Mirror Protection spells. How to make protect against curses, jinx, evil eye and side effect with a mirror?

Mirror Protection spell. How to make protect against curses, jinx, evil eye and side effect with a mirror?In order not to ruin your life because of the negative impact of energy envious and evil people, you need to protect against black magic. How do you know almost everything. Some ways to protect against black magic for many centuries, certain types of protection were not so long ago. By the ancient amulets are a symbol of the Orthodox faith — the cross, the icon of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Guardian Angel.
Among other popular methods of protection against curse — pin, a mirror in your pocket from the evil eye. rope with knots.

Why a mirror spells is used for protect?

Magical properties of mirrors — Mirror occupies a special place in the culture and in the magic of the various peoples. As if people did not relate to the subject, they were all sure of its magical properties. Mirrors attributed to these properties:
— Remember all the events, all the individuals who are affected.
— Show what might happen. There are cases where charmers evokes images of people who were former or future lovers of their clients.
— Reflect the appearance of man and his energy component.
— Perform the role of the border between the real world and the next.

How to use the amulet mirror protection?

Under amulets commonly understood as objects that can protect a person from negative and going back to his evil sender. To organize self-protection against the forces of evil,jinx,  people often use as a talisman mirror. The mirror will reflect the negative attacks directed at the person. Evil is not only not harm the owner of a mirror, but also come back to the source of the curse.
It should be noted that in Russia, the mirrors are treated with suspicion. It was believed that through them you can get a negative. For example, Ivan the Terrible ordered that for his wife's mirror made entirely blind master. It is not in vain worries. Mirrors before use, and even more so for magical purposes, should be thoroughly cleaned.

How to clean the mirror?

In order to remove the negative mirror, need moon water.
Prepare this water is not difficult. The container is poured water from the spring, and put water under the moonlight so that the cup itself was reflected moon. Water must be charged with water for several hours. Ideal — a full moon on a clear night to leave a bowl of water in the open air. Before sunrise we must wake up and bring the cup to the house.
We can not allow the sun reflected in the water. As soon as the lunar water would be in the house, it is necessary to wash the mirror. During washing it is necessary to cast spells.
When the cleansing process is complete, mirrored protection against curses and evil eye will be able to «work» at full capacity. Only for established talisman should be observed carefully. Rub the mirror every week. If the mirror looks spoiled, then saved the mirror aimed at the owner of the negative and needs replacement — a new mirror. If the mirror is broken — Shards of mirrors can not be stored in any case. They were thrown out of the hou

What you need to buy a mirror spells for a talisman and protect?

It is recommended to buy only the mirror of the round form. Circle in the world of magic has always played the role of a protective form, able to stop the penetration of the dark forces. The second function of the circle — the gate to parallel dimensions.
Be sure to protect the magic mirror to be decorated with natural stone.
In combination with a smooth surface, playing the role of the boundaries between the worlds, the subject will be a powerful protection against curses, jinx, the evil eye, and even the strongest black magic curse of death will not be able to overcome the barrier erected.
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