Diet and harmony On a Horoscope and Zodiac

Everyone is different, and the path to harmony at everyone. Losing weight is easier if you follow the recommendations made for your zodiac sign. We offer proven, best ways to achieve excellent physical shape — with the strengths and weaknesses of the planets, as well as recommendations for diet tips and medical astrology. It is important to know what diseases are most characteristic of a particular sign of the zodiac, which authorities should be especially careful to protect against overloads.
OvenOvny tend to spend heavily calories in sports, work, and just to keep active. This encourages them to sign ruler — Mars, the planet of athletes, military, and of all the winners, as well as the Sun is exalted, which allows to put tremendous energy into creativity and, of course, the passionate feelings.
Aries, who lives a full creative life, is growing every day as a person and always on some new flame idea. And by the way, that's why Aries relatively infrequently gets into a situation where your favorite jeans suddenly for some reason no longer fastened. This is the most athletic, wiry, energetic people.
However, Aries, for all its external power and optimism, can «break.» Venus, which is in the sign-in-exile, can provide periods of unrequited love, during which Aries will tend to «stick» their tears and therefore better. The fact that Aries is not able to love moderately, reasonably, they burn in the fire of passion, like moths. And if something went wrong, Venus will certainly show its negative properties — for example, will cause the irrepressible need for sweets, which, of course, necessarily affect the waist.
Another reason for variations in weight can be stressful on the basis of marital relations. This is caused by the expulsion of the planet in Aries Chiron is responsible for diplomacy and negotiation skills. Not being able to reach a compromise, Aries begins to go to extremes — and such variations lead to disruption of body systems, failures in metabolism.
And, finally falling in Aries Saturn unfortunately deprives members of the sign of self-discipline — that is, it turns out that if it broke down, the «Fly» will be to the end, while in the locker room will not be any one thing that can still be put on. Unfortunately, the fall of the planet — the most difficult situation in which a representative of the quality mark initially practically absent, and their development requires a long and hard work.
To lose weight, use a strong energy of the planets — the Sun and Mars: create, move as much as possible, choose the most active, power sports, go on foot. Especially the need to fill every moment of life with light, strength, sense of victory — let them be happy move your muscles and your heart sing with joy. Then the energy of the sun up to full power. And, of course, develop self-control, discipline, without which you will not stay long in shape.
Very correct would be to call for help and the esoteric (secret) ruler of the sign Aries — Proserpina. Proserpine give all necessary system — for example, a clear plan to help weight loss, including athletic training, schedule meals and recipes diet meals. Proserpine also help eliminate the chaos, or, in other words — a creative mess that prevails in your life and the inner world, and you will be able to calm and measured to set to return to the desired shape.
For Aries typical diseases associated with the head, the brain, the senses. This cerebrovascular accidents, head injury, reduced vision and hearing, headaches, migraines. All these bodies ruled by Mars, and in conjunction with the incident Saturn gives various violations — both acute inflammatory and chronic persistent processes. Characteristic of infectious diseases related to blood. There may be boils, inflammation of the face, allergies to cosmetics. Often under the influence of Aries Saturn early deteriorate teeth.
Exile Venus can give and penchant for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.
Diet for Aries
The most useful products for you — beets, celery, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, watercress, onions, mustard, radishes, cucumbers, dates, walnuts, apples, lemons. They contain potassium phosphate, which allows you to restore brain cells and nerve tissue. The disadvantage of this substance causes anger, headaches, nervous dyspepsia and general exhaustion.
Also, the diet should be present Aries organic iron and protein, which are in abundance in lean red meat and beans.
Better to replace sugar with honey. Of groats fit any kind of cereal grain, especially iron-rich — barley, millet, buckwheat, wheat.
From fruit optimal bananas and citrus. Prepare well for the winter tea barberry, chokeberry, sea buckthorn, rosehip, blueberries, hawthorn, and sauerkraut, pickled apples, cranberries, cranberry, raisins.
Athletic exercises
Aries fit any active sports where we must show the speed, strength and agility. This is a classic fight, all kinds of martial arts, boxing, athletics, bodybuilding. Good also paramilitary sports — biathlon, shooting, fencing. Aries also likes the speed and thrill — so it will suit racing and skiing. But the stupid «make the body» in the gym Aries boring and ineffective.
