Love spells to win the girl's love on Friday with the black or white magic. Rules love spells win girl' slove

Love spells to win the girl's love. According to ancient legend, a man and a woman — the aliens from different planets. That's about it and to remember a guy who dares to do lyuovny spell girl. It is only natural that the love spell on the passionate love of a charming girl is very different from the magical influence on the guy.
At the same time, no matter how mysterious and unapproachable woman may seem, love spells the girl continues to be effective and relatively safe tool.
Tips for a beginner spellcasters
How to bewitch inaccessible girl?
As you know, any art, including the occult, you need a long time to learn to master it perfectly. Also, you probably have heard about the difficult and dangerous rituals, subservient only to the most experienced magicians. At the same time, some spells can be easily read at home himself, taking into account that all requirements are met precisely. Remember the basic rules will not be difficult, especially since they are noteworthy.
Love spells on Friday
Chetkr formulate their goals. Avoid errors. You can not drink alcohol. Be sure to get acquainted with the girl, and exchanged a few words at least, if not done so until now.
Experience shows that in most cases, who made a successful love spell on a girl who previously tried a lot of other ways to win the girl.
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spell on the growing moon
When the desire to block the execution itself
If you have no experience of occult practices, I dare say, you have already had to give up on traditional methods to conquer the beloved, that's why decided to take a desperate step. Before you make any love spell to win the girl, bring into balance your state of mind.
Carrying out any ritual, including white magic love spell love spell or easy women, the caster must remain confident and calm. Energy raging passion and irrepressible desire blocks the process of their implementation. So, indulging emotions you with one hand doing a love spell on her only girl, and the other negates all efforts.
Pochemulyubovny privoot to win the girls do on Thursday?
Any astrologer will confirm: day of the week Friday corresponds to the planet Venus, patronizing love and feminine.
On this day, the fair sex are most susceptible to the effects of energy, even easy love spell on the girl chosen will have an impact.
If you are not sure — do not rush to bewitch
Love divination involves many different rituals for all occasions. Bewitches task — not to get lost in the abundance of it and choose the appropriate to your goals and objectives. That's why should be clearly represent what it is you want.
It should be noted, the concept of «love» is quite abstract, it implies and beautiful novel, and possessing a thirst — say, to get a beautiful thing, and family, and return to the former. The result depends on how properly formed purpose.
Your Perfectionism welcome
The preparation and conduct of magical acts there are no trifles. Every detail, every word and gesture carefully honed out to win any girl. You just have to at least follow them carefully. Take the ritual as a ceremonial event, prepare the best attributes, prepare to hold it at the highest level. This, first of all, you need.
If you are contemptuous of their own volition omens interesting girl, why should the universe sees fit to respect him? Striving for perfection emphasize, how much does this same white spell on the girl's love.
As a love spell on a girl image
About a love of human possibilities of graphic images is known from time immemorial. Nowadays, the most popular is the love spell on you like a girl photo.
The picture quality and the method of its manufacture are not critical, you can get online and print out, as long as the facial features are distinguishable and recognizable.
How to make a  love spell on friday
Speak words of a love spells and prayers should be so, as befits the winner: authoritatively and confidently. Needless to achieve volume, the universe can hear you perfectly. It is better to pay attention to intonation and understand the meaning of what was said.
It is advisable to learn the text by heart and to bring to the automaticity recitation, to avoid inconsistencies in the crucial moment.
How to win an impregnable Woman
On the growing moon on Friday night after midnight arrange candles on the floor around a small portrait, there should be nine, and on each is written the name of the sweet heart. Light magic circle clockwise.
Stepping right foot through the flame, cover the heel of the victim's image. Concentrate on the thought-form that the strongest spell on the girl already acted, she fell in love and went back, and now completely at your mercy. To lock in the universe the moment of his triumph, thrice cast a spell:
«As my heel you a great burden, so you let me pulls strongly. Without me hard, it is gratifying to me. My words this lock, and the key to shove the fish in the mouth „
To make a love spell on your girl finally came into force, two nights later, repeat the ritual. This magical recipe will help restore the old relationship to start all over again.
Black or white love privoot
If you've wondered how to make a real love spell like the girl by occult means, you are already familiar with the basic principles. Most likely, you have heard about how a love of black magic can be dangerous for beginners.
Do not be fooled that a love love the girl is decided not by day and by night. This home love spell love, to his girl is very responsive. You see, it does not involve biomaterials, such as blood from a finger, worn underwear or body-worn things, and besides, the rite is performed at home, not at the cemetery.
As spells using biomaterials
For comparison, you can get acquainted with the much more risky techniques as a guarantee for 100% interest bewitch Man. Roll the ball out of her hair and fill with wax, sentenced in the process:
“That's not the hair weave, then their fate with (the name of the beloved) are intertwined. That does not bind the hair, then you, (name), binds to itself. As the hair to hair falls, so beloved (name) pulled me „
Attach a magical object close to your body, the next day it is necessary to remove and get rid of, namely burn. The people also there is an easy, fast and effective, but too extravagant option: add a little bit of his sperm into the drink, cake or candy is a treat and offer the girl. This will work, but keep in mind memories of his trick will always be kept in the strictest confidence.
What are the implications of witchcraft on the photo
As a love spell, the response of the beloved will not take long. In the coming days you will notice the first signs that you managed to bewitch. Usually, the so-called white spell, tenderness and love girl operates smoothly and does not involve negative side effects, the results of only positive reviews.
If the artist did the right self-love spell on a girl, she will soon allocate it from the crowd, and the existing relationship will become closer and warmer, brighter and stronger. Bewitching love attract unfamiliar girl and initiates the renewal of old feelings — these are its symptoms.
Interesting and useful facts about occult practices
This method is not Christian or Muslim — church divination does not exist in principle: most religions originally against witchcraft. morality you define yourself: only you can decide whether it was contrary to bewitch the heart of a married person.
Make sure that near the place where the action is decided, there was no animals barking dog really capable to nullify even a strong spell on the girl's love, and to cancel the return of old feelings.
Distance does not matter: stay in New York or London does not reduce your chances fall in love with Paris Mademoiselle, however, manage to bewitch only provided that you know and keep in touch.
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