5 Effective White Love Spells on a Man

effective love spells on a man Love is a magic  that cannot be explained. To win the attention and heart of any human that's why many resort to the help of a love spell. White love spells are distinguished by their harmlessness and lack of negative consequences for both the performer and the object of attention. However, it is worth remembering that to charm any man is only in the case that your feelings are mutual.

White Love spells on man with food


To the sympathetic feelings between each other has increased, it is possible to resort to efficient white spell. For him you need only the presence of the man she loved and chose the dish that you will prepare together. The ritual is simple and powerful at the same time. All about energy and feelings that you put into your work. During the joint preparation of whisper of the word conspiracy:

"White hands was kneading the dough, the groom was waiting. Beautiful pie betrothed meet, the food-sing to sleep stack. To his heart lay the track. Soul put in a dish".

In this way bewitch favorite, even our great-grandmother, so for the result not to worry.

How to make white love spells on a man using candle

For this magic you'll need white and red candles. They should be thin enough to weave them. On the white candle write your name, and red is a loved one. Gently twist the candle, then put them on a joint or on a piece of paper with your names written in full. There and write your date of birth (if you do not know can not write). Light a candle and contemplate the flame. In that case, if the plugs are covered with soot or the flame burns unevenly, varying, like the draft, the ritual is postponed. So, on your way there are difficulties that must be addressed jointly. Flat flame, no crackle and grime, means that the ritual can continue. Clearly imagine the image of the beloved, and speak the words of a white spell:

"Candles weave together, unite our destinies. The hot flame in the hearts inflames, love mutual body bottled. The candle burns down, the wax will remain, our love is forever we're parted."


Love spell involving prayer on a man


In order to unite his fate with a loved one, you should go to Church. There you will be able to pray to the virgin Mary, Peter and Fevronia and other defenders of family life. But before that is to take communion, to liberate the soul from sin and be genuinely sure that you want to connect loving hearts. Forced love spell is not effective, and you may come back to haunt big problems. The best option would be a joint visit to the Church. In this case, you will be able to hold the hand of your beloved and mentally ask the Higher powers blessings of love and Union of hearts.

authentic love spell on manWhite love spells for man


This ritual should be carried out either at sunset or at dawn. Stand under a cool shower and wash yourself thoroughly using a few drops of honey, essential oil and a neutral shower gel. While washing, say the word spell:  

"As the Swan in the morning (before bed) wash, recruited forces (preparing for sleep), and I, the servant of God (name), water washed, honey sweet pounded. The angel, from the troubles of the deliverer, hear my prayer, help the two lovers hearts connect. Not for boredom to love spoke on family life set"


After this ritual as soon as possible to see a young man. If he will look you in the eye, speak softly and show signs of attention, so your spell was a success.You can choose any of these charms can take advantage of others. Also you can create a ritual that will help you if your desires and thoughts pure. Use the power of Mother nature, ask for the blessing of the Universe and the Higher powers


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