TeletsLyubiteli eat — Taurus — almost all his life struggling with excess weight. Still, after the mark is directly responsible for everything related to nutrition, body strengthening. Its owner — Venus — like gastronomic delight. Taureans tend to particularly saccharine and starchy foods, without which find their lives simply inferior. That Taurus — all patrons of cafes, chocolate, French bakeries ...
Exalted in this sign Moon adds delicious and satisfying the desire to feed all around, so the tables are crammed in the house Taurus with food. It is clear that the most sinful mistress diet, while praising its guests an abundant, delicious and nutritious cooking.
The expulsion of Mars and Pluto leads to a rather passive lifestyle. Taurus — sissy, which is much more pleasant extra hour lie on the couch than to make yourself get to the gym or even at least somewhere to move.
Falling in this sign Uranus therefore ensure that the cells are usually very difficult to change their habits and start a new life. He extremely dislikes shake, and any changes to it — the stress that he can shoot the most familiar way: the food.
If you — Taurus, and they took up the excess, you will, on the one hand, do not starve. Venus and the moon will not forgive you of bullying themselves. Much better to go for a healthy and delicious food — baking substitute fresh fruit, and sweets — honey and nuts (only in reasonable limits).
At the same time, try to learn how to better respond to external events, stress. And a change of scenery — Tear off the couch and head to the complex extreme hiking. Finally, you can just fall in love, then the excess calories not stay in the body. Work perfectly for a bullock, and all sorts of creative activities that are the responsibility of Venus — especially dancing. A great way to lose weight, but at the same time and get great pleasure out of life.
Those who are set to struggle with kilograms very seriously, we recommend using the resources of esoteric ruler of Taurus — Saturn. You have the incredible tenacity and willpower, you just remove them from the depths of the subconscious and activate. You may be surprised, but the Taurus, Saturn living program, can be very austere, dedicated and disciplined. And this is — one of the important conditions for the early realization of excellent form.
Calves exposed to all the diseases of the throat, neck and jaw. It is a cold, sore throat, purulent tonsillitis and pharyngitis, disease of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, larynx and vocal cords, sinusitis. Venus also makes excessive love for sweets and biscuits, which causes obesity and metabolic disorders. With the expulsion of Mars and Pluto are associated sexually transmitted diseases (sometimes with ulcers) and diseases of the genitals, uterus, adnexa, anus, menstrual disorders, disorders of the genitourinary function with sharp pains. Especially quickly to such diseases can cause food intake (eating) during the conflict with family or with the authorities, in a state of total rage.
Diet for the Taurus
The most useful products for the bulls — the ones which include sodium sulfate, which prevents the formation of edema. It is found in spinach, beets, chard (leaf beet), cauliflower, onions, cabbage, pumpkin, radish. As its sources are lean beef, cheese, oats, chicory, onions, strawberries, raspberries, and mineral water.
Very useful to include in the diet seafood and fish, because they contain iodine, which regulates the thyroid gland.
Best fruits for Taurus — plums, apricots, quinces, peaches, oranges. As for drinks, the most suitable lemon juice: it is useful for the throat. Tea from time to time need to be replaced or chamomile extract cranberry leaf, disinfectant ureters and bladder. Drinking coffee is best kept to a minimum.
Athletic exercises
Taurus «spelled» all aesthetic sports — artistic gymnastics and figure skating, ballroom-sport dance, synchronized swimming. Taurus should enjoy the movements, or their benefits will be reduced to a minimum.
Very good to have a beautiful sportswear, not engage in old sweat pants and T-shirts.
Not suited to this sign power sports and martial arts, as they are able to awaken in Taurus powerful aggression with which it can not adequately handle.
Forgemini, like other members of the air disaster, the extra weight is not much of a threat. But if suddenly you have typed it, then your life will be a lot of small stresses that reunited with violations of the day, and promiscuity in the diet.
