Tarot Reading and Psychology: Why Do People Choose Tarot Reading and Fortune Telling?

In the past, when people had personal problems and needed advice, they’d go to healers and fortune-tellers. Today, in the world of logic and mass information, people prefer accurate data. Nevertheless, between psychology and fortune-telling, people often choose tarot reading.

Who prefers to go to fortune-tellers? Why do people choose tarot reading?

It should be noted that those who use fortune-telling and magic also often “still believe in Santa Claus”. Of course, people learn that Santa Claus doesn’t exist when they are kids. But for some reason many of them never stop believing in ghosts, magic powers, magic, etc. Those who believe in fairy tales and supernatural forces are fortune-tellers’ customers. Those who no longer believe in miracles switch to psychologists – more logical and down-to-earth experts.
Why do people choose fortune-tellers? To begin with, fortune-tellers often say what is common to all people. For example, “You have a problem…” Of course! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come to a fortune-teller! “But we’ll fix it…” – this is how they give you hope. It’s a highly effective combination of actions that works in most cases.
Secondly, psychologists look for the reason of the problem in you, meaning to solve this problem you have to change yourself. As for fortune-tellers, they always find someone else to blame – other people, the world, circumstances, “karma”, etc. It’s not you who create your own problems but the world throws them your way. If you don’t like to be wrong, you’ll sure like to hear it. Again, fortune-tellers tell people what they want to hear.
Thirdly, since it’s the world’s fault, you need to influence the circumstances to fix your problem. What can be easier than just hanging out under a birth tree for a while, scattering some bread crumbs at an intersection, or saying a prayer over a burning candle? You don’t have to change yourself, you just need to do something odd and here it is – now the world owes you something!
Talking to fortune-tellers is fun, while psychologists give more down-to-earth, more logical advice and make people change themselves. However, it’s not easy to admit that your problem is your fault. This is why magic will always be more popular than psychology, unless all people stop believing in fairy tales and supernatural forces.

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