Love spells with Ring for powerful love

love spell with ring for love magicThis article will help you to create an effective love talisman, which will attract to you the right person. First you need to choose the ring.
It must be new, store-bought. Use the items of silver or gold, but without precious stones. The stones alter the energy of the subject. When you choose ring listen to your feelings. Put it on your left hand. On the middle or ring finger. You should feel comfort. If there is no such feeling – look for another ring.
Bringing a ring home – take off his tag and put the metal under running water for ten minutes, for purification. Still for this spell you will need red candle and photo prepareimage person. Photo must be waist or full length. During the ritual, which is held at the growing moon, you must bring your own blood, so you'll need a needle to prick your finger and a band-aid to close up the wound.
During the ritual, nobody should interfere. If distracted, will have to do everything at first, but another day. To work better just after midnight.

Love Spells using ring


Dim the lights and light a candle. In the room there must be no other light sources. Wipe the ring clean cloth and put it on the image so that it is aligned on the heart. Looking at the candle flame, visualize that feeling prepareimage person just starting to burn. Stretch your palm and feel the heat from the fire. Then with a needle prick the finger on which you wear a ring. Drip blood in the center of the ring lying in the photo. That is, at the heart of the person depicted in the photos.
The success of the ritual depends on your emotions. What they are stronger, the higher the probability that the spell will succeed. After dripped blood, relax, and as you can clearly imagine the life with that person. Sit there for a while before candle and a photo, and then go to sleep. The candle needs to burn completely, so do not extinguish it.
In the morning, wear ring, and wear without removing. Candle candle bury under a fruit tree and take photos in a place where it will not be able to find home. Be patient, the result will appear in three weeks. Never make yourself the first steps towards the man, who was bewitched. Act only when he will lend you attention. If the spell won't work – repeat the ritual. Clean the ring in the water is no longer needed.

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