Magic knife and other tools spellcaster

Modern magic is unthinkable without a good Toolkit. So if you want to perform your rituals were successful – take care and about the tools. They can be assembled progressively, starting with the most important.

Magic knife

The primary attribute of each caster or witch. It should only be used in rituals for protection and attack. For example, a knife-shaped magic circle (even if you use chalk, you still need to duplicate the line with a knife). Knife distills the various entities that might interfere with the ceremony, if the circle was not good enough. Sometimes the subject prick volts to cause harm to anyone.
Bought in the store new knife with a black handle. Blade length should be 12 to 15 cm On the growing moon you should go water, which will sink the object. You need to recite in your own words, asking the elements to sanctify the knife and make it suitable for magical work.
In a separate Cup need to gain ground and to recite it in the same way as water. You should cook and candle black, which will embody the element of fire. Refer to the fire for help, as well as the air that is in the room. In the water you can add a few drops of his own blood. So the action will intensify.
You can then proceed to initiate a bought knife. Light the candle and heat it. Then dip it in the water, soak into the ground and hold it in the air. Every time you need to visualize that the element endows the object with its energy. So it should be done 3 times. After that, the knife is washed in running water. He is ready to work.

Magical clothes

Also an important attribute of practice. Of course, it is possible to carry out a ritual in a nightgown or wearing sweatpants, but better to have this special cloak, like a thin robe, which is worn on the naked body. By the way, some rituals are performed naked. The wrap should not be fastened to buttons. You need to smell it and to gird himself with a rope.
Clothes must be kept scrupulously clean. This means that you need to wash it after each use, because the fabric absorbs not only the usual dirt, but also mentally. Wash with soap (economic) may, as necessary, but rinsing the clothes in cold running water should be carried out after each ritual.

The altar

Of course, well, if you can build a fixed magic altar in one of the rooms. But, most often, for lack of a spare room, set it for the duration of the ritual. On the altar you will need something to burn, so it should be a ceramic bowl set on a massive stand so heated, she didn't burn the floor or table. The bowl need to buy a new one, and bringing home a good wash. Wash it after each use.


The smells increase the effect of magical rituals, so incense is also required to have in your Arsenal. Their selection is huge. Here are the most popular:
• bergamot – used to attract money;
• Gardenia – the return of lost health and love;
• Jasmine – a invocation of happiness in the relationship and at the same time their protection;
• incense – the connection with the astral plane;
• rose – facilitates divination and clairvoyance;
• Mirt – used in healing rituals.
Incense with different scents you can buy in the form of sticks that need to light or in the form of oil, which is poured into a special aroma lamp. Unfortunately, you can find only the most common smells. The rest need to learn how to prepare yourself or find someone who can do it. Some herbalists are engaged in the manufacture of incense. You only need to ask.

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