Curse Using Enemy Photo

make curse on enemy using photoSpells for curses and curse with photos enemies come from black magic. But the spell is a curse using the enemy photo only by experienced spellcaster. But the curse of the photo can make anyone, for this you need only know the rules clearly and soul want to reflect true.
Touching the black magic, it is important to understand that when a person uses a similar power to harm another, it adversely affects the karma and energy. Therefore, if you do not deal with later spiritual practices such as meditation, chakra development and protection blocks in the negative, you can hurt yourself even more than your enemy.

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The peculiarity of real casting a curse with the enemies photo

Make a curse on another person using photos never stands for fun, jokes and games with higher powers. It is important to remember in the first place. Use these rituals only in those cases when you really think the punishment fair, and can not in any other rite affect the offender.
Before you begin the ritual itself, it is necessary to prepare and put yourself protection. This way you can protect yourself from the negative effects of dark spells.
Stand in the middle of the room and hand draw a circle itself. You do not have to drive a hand on the floor, pull it enough ourselves and in a position to turn around its axis. In the old days we used the chalk, but with the proper concentration you can easily do without it.
Make sure to turn on the right foot and to the right side, because you are sure they are right. So you get an imaginary circle, and you will find yourself in the center. Then raise both hands in the air, and said the sentence:
«I appeal to all the Higher Forces. Protect me from the negativity and evil. Protect from the evil eye and the words. May it be so».
 This phrase does not necessarily verbalize aloud, most importantly, to pronounce all the words with confidence in his voice.

Powerful Curse on the enemy using photo quick spells

To cast a spell, you will need a photo of your enemy, a candle and a knife. The ritual is carried out alone at midnight, when the dark forces are activated as much as possible. Light a candle, take a real photo your enemy in the left hand and the knife in the right. Look at the photo and remember all the bad things that had been done by this man. Next, slide a knife blade through the flame of a candle and say:
«Knife fire, bring upon that person all the sorrows they deserved. As he was angry, and black as he made obscene things, so all this stuff he let a hundred-fold return. My word is firm and inviolable. Key. Clasp. Tab. „
After the words pierce with a knife picture and burn it on the candle flame.
As a rule, such a spell begins to act quickly enough. The results are immediately visible. The man simply disappear from your life, and if this is not possible, then you can watch the development of events and see your ritual in action.
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