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Dreams of the dead


dead death dream sleep dreams about death dead"Resurrection" Viktor Tsoi

- In order not to panic after had a nightmare, we must learn to interpret it correctly - to placate Congress, the president of the American Association for the Study of Dreams, Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.. - Images of dreams - like road signs. If we know what they mean, we cast off and the speed of time, and can, and does not go on the road, where there are signs that indicate a deadlock or a crash.

But the dreams of the dead is not as scary as they seem. Our observations show that the dead come to those who he wants to meet with them. Such dreams are simply dreams of being implemented to restore the life of the departed loved one at least virtually. Indeed, more often - it polls have shown - we did not dream of dead enemies, namely the closest people.

Recent research from the Association of Professional Sleep psychophysiological studies have shown that 60% of women and 40% of men at least once a week visit in a dream the dead. According to Freud, our unconscious to death - a symbol of rebirth, so the dreams of the dead must be taken with gratitude.

For example, as happened with the visions of the mother of Victor Tsoi - singer of the legendary band "Cinema". He passed away tragically - was killed in a car accident.

- The first time was a version that Victor was alive, that it replaced - says Valentina. - Even once had a phone call, "Mom!" I caught his breath - but it hung up. And when, after his death a year has passed, I had it. In a white suit. Hence, it is where the light. I said: "Victor, well, how are you doing?" He replied: "At first it was very painful, but now nothing." And I was calm.

And sometimes the dead from the world even help us live. As it happened in the family of our reader Natalia Pokrovsky. Her husband died. She and her sons are very grieved. And often went to the cemetery on his grave.

Once the son saw his father in a dream: "We all go somewhere for my father's" Moskvich ". Suddenly, Dad said that knocks the steering. We stopped, he established and have gone further. " Natalia felt the dream warning, and the car checked out. Steering was fine. But the ball resting on the left front wheel kept on a single bolt. So, if it were not a dream, they probably would have been in the cell.

Lying in a coffin - then overcame depression

- Should not be feared dead, and some images that are explicitly or implicitly indicate an approaching disaster - told Dr. Garfield. - For example, a dreamer with the blood fall teeth, bleeding wound, it means that something bad might happen to his family. If the teeth fall out without blood and pain, then trouble would happen to a very distant relatives or acquaintances.

Losing a dream hands or feet may be associated with the loss of a close relative of emergency. These dreams are frequent in families where someone is seriously ill or very old. If you dream that is now surviving relative dies, then the dream may indicate two things.

The first - is that he has serious health problems and you are concerned about his condition. The second meaning: it leaves loved one in your life is not in the literal sense, but you lose just a spiritual affinity with him, he seemed to "die" for you.

- And if in a dream I saw myself in a coffin? - The question was raised during the Congress of the hall.

- This does not mean that in the coffin soon you will go - the doctor consoled. - Such an image can mean only suppress your state of depression, fatigue life.

In general, experts say, death is very rare in the dream is in the form of any public signs - the grave, graves, crosses, wreaths. On the impending death of the dreamer could, for example, to specify a dream, repeated night after night - about an innocent trip out of town, but from which he can not go back.

Another common theme of dreams, talking about the death of a loved one - when the sleep out of the plane or train, and one who has to get out of life, goes on without him. Often foretells the death of a female silhouette in black clothes, or you wear it in all white, or put a candle in his sleep for the repose of the church.

I killed someone - got rid of the aggression

Intrigue is usually like that. You shoot or shoot at you. And hurt. Do you want to shoot back, but the weapon does not fire. In another variant of the story you or a loved one killed at all. You cry in his sleep from grief.

- Such dreams are talking about processing of aggressive feelings, - the member of the American Association for the Study of Dreams, Dr. Robert Moss. - And this is the case when it is clear how sleep helps the mind to overcome the conflict situation.

In the dream, is what you are awake you can not even imagine, and it brings relief. It remains to see to whom directed aggression. For example, you have a good attitude to colleagues and completely block out the negative feelings, but they accumulate, and the dream shows that in actual fact you would have killed them all.

Another variant of such dreams. You frantically beat the victim was killed, and stopped in confusion: what to do with the body? Frightened - and woke up with a sense of relief. In this case, "killed" your man represents any event that you would like to erase from memory, quite simply, to kill.

Perhaps in real life, you are quite passive and can not decide on an important act and this is a problem with the most "dead" man. If you are "killed" someone close, it may indicate that your relationship with this person is not cloudless. But you still do not dare myself to admit it.

OPINION Psychoanalyst

Sometimes nightmares are useful


- Scary Dreams of death allow a person to strengthen their defenses and how to regroup. It may help to avoid trouble: remain silent on the head of an angry remark, in time to stop before a red light and do not throw out the negative emotions of children. Thus, the man, frightened by a nightmare, can avoid a lot of trouble.


Singer Madonna:

- I once had a nightmare. As if I'm pregnant, I come to the doctor, she told me do an ultrasound. And suddenly announces that the child was dead: "You are too run down, and the child died." And I think hysterically: "I killed my child, my God, I killed my baby ..."

Interpretation Somnology Paul Serov:

- Dream of Madonna, probably speaks of her subconscious desire to stay, to find a more measured, quiet life. And she is looking for justification of such apathy, an occasion to change his life. But Madonna seems bound by some serious commitment, therefore, reason to change the fate to be very compelling. Also, this dream may be a warning of health problems. For example, a real pain in the abdomen at night could cause a nightmare.

Singer Elvis Presley had a dream that appear on the scene, he and his deceased twin brother, Jesse. "We dressed alike - he recalled in an interview - the same play on guitars, standing shoulder to shoulder. We - a portrait of each other, but he sings better. "

Interpretation Somnology Paul Serov:

- Son of Elvis Presley has expressed his willingness to live for two. But at the same time he admitted that something can fail, representing his brother by a standard. Although, of course, it was an obsession. After his twin brother died at birth.

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