Fuss, no system, endless contacts with different (in particular, and to unpleasant) people are not conducive to healthy and normal weight. Especially if the communication is over a cup of coffee and a plate of pastries.
Gemini's ruler, Mercury, involves small load cases and contacts, processing incoming information every second. You do an excellent job with all of this, but be careful: you may have a bad habit is characteristic with a book or newspaper in his hand, or snacking, sitting in front of a computer screen. In this situation, we usually eat a lot more, and the centers of the brain responsible for the saturation at this time engaged intellectual and food is not served the required signals.
Exalted in Gemini makes Proserpine cause food and rest in a strict system, subordinate immediate action schedule, develop the necessary nutrition and sleep. Rely on the powerful potential of this planet — and you will cope with excess weight. In addition, Mercury, and Proserpine — best «handlers» of information. Learn everything about healthy living and harmony, organize knowledge in my head, and then put into practice.
Exiled in Gemini Jupiter does not make you particularly sensitive in terms of consumption of products (or information!). Twins often can «grab» the horrible on the run, tend to be harmful food — fast food, popcorn, chips. Again, the weakness of Jupiter can be expressed in the fact that you can in a short time to cope with a very large bowl (bags, boxes, etc.).
The fall in your sign planet Chiron difficult to achieve harmony and balance, including, and in physical form. You difficult balance between the extremes, which leads to stress. And during times of stress, as you know, the body begins to actively store up nutrients for a «rainy day.»
When the desired shape is important to build on the strengths of Mercury and Proserpine — logic and analysis. Eliminate all the «feast» indulgences: snacks, wiretapping, etc. During the meal itself to decline to read and watch TV. It is also very important to take the mind something interesting, intellectual, and spiritual food — then it will not be every five minutes to claim the food body. Read as much as possible, talk to different people, go on courses, which have long dreamed of, and remember «hungry» student youth — look, and weight decrease.
And, you can ask for help from the esoteric ruler of Gemini — the Moon. Spiritual communication, disclosure of the emotional nature — that's what may well miss twins, absorbed rational activity. Take care of others, let take care of itself, open heart — and then the need for food will be much less, and the weight quickly returns to normal.
Most sensitive organ of the Virgo — the small intestine. Therefore, this sign is prone to neurasthenia, neuroses bowel movement disorders of bowel function — obstruction, colic. There may be bloating, diarrhea, disorders of the lymphatic system. The expulsion of Jupiter may contribute to diseases of the liver and gall bladder. And one of the reasons for weight gain can be constipation! The most risk disease — appendicitis and other inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity.
Diet for Virgo
Virgo needs potassium sulfate, which controls the supply and distribution of oil in the body and helps to disperse the oxygen to the cells of the skin. It is found in chicory, endives salad, wheat flour, bran, oats, rye, cheese, almonds, and lean beef.
Must also be a sufficient amount of protein in food, especially for breakfast — for example, in the morning to eat a good cheese or a slice of lean beef. Much worse in the morning of the Virgin digested carbohydrates.
Yogurt is very useful, as it promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria necessary. Also needed are spinach, zucchini, citrus, plums, apples, pears, figs, walnuts.
Useful to the mark vegetarianism, but do not forget about the right menu — it must be nuts, beans and soy.
Athletic exercises
Virgo can methodically and practice hard, but we should not forget about the refined nature of the sign. Virgo does not fit gross load, aggressive sports (although at the expense of his patience, the ability to regulate emotions Virgin may well be the winner).
Good bodybuilding, gymnastics, yoga, stretching. Not suitable water and various extreme sports.
Libra sign, in principle, are not especially prone to obesity, as its stewards — Chiron and Venus — best to seek harmony and beauty. Venus in Libra (unlike Venus in Taurus), is in a more aesthetic, subtle incarnation, and the contemplation of the beauty of the world where Libra gives greater pleasure than eating sweets.
Chiron allows to monitor all social events, match facts and do some interesting findings — and this exercise helps burn calories and, because all you need time to catch up.
Saturn is exalted in Libra gives you the full force of will. Libra know how to bear up under the weight acceptable for them, especially if they are facing some big goal — for example, winning a beauty contest.
