Black Magic for Love. Ways, Consequences, Effects and Results Options black magic for love

real blackmagic for love spellThere is no doubt that mutual love is fine. If not everyone agrees with this, then at least the absolute majority of people think so. Unfortunately, all good things happen rarely, and for mutual love this is more than just. Someone is ready to accept this and, having lost one's own, to go further in life. Others are ready to do everything to ensure that she or he reciprocated and was close. They are ready to go even to real Black magic for love for this, not taking into account the possible consequences. Yes, these spells and rituals lead to the desired result, but if there is no magic protection, you have to pay the most expensive. What is the commodity, such is the price.

Types Black magic for love and rituals 

There are two kinds of spells - powerfulblack magic love spells and white magic love spells. As you can easily guess, the latter are less dangerous and more difficult and the logo does not give an effect. Also, they guarantee the result only in the case of good circumstances for love. Black magic for love  does not need this, so they are much more dangerous for both sides. Most often they are made in a certain place, for example, in a cemetery. In addition, black magic for love is difficult to remove. And they have more retribution for the caster and more possible negative consequences for the goal, as already said.

Any real  black magic for love is a powerful magical intervention. Therefore, before you go to magical help in love affairs, you need to think carefully about whether you need it. The problem is that you can never predict the nature of retaliation if you have not made a magic defense. Whoever did these rituals - he knows that there is always an important strong magical defense so that there will be no consequences.

Types of Black magic for love

- Voodoo
- Cemetery
- With photo.


1. Real Black magic for love  with the help of Voodoo magic

This African religion, in its modern essence, is not so aggressive. But the past can not be hidden, and in the past, voodoo had plenty of room for bloody rituals, including sacrificial rituals. And the dolls of this magical practice allowed to harm or even control individual people. Therefore, a strong black magic for love of this magic has certain side effects, like outbursts of rage at the target, or increased suggestibility. They do not come immediately, but after a while they are practically guaranteed. If the caster does not bother, you can do a ritual, which requires certain conditions and objects to begin with. The basis of the voodoo doll can be any material of natural origin: burlap, clay, wax, wood. Here the main thing is that the doll was like a person. The doll should contain hair, nails and blood (also saliva or semen) targets, or ashes from the photo. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. Obtaining them is not as easy as it seems, but without these voodoo constituent dolls it will remain a useless doll. Only with the addition of excreta and tiny parts of the human body will it gain its magical power. Well, the last - the name of the doll. It must match the name of the target. And you should call it by saying the following words:

"Henceforth your name (the name of the conjured), with this doll you are connected,

What will happen to the doll, it will be with you. May it be so! Amen"

Now, more about the black magic for love ritual, for which this doll is required:


cemetery black magic for love powerful ritualThis was the final act of authentic voodoo black magic for love ritual. The only thing that should be remembered is that the doll has a strong connection not only with his human goal, but also with the caster. Therefore, the doll should be protected, kept in the most hidden place and do not show to anyone.


2. Cemetery Powerful Black magic for love

As you can see from the name, this kind of black magic for love should be made at the cemetery. It's also natural to do it at night, when such magic is most powerful. The phase of the moon is also important. A growing moon is an ideal option (but not a full moon). If this black magic for love done by all rules, with all the necessary spells, then this spell can not be removed, even by contacting a qualified spellcaster.

If the spellcaster is confident in his desires, then for black magic for love it is necessary to buy lamp oil, a natural black candle and two photographs: you and your goal. Arriving at the cemetery, you need to do the following: find a grave with the same name or with the same age and put on it a gift for the deceased. This is some valuable thing (for example, jewelry) or money large bills (not coins). Thus, the caster gets permission for the child black magic spells for love.

At the head of the grave a candle made of black wax is put on and lit. On the sides of the face to the caster is installed a photo. Having finished all preparations, it is necessary to read a spell which sounds as follows:

"You lie (the name of the dead) in a grave that is rotten, among worms and dirt. Come, through the roots and stones to me and become my witness. I crown, with my word, my deed, (names of men and women) for a life together, eternal love and lust. Let them be in peace and love, the happiness of knowing and giving birth to children. And you, the dead man (name) from every evil and curses guard them, Clear the way and increase love. Until the end of the century they (the names of men and women) are married. Amen".

After that, the oil is poured into the picture for the lamp. While the photos will be lit, the text is read again. Finally, waiting for the photos and the candle to burn, the caster must leave without looking back.


 3.  Black magic for love with photos

Of all true black magic spell love - this spell is the most innocuous, although in efficiency it is inferior to the above two methods. Time casting - on the growing moon shortly before midnight. Of the items that will be required for the ritual, only a photo of a loved one and a white piece of paper. On paper, the first, last and middle name of your goal is written. Then it is necessary to describe it, indicating the features of appearance (uneven face, eye color, birthmarks, skin color, scars, the presence of freckles, etc.). Then the sheet is folded in half, and it puts a picture of your goal. This is all put on the left palm, and the right palm is found from above counter-clockwise. At the same time, affectionate and tender words are spoken to the goal and its name. There is no specific time here. The main thing is that the person through this "spell" completely opened the soul.

After that, a photo of a loved one is taken out of the sheet and hides in a secret place. A paper with wishes is burned in the fire of a candle, set on fire from a natural source (match or fire, but not a lighter). The ashes of the leaf are collected in the left palm and blown to the east, west, north and south. This ritual will only work if you truly love the goal.


Conclusion about Blackmagic spells for love

So, what is the result - Is it worth using real black magic for love to solve problems in your personal life and bewitch the guy or girl of your dreams? If a person is not ready to pay a considerable price, he can make a ritual, and bewitch a loved one himself. Alternatively, ask for help from a qualified love spellcaster that is guaranteed to protect you from the effects of magic and allow you to get love.


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