Muslim love spells - 2 simple rituals Muslim love spell with picture and water

real muslim love spells powerful muslim love spellSuch muslim love spells were functioning smoothly in that case, if one of the two is a Muslim. Or the one who makes the love spell, or who bewitches. At the core of the muslim love spell and lies of the fifth Sura of the Qur'an. It is called al-mA'ida (the table). It was her need to read, producing a magical effect. Such spells, there are several. Here two will be considered.
But the real muslim love spells will not work if you are not familiar with the Muslim faith. Therefore, before conducting rituals at least leaf through the Koran. Best to learn the Surah by heart, but it is long enough (120 verses), so you can read and on a piece of paper. But to do it confidently. Naturally, read the translation, since you are unlikely to master the Arabic text and pronunciation.

Option # 1 Muslim love spell with pictures

Take one tablespoon of rosemary, cornflowers and berries of mistletoe. All should be well dried. Still need your picture and photo prepareimage person. You will need thread and a sewing needle. The color of thread should be gold. And still need a saucer.
Stay in the room all alone, and sit at the table, spread before him all that prepared. Good focus and imagine prepareimage the person next to you. Feel like you're good together. When it becomes easy to get – start ritual.
Fold the pictures face each other and sew along the edge of the thread. Then read the fifth Sura of the Koran. Place on a saucer of rosemary, cornflowers and berries, and ignite them. Repeat the mantra:
«Tamora Catalan intema!»
It is necessary to repeat vigorously.
Then light the photos and let them burn on a saucer along with herbs. Repeat the spell 2 more times. When all will burn and collect the ashes. If you succeed, add it to the food for the beloved. If this cannot be done – develop the wind.

Option # 2 Muslim love spell with water

This ritual is water. On the morning dawn go to the bathroom, stand in an empty tub and close the drain. Dial a glass of cold tap water and slowly pour it on his head. Collect from the bath water back into the glass (what you can) – and again pour. This is repeated 3 times. After the third washing, collect water, and on glass, read these words:
«Allah called to obey and endure. Allah called us to love. And I love (name of object). Do Allah so that he/she (name) loved(a) me.»
Read the fifth Sura, and leave the tub with water. It needs to be added to food primorazhivaniem person.
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