Stout representatives Libra can, if they carry too effeminate and passive way of life, as in this sign Mars is in charge of the activity and sport, is in exile. Lack of Martian energy can compensate active Venusian occupations — more suited dancing.
The expulsion of Pluto (though very weak manifestation) may also condition the lack of energy, including sexual — so that the «best way to burn calories,» Weights do not always have the mood.
And the fall of the sun is in this sign brings the most important drawback of energy — solar. Creative forces of Libra, in fact, not so much, it is difficult to force yourself to do something really bright and meaningful. Falling Sun has numerous facilities, including about their own figures, frustrating, pessimism.
To lose weight, based on force of Venus and Chiron — surround yourself with delicious things, works of art, listen to relaxation music, and you can turn on and recording with auto-training on the topic of weight loss. Tidy your relationship with your partner, give each other more time — and loving energy will also contribute to your transformation. The table should be served exquisitely products use expensive but very useful (eg, squid, shrimp, avocado) — and, of course, avoid excesses. There should be a little bit — the portions worthy of true ladies and gentlemen.
And if you go to the esoteric ruler of Libra — Uranus, it always helps, tossing some crazy ideas on how to bring yourself back to normal. Give yourself something to captivate unimaginable; develop independence — including the food, it is not to control you, and you — it.
Astromeditsina — risk areas
The most vulnerable part of the body of Libra — the loins and kidneys. Characteristic of functional disorders of the urinary tract with chronic processes. Have a predisposition to the development of tumor because of weakened immunity. Often renal colic, nephritis, pyelonephritis, kidney stones and urinary tract, which can lead to urinary retention, or uremia. Frequent urination, cystitis, poorly treated; lingering inflammation with periodic spasms. Libras have a tendency to diabetes and diseases of the nervous system. Due to the weak position of Mars may experience headaches, and acute febrile illness associated with inflammatory processes in the kidney.
Diet for Libra
Libra needs sodium phosphate, which helps establish the normal acid-alkaline balance in the body and facilitate the removal of residues. It is found in carrots, asparagus, beets, corn, brown rice, figs, apples, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, almonds and raisins. Libra is also very useful fish, eggs, figs and citrus.
You can cook and pasta, but always low in salt (the salty Libra generally best forgotten). Seasonings use of aromatic herbs, eliminate hot spices.
From fruit useful to you plums, peaches and apricots.
Try to keep the situation meal was very peaceful, dine in the company of like-minded harmonious people.

Athletic exercises
Weights of exercise suit those that do not need to pump up muscles or compete in speed and agility — perfect yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Hun, the noise. Good deal with any kind of gymnastics, dance, swimming (only in very warm water). Fit any pair sports — tennis (shown Libra also because it is one of the most elite sports), badminton. Aristocrats Libra and will not give up on the horse riding or golf.
Scorpio often get fat because of passion of his nature — even miniature Scorpio could easily devour two or three, or four servings a pleasing dish. The hosts of the sign — very energetic Mars and Pluto, so Scorpio used to doing everything on a grand scale, and once they eat — so eat a success. The strength of their ambition is huge and insurmountable.
Uranus is exalted makes Scorpios attracted to try something unusual and the most incredible food in large quantities.
But besides the powerful influence of Mars and Pluto, causing the energy to maintain high-dose acute Scorpio, smoked, salty, sweet, and other things, «until there is only a table,» this character is even and aggressive instincts, greed, excess and desire to absorb everything without reserve. These qualities are due to the expulsion of Venus (Taurus if she enjoys tasty and in a hurry, the Scorpio acts like Robin Bobin, which is known to be «eaten forty, and a cow and a bull, and the crooked butcher and cart, and the arc, and a broom, and poker „), and the fall of the moon, which may have uncontrollable and often unconscious, but very strong desires. In addition, the Moon in Scorpio falls predispose to severe depression, during which the hands themselves are drawn to the fridge.
Scorpios will do little starvation (they it rather contraindicated, as they simply do not have the patience). The diet should not be boring, and fresh, otherwise Scorpio quickly fall into a depression. The best way to lose weight (using the potential strengths of Mars and Pluto) — the famous formula of “eat less and move more», and it really is quite possible (in terms of volume), just go with the meat to fish, instead of cereal or pasta salad and cook etc. Turning to Uranus is exalted, you can fill our lives entirely new meaning — for example, to do so breathtaking and exotic pastime that is about eating no time to think.
