Astrology and Magic

Most Aries — healthy, strong mind, and they are almost immune to magic. Evil eye, damage or love conspiracy — a great immunity protects them from similar afflictions. But in the case of a puncture of life, when the «armor» is vulnerable — is a period of illness, difficulties at work, problems with relatives… In that case, Aries is good to know the basics of security: do not come into contact with the Roma, three times to spit or throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder to ward off evil, and so on
This sign loves comfort, try to surround yourself with beautiful, expensive things, looking for opportunities to make good money. But the pursuit of prosperity and the desire to live in a big way sometimes sum Taureans are very resistant to magical attacks. They believe the fortune-tellers, who promise mountains of gold, and are even willing to part with their blood in order to get more in return. Craving for enrichment can play a cruel joke with them and if they entrust their affairs dishonest magicians, sorcerers.
I love all the new, interesting and unusual. Unlike the other signs of the zodiac are ready to sit at the desk, even in middle age, is so great they thirst for knowledge. But the problem is that the twins are always jumping on tops, rarely delve into the essence of things. Unfortunately, this ability can cool them down: in the pursuit of new experiences they can get excited about exotic exercise, get into a sect to follow false prophets, etc. It is not surprising that it was twins often become «hooked», not even realizing that happened to them. And save them that they quickly carried away, as quickly cool down and lose interest.
All of the beyond and secret attracts and lures Cancers. It is their more often can be seen with a small volume of Castaneda and Daniel Andreev. Do not be surprised if the familiar Cancer compares his actions with the Book of Changes and builds plans in accordance with astroprognozami. But there is a downside: when Cancer bad mood, your film they can send to others, and in this state it does not cost anything to jinx it, even a loved one. Keep your emotions in check!
This fire sign is always so busy with himself, that he was little to do with occult practices. True, the Lions can stoop to in order to allow others to tell fortunes to your coffee grounds, playing solitaire or povorozhit to love. But you can not say that all of this they attach great importance — for them in the first place their own feelings, thoughts and experiences. What if the Lions and give importance because their dreams. And rightly so: the signs, seen in a dream, Leo is worth absolutely trust.
Virgo is very superstitious: Chokh believes in, and sleep. Afraid of bad omens — black cats, owls, in broad daylight, a broken mirror, a solar eclipse, and so it is better to bypass Virgo Roma side: look not so — the evil eye is provided. Virgos, like anyone else, need protective amulets and charms for all occasions. The representatives of this zodiac sign have good intuition, and therefore they should listen carefully to the signals that are sent your own body — misgivings, bad dreams ...
Emotionally unstable sign: mood changes like the weather in March. This can easily take advantage of energy vampires, witches and psychics fraudsters. General balance — easy prey for unscrupulous wizards sorcerers. In Libra rarely opens prophetic gift, but because they are willing to blindly follow false prophets and liars. But most of all have to fear would-healers: Libra are very sensitive to their own health, they like to be treated the people's means, to walk on Grandma ...
Has exceptional magical data. If desired, can easily learn any occult knowledge: to master any divination, learn witchcraft, or a loved one will be able to bewitch discourage unwanted suitor or bride. But there is one thing: this symbol carries such a powerful magical charge that he needs to learn to manage their waste. Otherwise, it may cause great harm to others: just a baleful look at the enemy to the poor fellow fell ill.
Active, energetic and restless character. Loves life in all its manifestations. Interested in magic, esoteric and occult, but — so far as. Far more concerned with earthly things, really. Yet there is one area of life that for Sagittarius is very important: love. Sagittarius can not live without feeling, without love suffocate and die. Therefore more vulnerable to other amorous charms: they readily didst send the evil eye or damage made to loneliness, to embroil, the rift in the family.
Witchcraft and Capricorn — incompatible concepts. This sign is so firmly down on the ground, he did not see any sense of magic and healing. On the one hand, this is bad: there are situations in life when one should listen to what prompts dreams or signs of destiny. But — alas — Capricorns are to this deaf and blind. On the other hand, the sign — the impenetrable and sustainability: magic attacks are useless. They are not afraid of omens, lapels, and other potions.
Addicted to all the supernatural. With interest are exploring new techniques of divination and hypnosis, interpret dreams, offer cash, clean aura, made protective talismans. Book of Changes for them — desktop reading, which they are willing to check every step, and a deck of cards — a faithful companion in all activities and undertakings. In short, the Aquarius — the spices in the occult, but precisely because they are so open to the occult knowledge, they are highly susceptible to magical effect. Most of all they should be afraid of the evil eye and energy vampires.
Their terrible secret and involves all the beyond. They dream to learn how to manage their emotions and solve problems with the help of magic. But the problem is that the fish are extremely vulnerable and extremely susceptible. For dishonest magicians witches are «frames» — a real find. As a rule, any magical effect, with which fish are trying to solve their problems, turns against them. Representatives of this sign see prophetic dreams, but do not know how to interpret them. Fate sends them a sign, but they are not able to read them correctly. Pisces so best to stay away from anything that is associated with magic. At worst, is to rely on a trusted mentor.

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