Love spells on Shoes - how do the right thing and what are the consequences

free shoes love spell with him her shoe real workThe use of magical rituals of personal belongings were still popular with our ancestors. Witches and spellcasters many centuries ago could charge any thing both positive and negative energy, transfer it to a man than to call his illness or bring wealth.
Especially widely practiced by the use of objects belonging to the object in love magic. Love spell on the shoes — one of the most simple and yet effective rites of love. The girls, who were greatly in love with the guy, or simply waiting for the elect, slander shoes specific words. ritual itself is simple in design and versatile, because it is suitable for both men and women. There is no fundamental difference to someone read the words of The Love, it is important with what spirit and with what power.

5 basic rules of love spells using shoes

Shoes — an excellent thing for the ritual
Personal item can be obtained in three ways
1 method involves buying new things (in this case a pair of shoes or shoes) and then presenting them to the project as a present.
2 way — quietly borrow a favorite pair of shoes, to recite the words and just quietly return.
3 way — to take the shoes of the former husband that he does not need, and therefore you have stored, or steal his pair of shoes, and then throw it.
There is a 4 option — to use their shoes, but this spell is relevant if your favorite has not yet been found.
No one can not talk about the intention to hold a spell of the ritual or its consequences. Once the information gets to someone spell is no longer valid, and the relationship between you and the man doomed to failure.
The most optimal time for witchcraft — at midnight, on the growing moon.
The room should not be artificial light, only the light from the flame (candle or fireplace). The candle can be of any shape and color, the basic rule — it should not be bought in the church. For church candles use their kinds omens.
Before the beginning of the ritual is important to tune in to a positive result. Provide you with a man walking together, spend time. Feel the whole body of his love and passion for you. It is forbidden to think about grievances and doubts in a positive result.

2 varieties of love spell with shoes

You can use personal possessions as their own, and the desired person. Sami rites on shoes are fundamentally different, because the goals have different and procedure for each has its own.
As magic acts?
Consequences of omens
First love spells with shoes see in video:

The second spell for single women who want to find their own happiness or for ladies whose man stopped any communication. At night, grab a couple of your most loved shoes and put on the threshold, toes forward. Step over them, back and forth, and then close the door. Now tap the right shoe on the threshold with the words:
«The threshold is always there, in its place, and you (name) to be my (your name) together. As the threshold at this point in the century did not go as well as you, my love (my favorite) is now up to me to come. My word — it's your business. The key lock, language. „
Wash the shoe with salt water. The threshold should not be washed for three days. In the evening of the third day to read on the verge of another spell:
“Bring your favorite track only to my doorstep. To his heart passionate feelings towards me on fire and only dreamed about me. „
After that threshold can be washed. Both in the first and in the second case, the effect lasts ritual month. If within thirty days of the desired result has not been achieved, select another pair of shoes, and repeat all over again. It may be that there was not enough energy or steam has been selected, in which the man stopped coming or did not go to it. To conduct the same rituals on new shoes are not recommended. In the first case, it may arouse suspicion (what a gift — shoes), in the second case — a new item charged energy of other people, not your man, the person may simply not be presented to the couple.
Love spells on personal shoe — a powerful and versatile magical rite. It can be applied to women, only the words you need to change a little. It is important before starting any magic ritual to remember the consequences of intervention in someone's fate, consider whether so much you love a man and so does the person dear to you, to change his life forever.

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