10 SPELLS for PROTECTION using Black magic or White magic

real spells for protection black magic white magicSpells for protection is a necessary thing, if you're going to practice magic or your enemies doing the curse on you. It is a pity, that some people have to verify the correctness of this assertion on my own experience. In this article you will find a variety of protection methods, from simple to the most complex.


Spells for protection using fire, water and pin


Fire protection. Take a candle from natural wax and not paraffin. Then take the pin. Drip wax into the hole of the pin, which is on the opposite side of the spike. Say: "a Pin sharp stick is evil, send curses off of me. Fire charge, iron word fasten". Now attach the pin tip down on the inside of your clothing.

Water protection. Type in a glass Cup a small amount of water from a well or stream. Put a pin in a Cup for 1 day. Removing, read the text of spells to protect: "Protect my pin from the evil eye, the devil and all misfortune. Forever evil get evil people off, curse destroy, preserve me". Remember that sometimes the pins need to change, as they have already fulfilled his destiny and has absorbed negative energy.


Spells for protection against the envious


Time casting spells-night. Moon phase: waning. Ingredients a piece of paper, candle purple. Light a purple candle. You can also use candles of white and blue. When it burns to half, write on the paper: "the eyes of the envious, greedy hands, not me, (name), you see, not for my money, a rotten swamp will take the Twelve, I will protect you, all the envy I remove. My iron gate, fence my stone. Key. Castle. Response fiery. Amen." The edges of this leaf must be of char, but not burn completely. Don't blow the candle, extinguish with your fingers. The rest hide where no one will find. Next time you learn that you were jealous, take the paper and burn it in the flame of the same candle, reading the same conspiracy. Ash develop on the street. Let the candle burn to the end. Repeat the ritual you need in a month, at the same time.


powerful spells for protection talisman and amulet for protection40 Candles Spell for Protection with White magic


Time casting spells in the morning.before dawn. Ingredients: charcoal or chalk, a knife, a silver cross, and forty wax candles. You need to get up early in the morning, not yet dawn, bathe and comb your hair. You cannot eat or drink before the start of the ritual. You should be prepared place casting spells for protection, without obstructions. After all preparations are done, sit down in a prepared place. Slide the charcoal or the chalk circle, careful not to tear the hand from the floor. Now we need to arrange the candles around and light them. Tell me the text of spells to protect (white magic): "As the Sun rises, the beat I, (name), in my lucky. Put protection against any witchcraft Key. Clasp. Tongue. Amen." Draw another circle with a silver cross at the same time reading the text: "Protection for me in aid, and the enemy will come back. Amen. Amen. Amen." After that, take the knife by the blade and be baptized over 12 times, saying "As the Sun rises and the curse past me pass. Amen." Don't leave the circle until dawn. The candles are put out, they should fade on their own.


Fire shield - black magic spells for protection


This spell will give you protection against curses. Time for the ritual - midnight. Moon phase: full moon. Ingredients: 3 candles of different colors: white, yellow, blue; black cloth. On his neck hung a pentagram. First you need to set the candles like a triangle, one corner of which is directed toward the West. In the middle of the shape to lay the cloth and step with bare feet toward the West. Close your eyes and 5 times read the text of the spell: "Fire red, fire yellow, protect me from the evil enemies from the devil's curses. Put your shield in front, put the shield back, put the shield on the sides, put the shield top and bottom. the curse from the shield will push - I will never be back. So be it!" Some time don't move, visualizing yourself inside a big ball of fire. Put out candles with your fingers, do not blow. Now to put a tissue under the pillow and go to sleep. These candles can take more time for this ritual six months later.


More 5 Magic spells for Protection look in my Video:



If you want to do any ritual, you need a protection order, in which case retribution was much weaker or not there at all. Do not ignore this precaution! It is better to spend some time and strength to cast the protection spell, than to suffer after effects.


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