Love spells on 3 chakras - features, characteristics and consequences of love spell on the 3 chakras

Working with the chakras to make a love spell
Human exposure based on specific knowledge of the energy units, come from Hinduism. If you have certain practical skills, you can easily program the human mind and spirit.
These skills allow us to make love spell on the chakras, the energy flows by changing the person.
Features love spell on the chakras — Energy connection to favorite
More often than not make love spell, using all the chakras. Make it easy, but the energy consumption is quite large because it is necessary to convert all human energy ties. Chakras are the energy hub, generating ethereal manifestations of the human. Therefore, the impact of these components help in different situations. But every action must be thought out and calibrated.
Choosing the best day for love spells
Each chakra is inherent color, a tone sounds. It is possible to trace their connection with the basic elements. The energy of the chakras is harmoniously integrated into a single system. Changes in one power unit always affects the changes in other nodes. Therefore, before performing a love spell is determined that it is necessary to obtain: to suppress the chakra or reveal its features? What is the best help to reveal the energy of love? To make a love spell following chakras are used more often.
A list of 7 major chakras
Muladhara. It is the responsibility of human instincts: it is self-preservation, care of health. Not least among them is the instinct of procreation. It is situated in the sacrum area.
Svadhishthana. It carries a man of pleasure, including sexually, emotional wealth. Its location — above the pubis.
Manipur. Its sphere of activity — intelligence, intuition, creative abilities. She is responsible for the career. Located in the solar plexus area.
Anahata. Its zone of influence — love, compassion, kindness, ability to enjoy and to be faithful. Located in the heart area.
Vishuddha. It gives the ability to communicate, to realize their abilities, talents, to live in harmony with oneself and with the world. Its place — the central part of the throat.
Ajna. Supernormal psychic plan. Its location — the center of the forehead.
Sahasrara. Since chakras are in accordance with the increase of mental manifestations, the latter — is the focus of a higher state of mind, nirvana, the close proximity to the cosmos. Its location — the top point of the head.
To achieve the desired result all the practices, including yoga, affect a particular chakra, or a group of specific points. Often make love spell on three chakras, the most suitable for this purpose.
The essence of love spell on three chakras associated with love
7 chakras to love spells
The particular sequence of manipulations in each case is adjusted individually. This is due to the psychological characteristics of the person, the uniqueness of his mental activity. There is a universal version of love spell on the chakras, but who did it, be sure to adjust their actions.
Love spell begin to draw a protective circle that you want to draw, moving clockwise. In this group put a lighted candle and a red candle prepared separately. Being in the center of the circle along with a photo of a loved one (it must be a love spell to capture the entire object, including the legs), a man dripping with molten wax to your pre-selected chakra 3. Usually it does spell 2, 4, 6 nodes energy. To the molten wax is applied matches. One for each point, the head of a match should look down.
Then we need to make the inscription: where is attached the first match, they write: «Think of me.» About 2 minutes — «Desire me». The last inscription is on top of the head — is the name of the person who performs the spell. To seal the spell on selected chakras sway matches and more tightly pressed against them to the skin.
In principle, the love spell on selected chakras, no matter how much they were not, make one and the same rule.

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