How discover, what Found thing Cursed

How discover, what Found thing CursedOf things, fraught with evil, there are already more than a century. They often appeared in bizarre and bloody historical events, leading their owners to an early death. There are at least 10 real cursed objects, carefully guarded from new opportunities to hurt people.
However, nowadays a strong enough curse can impose on quite ordinary things: the reasons can be many, but the esoteric name a few of the most common.
The cap of the curse or disease to another person. Well-versed in witchcraft a person can pass their disease or the effects of the curse on the other, concluded negative energy into jewelry or coins. With the spell the negative is the subject, then the thing left on the crossroad, on a bridge or any other public place. The finder of the thing which it assumes the negative. It should be noted that the nicer and more expensive something is, the more problems it can bring: for example, wishing to get rid of a serious illness is not a pity to leave it on the ground gold decoration.
The transmigration of evil entities to the new «owner». It is no secret that many people are in the settling — entities destroying energy field and feed on vital energy. Spellcasters can get rid of them person, but not each of them is able to expel the inhabitant completely. Many think a good way to energetically bind the entity to an object and leave it on the road: the finder of a thing together with her attain tied the inhabitant.
Provision of energy «recharge.» If a person engaged in the esoteric, is unable to independently provide a flow of positive energy, he can make some «traps»: things found by other people, will draw from his new masters power and energy of the channel to transmit them to their Creator. The possession thing a vampire can lead to apathy, depression and severe illness, because it is unlikely people who are able to take the energy of others, take care of limit pumping life force of its victims.

How to identify a curse on found items

Of course, the best way never to face the curses — not to raise money, valuable things or expensive jewelry. But if you or your loved ones unknowingly touched the discovery with his bare hands and brought her into the house, there are a few ways to determine what it threatens you.
Esotericism argue that any negativity is the easiest to invest in the Gypsy gold jewelry: silver itself energetically cleaner, so practically does not accept the negative, and the copper is not enough strong material to hold the curse for a long time.

Thus, the best material for a negative premise is gold: it is noticeable that few can resist and just pass by, and it retains any information including negative. So if you raised the Golden ring, a pendant or a chain, especially intact, in a fairly open place, it's a reason to worry.
Money, especially large bills or large amounts of coins also can carry a negative, but more often they act as a payoff after the ceremonies, so they can fear a little less. There are two ways to determine if the thing you found and brought into the house.
Using Church candles. This method only works if the subject is negative, placed there with the help of dark magic. You need to stay in the room alone or alone with the finder of the subject person and to light a candle. Next, slide the candle flame on the found things and see how it changes: if the candle starts to smoke and smoke, then you found the subject full of negative energy.
With the help of a conspiracy. If the Church candle for some reason does not suit you, you can try to determine the presence or absence of the curse with a special conspiracy. This item will have to leave near your bed for the night. Avoid touching it with your hands and put it in a glass of water, after which it will be not a pity to throw away. Before bedtime take a glass in hand, close your eyes and say these words:
«As I stand in the dream on the road to the river on it goes, come to the water is clear, but asking the river: a river wide your shores, your the bottom deep, yeah you're running far! Show me the water is clear, evil or good in my hands?»
Repeat this spell three times and go to sleep. The dreams this night will bring you an answer about the content of your findings.
If you unknowingly put this or a long time, use a raised thing, the «symptoms» of the presence of the curse will be:
violent behavior of domestic animals;
poor health;
anxiety and nightmares;
constant chills, alternating with heat waves;
suddenly appearing and disappearing as the pain in my whole body.
We should not forget that the curse can come into your life and without found things. If in your environment there are people who wish you harm, article help you determine, whether your cursed family, may be useful. We wish you never to fall under the influence of negative energy.

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