ritual, with a successful result, all the residual materials of the transaction are stored until the moment of death.

The soul that you are planning to sell, it is also necessary to subject to metamorphosis. All your actions lead to certain results, therefore, deciding on a deal with the devil, you must once and for all renounce the Church and God. For the correct operation of the Treaty to make it should only during the full moon. Get rid of paraphernalia in the house (Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.): discard icons the Bible, the Koran, the crucifix and Holy water. A couple of days before fixing of the transaction, in no event it is impossible to visit the mosque and temples or Holy places (including drinking from Holy wells, or converse with Church Ministers).

For the correct operation of the Treaty to make it should only when the moon is full. Otherwise, the results of such magical manipulation is unpredictable. Rituals selling souls is a serious things a joke is not just bad, but deadly. Do not use Black Magic for self-indulgence, or you'll lose your immortal soul for free.



Details of the deal with the devil  

Ritual of selling the soul to the devil is an iterative process that methodically you prepare and reinforce several days after the transaction. To pull off such a complex thing with its own soul for the day will not work. For the persistent, powerful result of the execution of secret desires, will need exposure, responsibility and confidence that all the rituals will certainly work. Before signing the contract, stop active social interaction. Strangers, and loved ones will only distract you from the important things in your life. Get rid of the habit to look at or to look at people roaming around. Every day, without fail, read the prayer to Satan.

This way, you will achieve the attention to the person and disposition of the dark forces. To the desire or purpose for which you went to drastic measures, there are certain requirements. You can not ask for much, someone who doesn't know what she wants and gets nothing real frightening emptiness. At the end of the transaction, you will not fell good, like rain from a clear sky. Cherished dreams will not come to you out of nowhere, your actions and deeds that will be the lever to a new, desirable life. Stipulated in the contract conditions are met on your part, otherwise you will pay with your soul prematurely.

The advantages of the deal with the dark forces - Sell your soul to the devil means to exchange it for any goods you need so badly that you can't simply breathe in their absence. The priorities of each person are completely different, and the individual situation of the contract with Satan, has no analogues. Ask the dark forces mutual assistance is only possible with your full accountability of their actions.

So, with the help of Black Magic you available such joys of life like: health, limitless wealth, incredible income; worship, glory and success; achieving a certain social status; power over people, their unconditional obedience; the improvement of their appearance; the mutual feelings from the opposite sex; post-mortem binding. The desire to change your life radically – a failure in advance, because the dark forces are a sack of Christmas gifts, this is powerful magic, having not only the price but also limitations.

So, you are able to turn back time or resurrect dead people. All necessary reasonable limit, which you should consider in advance. Ritual rejection of God, in the name of Satan

Pre-ceremony, can purify your soul for further changes with the help of the devil, being held for your benefit. If you decided to sell your soul, then take a similar ritual as a necessary component of the future Treaty with Satan. Magical effect of disgust from religion saves from this at the baptism of divine protection. Renounce all that extra for you and your future achievements. What you will need for the ritual to the Whole process of renunciation on average takes up to three hours and is done solely at night. In the afternoon, on the eve of making spells be: 4 candles; a candlestick or a small shot glass; a cross given to you at birth or the Koran. No extra tweaks you do not need. In the afternoon, on the eve of making spells, have 4 candles

How to make a spell selling souls to the devil

Waiting for the night, alone in a secluded place where no one will see you and do not disturb. Further, do the following: Fix a candle in a glass, light it. Remove the cross and put it under the left heel. Sit on the floor, and speak the words of the spell:

"I (name), talking about renunciation. Renounce Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, of the virgin Mary, by the Holy spirit, they are outgoing, from all the Holy Christian places, from his place among heaven, from all Christian thought and action, charity and forgiveness of God. And may never set foot I on the road to salvation by Christ, given by God, and my soul for the Lord will disappear forever, and you will not hear it over my voice. May it be so forevermore. For in this my will".

Repeat the spell 3 times. Read the prayer "our father" backwards 3 times. Wait until the candle burns out (it should stay a small piece of wax and wick). To break the silence. Do magical manipulations for another 2 nights. The remains from the ritual save, well hiding them from prying eyes. For Orthodox Christians in the rite of renunciation is used, the prayer "our father", but for other cultures – their traditional appeals to God. To make the ritual of selling souls to the devil at home will not be easy.