And if you call on the resources of esoteric ruler of Scorpio — Neptune, then you will see how effectively it turns out that a lot of meaning for the normalization of weight meditation, self-hypnosis, relaxation and yoga classes. Good results can be obtained, for example, the audio frame of mind for losing weight, listen to before bed. Scorpio also be able to withstand any diet, if it has a higher meaning — for example, the spiritual perfection, intuition development and hit.
For Scorpio characteristic inflammatory and infectious diseases of the sexual sphere (often hidden and lingering), neurological disorders of the genitourinary system, menstrual disorders, a tendency to sterility, painful urination. There is a risk of prostate diseases, occurrence of hemorrhoids and dropsy. Many diseases are on the psychosexual soil and as a result of excess. Also characterized by an inflammatory disease — fever, rhinitis, sinusitis. Since in this depressed Venus sign, the disease can be observed of the pharynx and larynx.
Diet for Scorpio
Scorpio needs calcium sulfate, which helps restore the epithelial tissue and preserve the natural resistance to disease by preventing the accumulation of organic wastes. Often the first sign of a lack of salt — a runny nose, sinusitis, respiratory infections. To make up the deficit, include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables (of which only the salt is absorbed by the body): onions, asparagus, cabbage, figs, garlic, watercress, mustard greens, leeks, radishes, cherries, plums, gooseberries.
It is also very important that the protein diet Scorpio — on the table should be lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, yogurt, cheese. This sign is not suitable vegetarian, but if you do not eat meat and fish, be sure to enter into the diet of soy and legumes.
Refuse to be a fat, salty, spicy, smoked. Replace these harmful products useful — seafood, nuts, fresh red fish. Recommended several times a week to drink nettle tea or nettle juice to cleanse the blood.
Athletic exercises
Scorpio needs a lot of movement — you can use any sports that require a lot of activity, but it does not increase aggressiveness. It's all kinds of strength training and bodybuilding, tourism (particularly extreme and water), sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. The main thing that was interesting, and at the same time there was an element of overcoming obstacles to achieve victory over himself.
Those who are prone to more neptunianskim lessons, and myself, we recommend yoga.
For sagittarius belong to the signs that can easily stout, but they find it difficult to lose weight. The reason — the «inborn» desire for respectability and the search for wealth, which gives its ruler Sagittarius — Jupiter. it can not save, they tend not to limit themselves in power, and their banquet tables groaning with food. Already in his youth, many Sagittarians look very big «uncles and aunts.»
But I must say that even full sagittarius — people are quite mobile and active. Exaltation Chiron allows them to prosper, and here and there, provides a lively and long youth soul.
The second ruler of the sign — Neptune — Sagittarius can cope with plenty of fluids (even «fire»). Sagittarians are usually no problems with liquid exchange, but health problems and the emergence of obesity are associated with the failure of the liver and gall bladder.
Due to the weak position of Mercury (exile) and Proserpina (fall) Sagittarius difficult adhere to a strict daily schedule, to subject yourself system, calculate the diet. Sagittarius — the sign of an authoritarian, as a true yupiterianets he knows that he is always right, and the best system — the one on which he lives. So based «on strunochke» and carry out the orders of nutritionists Sagittarius unlikely. But he did not really need to, like, fasting and other forms of self-torture. Need to be well off, but just change the quality of the products and give the body the ability to move a lot.
It is useful to take advantage of the strong features of the planets — Jupiter and Neptune — and go on a long and lengthy trip to an exotic country, especially with the spiritual goals. When you return, you will not know — until you look good. Also, a lot of time you take actual preparation — for example, the study of foreign languages, customs and traditions of the tribes, a visit to which you are going to get.
Connecting the immense power of esoteric ruler of Sagittarius — Pluto — you can employ a good cause tremendous energy that lies dormant in you. Handle the massive undertaking, for a lead of other people, then the extra weight will disappear, burned in the fire of your ideas.
