Love divination for Valentine's Day

Legends about Valentine's Day a lot, but the best known are two. The first says that Valentine was a doctor on the battlefield, and in that time, when marriages were forbidden, he had secretly married lovers. The second tells of the heroism of the Roman patrician Valentine, who secretly married the newlyweds what pushed them to death, because they found out about it and decided to execute the «infidels.» He gave them two letters in the form of red hearts, and then said that he wanted to die in their place. It soon happened. Blind girl to deliver a letter, seen the light. Then, after the arrival of Christianity, 14 February became a memorable day for the occasion.
At the end of the fifth century, Pope tried to ban this festival, because it intersected with the statutes of the Church. The very same story of Valentine — it is rather a legend than fact.

Love divination February 14

Tell fortunes on her spouse is not averse to women around the world. Even men in some countries resort to rituals, to know what awaits them in love. The most superstitious are British, Canadians and Australians.
In Canada, women prefer to get up early in the morning, then watch out the window for passers-by. The first man they see, can tell a lot about narrowing. For example, advised to remember the details of the wardrobe: perhaps your future lover will love a day a scarf or a hat is the same? This is one of the oldest divination, but today it is addressed for the sake of tradition.
In Britain, too, has its own dedicated Valentine's Day ritual. Girls gather at the temple to make around a triple bypass. This should bring love into their lives and make everyone happy.
In Australia, girls are wondering in the name of her spouse so they write a lot of names on different pieces of paper, crumple them and then throw them into the water. One leaf, which first revealed — will tell the name of the future groom. Just not blurred letters and not too wet paper.
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