Spell making a deal with the devil for sale of the immortal soul

the ritual, how to sell to the devil for money, wealth, success or other benefits of the soul takes place only when you're mentally ready for it. The hurry in such a serious matter is the worst enemy. It is one thing to renounce God and completely different, never to return to the faith that you knew throughout adult life. Before and after the end of the ritual, no living soul in the world needs to know about it, otherwise you will face hard consequences. Wait for a full moon and proceed to the ritual that can change throughout your life.

What you will need for casting the ritual  

the ritual is only the poorly lit, dark room, preferably without the huge Windows. Collect the required attributes for the contract in advance: black candles; matches; clear tableware; paper and pen; a needle. For a spell of selling the soul will approach, both ecclesiastical and ritual black wax candles. How to make ritual Stay alone with their own desires. Connect with the life you want, and then: Sit on the floor, surround yourself with candles. Rather say to yourself, whispering a spell to the devil

"Satan Lord of darkness and of all evil on Earth, come to me, fulfill all my desires."

Speak the spell 21 times. Feel the presence of dark forces, and only then proceed with the ritual. Write the contract, consisting of the wording of your deepest desires. Take a candle and ignite the contract (is this secure). Gather the ashes in a bowl and don't discard it. As soon as you secure the deal begin to act to achieve the desired results. Sold spirit ensures their success. For casting of the ritual is only the dark room 
The ritual exchange of the soul for love

Love is the greatest force on the planet and a weakness in the human soul. For the sake of lofty sentiments, lover ready for anything – any sacrifice and punishment. The ritual, involving the sale of real soul to the devil, is able to give the desired mutual feelings. This ritual ensures a long anchor the object of sympathy. Touch the Black Magic and get what the truly deserve.

What you will need for casting the ritual 

Before you start a secret magical effect, make sure that you will find all the necessary "ingredients" for the future of ritual: fresh pork rinds here; spark. Purchase scraps from pork leg at any butcher shop or market. Do not allow unnecessary explanations in preparation for the ritual. As casting ritual

 Before the main ritual, boil the hooves in water. To use strong magic raw edge of the pig in any case impossible. Next, follow all the necessary stages of rite of passage: Lock all Windows and doors. Set a bowl of hooves and say the spell:

"I Adjure the Prince of hell, owns everything from the dark dens of hell to the surface of the earth and the sea, the Infernal spirit, who can do anything With the scepter – come, come, come. With the son, the spirit, the falling of lightning in the night, sharpened you, always and forever. The hooves are boiled, the case begins with the ancient contract soon, soon, soon it will be. Go behind the fiery river, red water, blue, ledsam in Paradise my guardian angel. Do not give anyone, only to my desire, and I will rise, from family and tribe will be left behind, submit to, obey, yield to. Worship, worship, worship."

Raise your hands over a pot of hooves that have come steam. Keep talking "do for me (say the essence of desire) instead of the blue guardian of my soul guardian angel, Slovo – Delo, 13 winter contract – go shade, Hell Prince." Bury hooves under healthy tree.

After, on the realization of your hopes in your personal life will be a beneficial change. Life after the deal with the devil. If the ritual of selling the soul to the devil finished successfully, you will immediately get a feel for it. Your own inner strength will get stronger, you will feel a surge of energy and inspiration for new achievements.

After death, a man who sold his soul, hell is waiting – due to a lifetime of debt to the dark forces and Black Magic. The contract often stipulates a period that people spend in bondage to Satan. Have magic as strong as a devil's bargain for sale of the immortal soul, there are a number of such effects. So, achieving success with the help of the dark forces, the man who sold the soul often suffers from sleeplessness, haunting nightmares, small persistent disease and sudden attacks of rage. To withstand the coming trials under force is not for everyone, so during the preparation to irreversible ritual, again all carefully consider. The sacrifices that you're going to go must be equal to the power of joy and happiness, significant only after reaching a certain goal.

The next 20 years – all that you can expect if you decide to implement the planned ritual. Does not matter how you feel about the deal with the devil. If you twirl in it or you are completely indifferent manifestations of Black Magic. Selling the soul for receiving certain benefits – a reality that some prefer to ignore and others simply are afraid. Point of view depends on which way you look at things, not changing at all. If you are determined to achieve the goal at any cost, then use all the available power – white magic spell, rituals and deals with Satan.

Actions at the crossroads ritual "gift" to the devil (as an option – powerful demon) is worth doing only under the supervision of an experienced magician. In any case, selling the soul ritual work on your soul, and only depends on you what will be the impact.

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