Disease in Sagittarius often caused by over-activity or over-voltage, as well as the excess, overeating, alcohol abuse, sharp and bold. Most characteristic of liver disease (cirrhosis, hepatitis) and the gallbladder (cholecystitis). There is a risk of injury of the pelvis and hips can also be hip joint diseases (arthritis, rheumatism). Possible violations of the blood and circulatory system: there is a risk of blood clots. Vulnerable blood and lymph. Since in this sign Mercury falls, there may be abnormalities in the nervous system, diseases of the lungs, bronchi, after stress, asthma. Also for Sagittarius are very common disorders of lipid metabolism, obesity, a disorder of the endocrine system.
Diet for Sagittarius
Sagittarius needs silica — to support the pancreas, muscles, bones, connective tissue membranes of the brain and nerves. Contains a substance in the edible skins of fruits and vegetables, figs, strawberries, prunes, oats, parsnips, brown rice and ripe cherry. It is also important to use the carrot greens, liver.
In general, you should not limit yourself to the quantity of food, but it is important to switch to low-calorie (and of not less tasty) food. Lean on legumes (peas, soybeans, beans), fresh vegetables and fruits. You need a lot of greens — parsley, celery, lettuce, mint and basil. Give up on the abundance of sugar and salt.
Athletic exercises
Sagittarius needs a sport that has an element of exciting adventures. It's all types of tourism — from day trips to the homeland and ending long lasting travel in the mountains and plains. Good skiing, snowboarding, orienteering, biathlon. Sagittarians love and team sports — soccer, volleyball (by the way, they are often captain). Sagittarians are interesting and exotic physical activity — from national sports activities and games of different people to a serious love of yoga.
 plump Capricorn can rarely — because Saturn, ruler of the sign, making it the most austere of all. In general, Capricorns often suffer from a lack of weight. Saturniantsy rather skip lunch or dinner than take part in a magnificent feast. On a table at Capricorns usually modest and simple food, which does. The second ruler of Capricorn — Uranium — also places them in a high growth and leanness.
Exalted in the sign of Capricorn Mars makes great athletes, so the calories in their body for a long time do not stay. Capricorn is able to achieve a goal to sacrifice, and Mars gives him the necessary energy for this.
If Capricorn still gain extra pounds, then intervened in the case banished Luna, will provide a «failure of the brakes» — often on an emotional basis, after an unpleasant conversation with the boss or someone from the family. This sign is prone to depression, despite its apparent nonchalance, but as you know, depression — the first enemy of harmony.
Fallen Jupiter also can lead to failure, especially in situations where others do not recognize the authority of Capricorn. Well, in life anything can happen, and most importantly — not to dwell on the unpleasant, not to fall into pessimism and misanthropy.
Begin to use the power of Mars and Saturn — early get up in the morning, doing exercises, doused with cold water. Then you can devote time to meditation and yoga (active lifestyles may prefer and power sports). The most important thing — to preserve the harmonious psychological condition, time to express all your feelings (especially negative) and not to be offended when someone does not recognize your authoritative opinion.
And, maybe, you seem interesting — but it is falling in Capricorn Jupiter is its esoteric ruler. This means that you have entered a huge force — in particular, you are able to actively influence people. Invoke the aid Jupiter: learn spiritual traditions, enforce favorite techniques — and you will be transformed, manifest great shape and interior light.
Capricorn — hardy people, but, nevertheless, they do not always have good health. Capricorns are sick more often from the fact that many are working and do not give yourself a rest: too harshly are currently members of this sign. The most likely bone disease, spine — from shifting to osteoarthritis and intervertebral hernia. There is a risk of arthritis and other diseases of the joints, especially the knee, reducing their mobility. Diseases are often chronic, chronic, and can be triggered by the common cold. Capricorns also have weak teeth, they are subject to various dental diseases. In addition, for this sign of the disease is characterized by skin — eczema, boils, carbuncles, abscesses, scabies, psoriasis. The weakness of Jupiter may be fatty liver. The fall of the moon provokes melancholy, depression, and Saturn reduces vitality.

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