True Love spells - How to make true love spell in what terms, rules, casting conditions, the consequences as to make true love spells that works

how to make true love spell that workOn the duration of exposure is divided into short-term, long-lasting and permanent. Short true love spells are a few days or a few months, but no more.
This spell is used when people just met, and you want to emotionally bind human. After the expiration of a true love spell, if the feelings there are a couple made for each other, emotional attachment will not be interrupted. If at the conclusion of the feeling of love will disappear, and you should not continue — for this pair is likely no future together.

Time to make true love spells

Prolonged spells of love can remain in effect even a few years. Typically, this spell is used when people are together for years, possibly already betrothed, but suddenly the husband or wife decided that they one person a little and started to change and leave the house.
In this case, use a long true love spell for a while, until the spouse is not a frivolous.
Create permanent spells — this requires a lot of courage, because the man is tied to his rest of his life. For it will be impossible to quit the favorite, even if be disappointed in him because he can not find a place for himself.

When do true  love spells

Love spell is triggered most often in cases where there are strong positive feelings, t. E. If you strongly dislike a person and think about it.
If you are going to take revenge on the man love spell, you hardly get.
All the love spell, except for some black and mental love spell, made on the growing moon. Mental and love spell love spell on a monthly blood made on any day, regardless of the phase of the moon.
There is also such a thing as male and female in the days of magic.
It is not so important as the phase of the moon, but the correct day love spell will work better. love spell beloved best read in the men's day, respectively bewitch Woman best Women's Day.
If the description of the ritual does not say anything about the time of committing a love spell, it is recommended to do after sunset. There are even some love spell, you need to perform at midnight, at the very moment when the clock strikes twelve.
Few people trying to make true  love spells wants to think about how it will affect the other person. In fact, if you do decide to do it yourself, carefully read the text of the proposed spell. And then ask yourself, would you like to receive for himself such action as described in the ritual?
Therefore, if you do not understand the laws of energy work, but for various reasons can not see for myself any other way as a love spell, then choose those rites which their text clearly shows a positive impact. Because the energy return has not been canceled.
If running an experienced magician, he knows how to redirect the path. And if you are a beginner, then carefully read the tips to implement on this site, and only then try it.
Most of those who did real true love spell really want to see that it has started to operate. But the paradox lies in the fact that immediately after the love spell it is desirable to maximize discard all thoughts of achieving your goal.
Otherwise you are just beginning to alienate actions love spell — alas it works that way, with very few exceptions.
You must be completely sure that did everything right. But do not think every day how the love spell and when will realize our plans.
Well think about the step to which you go to after not regret that you have fallen in love because of the strong love spell, and not due to the fact that you are worthy of love. If you are already convinced that the love spell is just what you need now, please read the main rules for self-love spell.
Do not make love spell out of curiosity, trying to verify whether or not it is valid only on the urgent need!
It is important to believe in what you're doing.
Making true a love spells, run away superfluous thoughts, think only about the purpose and result.
love spell is best done in the absence of other persons, in compliance with the precision of words, gestures, components and operating procedures.
Avoid cosmetics, remove church cross, do not make love spell in the shoe.
When referring to the deceased souls of the doors and windows should be closed tight.
Do not make true  love spell during critical days.
It is best to read the text of a love love spell at sunset.
Before making contact with the rite recommend prayer to Nicholas, the Wonderworker.
Under no circumstances do not tell anyone about the performance of rituals.
Always after the love spell put the defense on the lapel. The most well-known defense — «key in the ground, the castle in the sea, his tongue»
One of the main secrets of effective love spell: visualization of images embedded in the ritual words. Every sentence must have a meaning for you, and not be gibberish. Bright represents all that is contained in the text of the love spell.
Do not attempt to curb the emotions at the time of love spell. The more they will manifest themselves, the better. Pour out all the love and passion for the sweet to perform any act — then it will gain strength and will quickly materialize your desire.
The effectiveness just love spell performed on the growing moon and the full moon. Never perform a ritual at the waning moon, or the natural energy to enter into a confrontation with your desire, and things can go awry.
To enhance the action of love spell imagine after its completion subtle energy filament coming out of your navel, and included in the navel of a loved one, there are reinforced and germinating in his mind. So it will be easier to establish a connection between you and the ritual will work much faster.
Completing the love spell, refer mentally to the Universe and ask not to bring harm to a loved one (or reduce it to a minimum, if you choose dark magic rituals).

