Dating Horoscope

Horoscope can reveal the secret of nature, or to predict the fate, and more — to predict how relations develop. To do this, remember the date of your acquaintance
Horoscope dating considers not have an established relationship, and the moment of their birth, and depending on that date says about the future prospects couples.
If you met her spouse from March 21 to April 20, when the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries, the impulsiveness, brightness and ardor peculiar to Aries, will be characteristic for the relationship. It may even spark a passionate love at first sight.
Learn to be your own personal qualities and appreciate the partnership. 
Achieve a great deal, if you work together in the same direction. Avoid sharp remarks about a partner and do not try to take the reins in their hands. Conflicts in the Union can occur on the basis of the struggle for supremacy, so learn to give up. Otherwise, it is likely that differences and scandals will lead to separation.
Acquaintance, held from April 21 to May 21, when the Sun is in Taurus, it may be the start of a strong and based on mutual respect and interest in relationships in which reason will prevail over emotions. The similarity of attitudes, values and common cause — that will strengthen the union. Material aspect will play an important role, as well as sex, is important for both partners
Do not forget to say kind words and compliments to give to your loved one — they are the key to love and loyalty between you. If it happens that the feelings will fade, the friendship will last forever.
If you meet from 22 May to 21 June, when the sun is in the sign of Gemini, intelligent conversation will be the basis of relationships designed to teach you to easily communicate with people, to support any conversation, even though he may not binding.
Roman, usually develops rapidly and unpredictably: frequent quarrels replaced emotional reconciliation, anger — passionate declarations of love. But familiarity may be shallow and short-lived.
In the period from 22 June to 22 July, when the sun is in the sign of Cancer, you may encounter a kind man. At times, he behaves like a spoiled child, and then suddenly starts to take care of you and take care. Relationships often develop on a «parent and child.» If you're satisfied, then the novel will be stable. Perhaps a desire to start a family.
You need to learn by intuition mate. Try to control emotions and not be offended by minor trifles, or partner will be dependent on your mood, but it can lead to separation. Do not hesitate to openly express feelings and take care of the loved one. It is not necessary to close from it — otherwise you will provoke a quarrel.
If familiarity was marked by a lion in the period from 23 July to 22 August, a beautiful and vibrant pair will communicate strong feelings, common interests, hobbies and work. Marriage has always reinforce children. The only drawback of this relationship is that partners can provoke one another to deceive the constant suspicion and distrust. Not torment mate jealousy and doubt, trust each other.
Do not skimp on gifts, try to give more than to receive — and all will return a hundredfold. In the sexual aspect of a complete harmony.
Getting under the sign of Virgo (August 24 — September 23) will teach you responsibility. Try not to criticize your partner, it is this very sensitive about. Be nice to him in small things. Do not be afraid to go to meet each other and avoid false modesty. Pay particular attention to their appearance: accuracy should be your motto.
Be required in the promises — it will guarantee the development of a long relationship. It can turn strong union, but do not break the harmony, always focusing on the small details, and bickering over nonsense.
When the sun is in the sign of Libra, September 24 to October 23, familiarity can lead to strong partnerships, the main purpose of which — to gain a high status in society — is important. Relationship shrouded glamor, full of tenderness and delicacy. Quarrels and conflicts — a rarity Mezhuyev two lovers.
But the idyll can easily become cold and formal alliance, if you are too selfish. Avoid self-admiration, or your partner thinks you are about him not think. Do not bring their claims to the absurd. If there is a quarrel, you are so easily parted, as agreed.
Getting that occurred in Scorpio, from 24 October to 22 November, will bring to your life powerful volcano of passion. Sexual intimacy will play a significant role. Try to keep the intrigue in the relationship. It is possible that you can combine an interest in the secret knowledge — such as the occult and magic. Scorpio Union gives strength, and, most of all, you will quickly be parted again. To maintain harmony, do not overdo it with jealousy, more trust in each other. Learn to control their emotions and do not try to manipulate the partner.
Possible long breaks in the relationship and resume them at a new level.
Dating from 23 November to 21 December (Sagittarius) will bring a relaxed and easy relations, which are based on a sincere interest in each other and strong feelings. Friendship will be more important than love and sex. In addition, significantly affected the social dimension. Well, if one of you will take the role of mentor. But do not limit personal freedom partner! Do not overdo it with too much care.
Original gap is unlikely to happen, even if the feelings fade, you save friendly relations.
If familiarity occurred from December 23 to January 20, under the sign of Capricorn, the chances are you'll be a long time looked at each other, before decide to have a close relationship. In the future, you will be connected long-term plans and common aspirations. Well, if you have to work together — two of you come up with some constructive solutions. Union may be strong, but lacking passion and some constrained because of your tendency to hide feelings. This familiarity is designed to teach you the seriousness and responsibility in relationships.
Over time, affection for each other grow, and if you ever want to leave, it will be a hard test for both.
From 21 January to 19 February (Aquarius) might be an unusual meeting with the original person. You will find yourself in a whirlwind of events — not only unexpected, but also in something adventurous. Love relationship will develop very rapidly and quickly, so you have to learn to live with ahead of time.
Communicating with loved ones, give up on stereotypes, cliches and platitudes. Diversify assignation something extraordinary. Union if your free and will not lead to a civil marriage, the friendship will result for sure.
Once you have learned in the days when the sun is in Pisces, from February 20 to March 29, consider that up to one hundred percent understanding telepathic contact is ensured. The relationship will be filled with not only physical attraction, but also the spiritual love. The problem, which can trap — too serious perception of what is happening. But you can always reach an agreement, if we treat each other with genuine respect and sincere love. Do not be fooled by her lover, but do watch out, because the illusion can quickly dissipate.
You may have to sacrifice something for the sake of a successful union. And if you want to leave, do it firmly, otherwise the process may take years.

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