Important information about black and white magic

important information white and black magicThis article was written to ordinary people, finally realized that he's going to have a ritual when ordering white or black magic. After all, there is a persistent misconception that white magic is completely safe, but black can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Why I called it a delusion? Yes, for the simple reason that some believers in the simplicity of his soul in the Church asking the priest about the safety of white magic, and in return you get a lecture about what all this «Satan». Let's leave such harsh statements on the conscience of the clergyman, and tell you about the main difference of black magic from white.
They differ primarily by the force of the impact. By the way, this division (white and black) – most often the point of view of the layman. A real Charmer never differentiates between white and black magic. They are interested in because we need to harness certain supernatural forces.
Feature of white magic that she uses or capabilities of the human body, or the help of creatures from other worlds, which do not require special fees for their work.
Accordingly, and using this small. Sometimes white magic uses prayers, but it's more for complacency, because, if you want to turn to God, then why not refer to it in the Church? Directly or through the Saints. Immediately I must say that the possibility of white magic is very limited. Argue – need to pray so that God will hear you, and «light forces» do not provide any significant assistance. Just because they don't want. Not their profile, you know...
While magic, which is called black, has no restrictions. It all depends on the skill of the spellcaster, to which you seek help. If the specialist is good, then the result will be appropriate.
But be prepared to pay. The black magic rituals are not performed for free! And not because all с spellasters are materialistic. But because you have to sacrifice something to the dark forces. In this case, is money.
People often ask – is it possible to do black magic on their own. Of course, you can. But learning is not trial and error. It is too dangerous. If you want to develop in this direction – some magicians offer to be trained.
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