Dangers of self-love spells

Make love spell on their own at first glance quite simple and easy. To make the most of such a love spell is only necessary to know the correct ritual invocation to the higher powers, and do well the entire sequence of his actions and to read a certain spell.
It seems an ordinary person who is willing and eager to return a loved one, or fall in love with the coveted lady.
But all is not so simple ...
Fulfilling love spell independently and without knowledge of how energy works, you run a high risk and all your «magical» actions, in the best case can be over anything, or at worst, lead to the opposite effect than expected and, in some cases, lead to the so-called retribution
Retribution — this reflexive action spent forces. Energy hit, power is proportional to the amount of energy expended is not, and put forward to the distortion in the course of events. For this reason, hardly predictable.
Retaliation occurs when any magical effect from divination to love spell, from the Shield power to damage from rain nasylaniya to manufacture an amulet for good luck.
Retribution — a phenomenon more complex than the return. In physics, this phenomenon can be associated with the law of conservation of energy. Or, to put it in more general terms: «Nothing comes from nowhere and disappear into nowhere.» In contrast to the recoil that accompanies our every action is rolled back is not always manifests itself. But if retribution manifested itself, the consequences of such a manifestation of a lot worse than when it returns.
The average person having done in his opinion such a successful ritual in our case, a love spell on their own, gets the opposite effect on him starting to pour in all sorts of trouble, such as a loved one begins to worse refers, fired from their jobs, lost things, money, poor health and health, etc. This rollback action.
The spellcaster, magician, witch, know how to protect themselves from these effects. For example leave a gift, throws an animal retribution, or use egregors.
For beginners it is strongly recommended to see a specialist, even if the advice for the independent performance of rituals.

How to recognize the true  love spells

Distinguish love spell on real feelings, almost nothing is impossible. It is only by experienced magicians, when a man spotted a rat, knowing that he is under the love spell, refers to sorcerers and witches, but, most of all, love spell effect is noticeable only people around, not to bewitch.
The consequences of love spell
The effects of magic can be both positive and negative. What does it depend? First of all, from the man's intentions, wanting to use magic. If there is abuse of power love spell if a love spell is done out of revenge for the sake of the desire to torment, to hurt another person, such a love spell in the long term may have a negative impact on the life of the customer, because the energy of intent love spell, in this case black, negative, can turn back the clock and make pay for those sufferings which were caused privorozhennomu.
But here, magicians, conducting such love spell, manage to insure the customer, put negativity taps, use protective talismans.
In the case when the love spell do out of love, wanting to create a strong relationship in the future, love spell gets the features and properties of white magic, akin to the blessing of love, because the power of love love spell transforms zakazchikalyubovny influence illuminates it.
Such a love spell does not create violence and change attitudes naturally kindles love in bewitches ensures reciprocity.
Therefore, the negative consequences of white magic love spell no.
How to make a fast true  love spells
love spell is necessary to provide the energy for what he had engendered a feeling of love in bewitches. Witches used special rituals and techniques that give them strength, draw energy from the surrounding world, is, enjoy the power of other people, nature, and so on. Average person this is not available.
So you have to do to feel love, only then will be able to share your feelings (love energy) with those who want to enchant. Usually in this case the person is experiencing decline in the intensity of his feelings, and the beloved, on the contrary, it begins to feel love, which then becomes stronger — love take root and become part privorozhennogo.
Errors when the love spell
1) Choose from a whole set of love spell a ritual that: a) do you like personally, b) is not too complicated technically, for execution of the ritual; c) try to start the white magic love spell.
Many errors allowed it during the love spell. You have read but not understood until the end of the meaning of what was said. Or accidentally mixed up the sequence of actions. Maybe during the love spell you someone prevented. All these cases can lead to malfunction of love magic. And if something goes wrong, the negative consequences can not be avoided.
2) The following error occurred while itya love spell — a haste and haste in anticipation of the results. Ate you yourself have made love spell, try not to think about it and distills persistent thoughts, expectation, that all is about to change. The more you find yourself «cheat», constantly thinking about his favorite, the stronger the break energy balance situation. And that could lead to the fact that you sent love spell will not get accustomed to feeling the soul pguy or girl, will harm it will cause a negative reaction.
3) The error is also to tell someone that you have made yourself love spell. Magic loves mystery, secrecy. If you have decided to spend a magical rite, make sure that the used of him, no one knew. Worse than ever if some of your girlfriends, dedicated in your plans, out of jealousy, revenge or whatever their reasons denounce privorozhennomu that conducted an impact on him. Such knowledge will put a block on the relationship with you. Psychologically guy or girl will be very difficult to believe that he is experiencing his feelings, his love for you is real, and not caused without his demand forcefully love magic.
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