How to calculate the Pythagorean square using your birth date

Pythagoras, or the square of Pythagoras, is a universal way to understand yourself and see the development of quality, which is useful for self-discovery. You can also learn a great deal by using his name, by calculating the number of Destiny. But the full picture of the person giving it a square of Pythagoras. The name of Pythagoras is not accidental: it was he who brought the main provisions of numerology that numerologists enjoy today. Previously, there was no separation between mathematics and numerology, just as the astronomers were both astrologers. Therefore, the same number of people are studied as is customary in mathematics, and at the same time in accordance with numerological notions about them.
There are many websites where you can find the online calculation of your Pythagoras Square. However, making the calculation yourself, you are not just learned the basics of numerology, but quite consciously know yourself. You will know exactly what is not allowed in the calculation error, and your interpretation of Pythagoras have exact relationship is to you. Due to the square of Pythagoras not only can you clarify for themselves their interests and capabilities, but also to see how can develop your relationships with other people and understand what you need a partner.
How to calculate the square of Pythagoras
To calculate the square of Pythagoras, or Pythagoras, you will need any piece of paper and a pen. Draw a grid of 3 × 3. Next, write down on the side of your date of birth. Suppose it is 16 February 1978. These figures should be properly distributed for each column that you drew. In the first column are numbers from 1 to 3, in the second — from 4 to 6 and in the last 7 to 9. Do not always have all the digits of the date of birth. In their place, you can leave any empty cell, or a dash. The numbers should be placed in the order shown in the figure below.
Record your date of birth in the following way: the day and month together and separately birth year. In this case, only a deuce points to the location of the month, zero is not put. Receive: 162 1978. Now we need to calculate the first number. To do this, add up all the digits of your birth date: 1 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 34. This — the first number. It points to the qualities that should be developed to achieve the goals and carry out its mission. For the correct interpretation of these qualities necessary to an understanding of the values of the numbers 3 and 4.
The second is obtained by adding two digits of the first number calculated. In our case it is 3 + 4, ie, the second number — a 7. It shows the most pronounced human qualities and points to the purpose for which he came into this world.
For the third number to be subtracted from the already calculated the first number (in this case — 34) in the first digit of the number of digits of your date of birth (162 1978), which is always a pre-multiplied by 2. In our example, we get the following: 34- (1 * 2 ) = 34-2 = 32. The fourth number can be obtained by folding the third digit number 3 + 2 = 5. Both of these figures show what legacy we inherited from the parents, that is, the quality and characteristics, which we have inherited from them.
Now all numbers must be obtained for presentation to record a string date of birth. In this case, we get the following:
1621978 347325
It is believed that the resulting number of digits to indicate how the account life living soul. In our example, it turns out that this — 13 in a row life. If you are interested to learn a little more about his previous life, numerology can also help you with this by means of your birth.
Enter the information in the Pythagoras Square. In lines out the following:
first line: 11, 4, 77 second row: 22, 5, 8, the third row 33, 6, 9
It so happens that some of the figures is not provided. In their place you can put a dash.
Explanation of Pythagoras on the lines
In the case where the number is not present or it is present only in a single amount, one can speak of a poorly developed that can even completely present in person.
Two figures — is the norm, especially when these qualities given sufficient attention, that is, they exhibit.
Three numbers tell a very well developed as that it is possible to develop further if necessary. If the four of them, the quality of development almost to the limit, but still not up to the end.
Five numbers in a line talking about very advanced human characteristic that manifests itself in the best shape, in fact — is its maximum. With more digits numerologists say overload of information, due to which this seemingly advanced feature can weaken and even to adjust to influential relatives.
The value of rows in Pythagoras Square
The first line says about purposefulness of man and his ability to defend his views. It shows how efficiently a person sets goals and objectives. Strongly influenced by his understanding of the first column, which will be discussed below.
The second line indicates the development of quality family man and attachment to the family as such. You can see how a person wants and is willing to (or vice versa) to have a family.
The third line tells about the development of habits and inclinations to their manifestation, indicates a willingness or unwillingness to change, accept change. It also shows the extent to which a person is able to bind to other people.
The value of the column in Pythagoras Square
To understand how advanced the quality of your column, you can use the same principle as for decoding strings qualities Pythagoras. Each column also has its value.
The first column is responsible for the self-esteem, human originality and the ability to devote themselves from the crowd.
The second column tells about the ability to equip the life and support his family.
The third column shows the human talent. It is worth to remark: for the manifestation of the talent needed and other advanced quality, for example, will. Therefore, even with good inclinations, the person is not necessarily showing them in full.
The figures and their meaning
1 — volitional qualities
2 energy and vitality
3 — interest in the exact sciences and technology
4 — Health
5 — intuition and thinking
6 — skills, propensity to physical work
7 — Luck
8 -terpimost and kindness, sense of duty, the positive qualities that manifest themselves in relation to a close
9 -um, memory, psychic abilities.
To understand the development of these characteristics and their impact on human and note how many of them in the same cage. Stick to the same principle as for decoding columns. Also, check for understanding, not pulls whether the value of each digit of its column or row. That is, if the figure is one in the column of numbers 3 and in line with this figure 5, it affects it at the line and merges with its value.

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