Express-divination by the picture: what awaits you in love

 In love, we all want to uncertainty and guarantees. But the situation is not always straightforward and clear: even with the time-tested partner sometimes have to think about the future, or resolved on candid conversations. Find out what awaits in love in the near future, a simple and rapid test.
This test is based on the work of the subconscious. It is no secret that it was a subconscious instinct, intuition and gut feeling are able to give us the answers to many questions — unless, of course, unable to reach them. Make this will allow our simple guessing on future love relationships.
This test is also suitable for those who have long tied the mutual feelings, or maybe even by marriage, and those who want to know whether a loved one will respond to feelings, and everyone whose heart is free.
Make need the following: eyes closed, focus and imagine the face of a loved one. If at this point you do not love, you can imagine the dream partner, who would you like to meet in life.
Then he opened his eyes, remember the first three words that have seen. That they will be characterized by further your loving way.
In this fast guessing on the picture it is important to understand the essence: not a single word can not be taken as a guarantee of Fate, or for its fatal circumstance. The fact is that we are creating our future every day. And if you are in a happy relationship suddenly caught a warning about the change, should not immediately rush to despair and check your phone for the second half. Circumstances can arise only in this way. But in your power to prevent this and to remind your loved one's feelings.
A good practice is to periodically repeat of this test. Do yourself a bookmark in the browser, and from time to time train your subconscious. And notice of a subtle nuances. For example, if the word «treason» meets you on a regular basis, you probably subconsciously afraid of it, and need to work on their worldview and self-esteem to all attitudes and programs were only positively oriented.
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