The creation of astral magic assistants

creation of astral magic assistantsSooner or later, anyone practicing magic, comes to the conclusion that it would be nice to have assistants that will help to perform the rites and rituals. For such creatures even a special term there – the familiar. And these helpers do not necessarily have to be real. We recommend that you first learn how to create artificial familiars, and even when it starts to get good at it – you can go to the creation of a real assistant, which you can touch.
The creation of such creatures is possible only when a person has an excess of its own or borrowed energy, which he can control. So she goes into the creation of the astral entity that will obey the caster and help him.
So, you should decide. The artificial familiar is an astral entity created by a magician with a purpose. Such a creature must be destroyed immediately after performing magical work, because then it can become dangerous for the surrounding community and to the magician.
So always, when you create a familiar, experienced spellcasters determine the time of his life. When the term expires, the entity disappears by itself.
When dealing with the substance of the need to ensure that the familiar was busy, but to do this, the caster must clearly and unequivocally establish a specific goal. In addition, you need to be always ready to destroy the created creature early. The caster must be sure that he will manage to do it.


Preparations for the establishment of the assistant consists of the following steps:
• Determination of goals and objectives. The mage must have a clear understanding why his assistant and what functions it will perform.
• The creation of an image. You need to visualize the creature, which you want to create. And the clearer the visualization is, the better.
• Choosing a name. Need to call a familiar. The name must be in harmony with his appearance and the work it will perform.
• Method of feeding a familiar. Astral essence must be nourished by energy. This can be the energy of the magician or taken in from the outside.
In choosing a home. The creature needs to live somewhere. You can put it in absolutely any subject, but the subject must select it. It is best to choose such that it would be possible to draw a Seagull – a graphic image created by a familiar.
The graphic image of the caster comes up with on their own. This is most commonly done during meditation. And this image is used to create a assistant.

Create a familiar

It can take from 3-4 days to a week. Every day we need to look at the drawn graphic symbol and visualize assistant. In parallel, the need to save energy to create it. This can be done in any way.
When the caster realizes that energy has accumulated enough (purely personal feeling), then you can choose the right time and proceed to the rite of creation.
It is necessary to clear the space where it will be a ritual and be cleansed yourself. To prepare the house for the familiar and a pencil/pen/brush that will be drawn «fresh» Seagal at his house.
Now we have a good focus and releasing the accumulated energy, at the same time loudly in words expressing his will to create a familiar. It should be said in your own words, in which the magician puts all his strength.
After that Seagal is drawn on the house and it seems like a familiar member. Some spellcasters see this creature (most often as a shadow in the mirror), while others only feel. In both cases you need to speak with the entity and immediately to tell her what she's created. To understand the merits that it will exist exactly as long as necessary to fulfil its mission.

Interaction with familiar

This most often occurs through exchange of thought forms. caster thinks that he must make the familiar, and gets the answer. You can apply voice commands (it's easier), but the answer will still be «sound» in my head.

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