Rituals and spells Attracting Money on the Growing Moon

Rituals and spells Attracting Money on the Growing MoonPeople have long noticed that the moon has an impact on their lives. It's not even always associated with magic. Suffice it to recall, as some diseases are changes in human health depending on the lunar cycle. But, leave aside the disease. Our goal is to raise money and increase their well-being.
All the rituals should be performed on the growing moon. If this be neglected, or there will be no result at all, or he's quite the opposite – you can easily lose money because of their loss or theft.

Spells Attracting money with 12 coins

12 is a lucky number. In combination with a properly chosen day of the moon, this plot brings quick and tangible results.
The ritual is simple, and spend it not difficult for any person. It is important to believe in what you are doing and go seriously to the moon. Never do these things just for curiosity. The moon is a living entity and she senses your attitude.
On the first day of the waxing moon take 12 coins and go outside. Looking up at the moon, reach for the moon a palm with coins, and read the plot:
«From the Sun on Earth grows and reproduces all living things, and the money has multiplied you, Luna.
As you become more and more so let my wealth is growing every day.
Oh, Moon, Orb of night, enrich me (your name).
Hear the Moon, my request.»
The spell is recited 7 times in a row. Then to keep the coins in hand, go home, and put them in a purse. Don't waste those coins until the next new moon.

The creation of the moon talisman attracting money

You must first find a stone that you would like. To find this energy of the moon. It will be your money talisman.
You just need in one day of the waxing moon or full moon to go on a night light in your own words, asking them to make this stone attracts money and luck. The moon should be clearly visible and not covered by clouds. The words say aloud and then duplicate that in mind.
The stone is placed in the wallet. Each month starts when the lunar cycle or the full moon, repeat the ritual. The stone will be charged.
What You should not do is tell anyone about the ritual is performed to show the stone and give to touch him. From this it will immediately lose its strength.
Destiny will give you the chance to get rich. It is now important to see and not to miss this chance.

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