Break Up spells with your own efforts. How to make break up spells yourself - IMPORTANT AND RECOMMENDATIONS

make break up spells own effort yourselfReal Break up spells at home 
This magic — it is unsafe, especially for a beginner. Do not take him. not having weighed carefully the pros and cons.
Break up the magic spells is a technique that destroys the energy and the physical connection between people or man and a bad habit. That is, a break up can be done as a loved one, an opponent, his wife, parents, relatives, friends, and the drinking, smoking.
Independently casting a spell raryv up is possible, but not desirable. However, if you do not know a witch, and you feel that you are able to do everything at home, later in this article you will find examples of break-up spells. But before you begin to perform the ritual Please study these data, which may make you change your mind to do break up spell, as it unsafe event in the first place — for you.
ABOUT break up spells that work
Break up spells against love is primarily a means of completely opposite omens. Through magical effects it produces in the object antipathy to his partner. Often this technique is used as a means of distraction, when the magical effect has a certain destination.
The strongest impact on the magic Black magic is considered to be breaking up zaklinaniet, which is produced with the cold heart of a spell is a guarantee of complete cooling of feelings between partners. Also with a view to efficient breakup and other rituals of black magic, for example, spells.
The most popular break-up spells are those which are used against her husband, a wife, a rival or opponent. Some women use a universal sex break up a spell against all of the fair sex, in order to completely subjugate the object of his passion.
Fast Break up spells, like any other curse that has negative consequences for both parties and their relatives. So before you decide to break up spell think about whether you want to hurt yourself, your loved one, your children? If the answer is «No» — love spell is not worth doing. If you do not care what, and from whom is then presented below rituals to help you achieve your goals.
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Break up spells using fallen leaves
To do this, choose a fresh spell just fallen leaves.
As the leaves fall in the autumn, this spell can be considered seasonal.
The ritual is simple enough.
Collect 3 sheet with no fruit tree, as long as they have not yet dried up.
Write on the leaf name of the person to whom you are attached with the help of magic.
At night, the waning moon rising on the hill (hill, mountain, roof of the house) and reset each leaf down from different parts of the world, saying:
«Fallen leaf, a withered leaf, take with them the empty thought of… (name). Turn your From him, I find peace and freedom of help. Key lock, Amen. „
Tomorrow morning you will be much easier and you will feel more at ease.
Real Break up spells with water
Take water from a natural source. Pour it into a clear jar. In the evening, put the jar on the windowsill so that it fell moonbeams. Before dawn the water to hide in a dark place, by daylight. Repeat these actions to be three nights in a row. On the third night, you need to get up before dawn, and to drink water before it by speaking about these words on it:
“The water is clear and clean, the water is calm and the moon sanctified,
You did not miss for anyone, techesh, and grief do not know
My depression take away, carry away with him, what would not know sorrow and grief,
The key is in the sky. Clasp to the sea. Amen».
Drink water, representing the image of the «favorite» person into thin air, and then completely disappeared. Finish reading the prayer spell «Our Father», repeating it 9 times.
Break up spells against cheating
Buy on waning moon 10 needles. One needle drop into the toilet, after your faithful coming into it. At the same time saying the words:
«You were 10, was 9.
One is in the dermis to help me.
How do you, the needle does not stand and sew,
I do not embroider, and in… (name), a member of the smash.
Let him no one else stands, neither at the blonde,
Not a brunette or the redhead or the brown-haired woman,
Not a gray nor the old nor the young and generally to any,
Just me… (name).
The rest of the needles should be counted again and bury it where no one goes.
Break up spells against love using brooms
Take a broom, read her spell and leave on the street. Soon after that you should stop loving person who believes you and your unworthy of the brightest feelings, or it does not exist in your life.
«Do you have a mother-broom
Twigs do not think
Do not scratch so you do not wash,
I love to see you do not burn,
It would have… (name) to… (name)
Love is not burned by it did not suffer.
As I throw the whisk,
So to… (name) threw… (name).
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