Predictions for 2014 from the best predictors of the World!

Holding analyze predictions for 2014, I suddenly came to the conclusion that most of the famous and not so forecasters are predicting us next year disasters almost planetary scale. And this despite the fact that the last few decades, mankind has lived in suspense th December 2012, with the promised on this date end of the world. But Nibiru flew past Earth is not frozen, and hurricanes terrible force ( and there were these prophecies ) not blew us away with its surface. It would seem that it's time to relax and give friends, made by some of our stocks of salt, matches and pasta. But no! Prophecies for the next year is not less apocalyptic .

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Though one still quiet: not all prove the validity of his prophecies forecasters promise us a complete end. And the dates predicted terrible events, as in other matters, and the events themselves are not the same. But let me tell you that we have promised for next year the great variety of predictors. Did you already decide yourself afraid glad to dig a bunker in the country in case of war or re- stocking matches and pasta, believing that you will find yourself one of those who will not touch a virus that turns everyone else into zombies or released from his mezhmirya reptoids .

Predictions for 2014 from Nostradamus

I always thought that the quatrains of this world- famous predictor can be interpreted in different ways, and offers incredible opportunities for speculation, manipulation and violence of a sick imagination. However, if you try to shift his poems on a specific date, the predictions of Nostradamus for 2014 will be as follows:
— The atmosphere of the planet because of the abundance of exhaust and industrial emissions will be contaminated by so much that it will no longer make its way through the sunlight ;
— Followed by the effect of a failure in the solar system, most likely related to the change shaved Earth, the sun and all will go out and then come crashing down on us, " Universal Darkness" ;
— For most people it will affect negatively so that their obuet " rage and hatred even to his family ";
— But internecine wars and conflicts is not finished, according to Nostradamus in 2014 is the year to start a religious war, which finally split between Christians and Muslims the world into two hostile camps, becoming 3 — tey world war, which will last until the end of the century .

My opinion: Oh, somehow it turns out that all the quatrains of Nostradamus are " frighteningly accurate " only when applied to have the events. Every time when they try to use the prediction of the future, they fail at 98.9 percent.
I'd add: All natural disasters ( super- cold winter, snowfalls, etc.) associated with the use of climate weapons. Therefore, a high likelihood of climate weapons to disrupt the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014., As well as rallies, acts of terrorism and other provocations. Opening of the Olympics will be held peacefully. Trouble in the mountains.

Predictions for 2014 from Vanga

Predictions for 2014 Vanga also not encouraging. No, once declared the great Bulgarian blind, it will take only 70 years old, and mankind will enter the era of classless communism, which will be the center of the Russian Federation. But until that time, according to Wang, we are waiting for an incredible amount of trouble. And here's a list of them :
— In 2014th year will begin World War III, as well as at its start Nostradamus Christians and adherents of Islam ;
— Destroy the last population of Western Europe by poisoning him " toxic rain" ;
— Those Europeans that survive will suffer " from the terrible burns and ulcers ," living " among the dead trees and rivers filled with poison" ;
— Muslims will conquer Rome, making it his capital (although it will not happen next year, and after 10-13 years );
— Because " the Russian army and the U.S. unite " and " return the Eternal City ";
— And after that opens in Russia who slept more than 11 thousand years the World Soul, and begin the era of universal love and forgiveness.

My opinion: First, the frustrating part is that our generation can hardly live to see the promised universal Vanga paradise. And, secondly, we should not forget that the most accurate predictions, which gave this seer, focused exclusively on the health of those who spoke to her personally. Every time she prophesied a planetary scale, inaccuracy instantly increased to 66-75 percent. Because we believe that everything Wang predicted for 2014, yet never come true .

Predictions for 2014 Pavel Globa

Predictions for 2014, which gave Pavel Globa, relate mainly to the countries of the former USSR :
— Georgia — after a change of government to change its policy, shrinking back from the United States, and again having moved toward unification with Russia ;
— Belarus — for her little will change, except that the outflow of people from this country will increase by approximately 40 % ;
— Ukraine — Ukraine according to the predictions Globa finally disappear from the world map, as in other European Union and ( about Ukraine 's hard to say, but talking about the EU, the question arises — and where did he go?! )
— In Russia everything will be fine — says Globa — the same president, the same ultra-high oil prices, the same «movement to create a strong state .»

As to the rest of the world, according to Pavel Globa that is on the brink of a new world war, which will cost the lives of about four-fifths of its inhabitants.

My opinion: I remember this astrologer foretold us that " Moscow will go under the earth" — 1993rd year, " in Russia will rule a woman president " — 1999, " and his wife (she is also involved in astrology, and at one time was also famous ) will live together until old age "- they were divorced more than 20 years ago. And so on. A list of errors as Mr Globa increases almost every day, I will not even comment on his prediction.

I can only add about predictions of Ukraine in 2014: Klitschko must urgently be treated differently on the head of his political career, he would have put an end ( to jail him crying). and rescued him no previous services. Riots in Kyiv and other cities, and in January and February to March the situation stabilizes. But before the summer will still be excitement. The Americans did not introduce troops to Ukraine, but will continue to sponsor the unrest in the country. The second half of 2014 has been more or less quiet first half of the year. Permutations summit. Formal division of the country does not happen and the EU abuts. The situation in Ukraine today is extremely unstable, and the future of the country is possible only in alliance with Russia .

Edgar Cayce's predictions for the next 2014

Edgar Cayce, who promised to revive conscious reincarnation in 2100- the year in order to check the validity of their prophecies, for the next year promised us the following:
— Antarctica will change its shape, increasing its area of almost 2-fold by raising the surface of the ocean floor ;
— North America almost a third will go under water, which will lead to the complete destruction of its economy and social and political systems ;
— Tryahnet and Western Europe, so much so that the few remaining residents of France, Spain and the British Isles have to move to the former Yugoslavia and Russia to the east ;
— But Russia is waiting for prosperity, for the truth of this capital of our country will have to move to western Siberia ;
— Also promised to rise from the bottom of Atlantis, the return of ancient knowledge to mankind, hidden somewhere beneath the Egyptian pyramids, the entry into the era of universal light of reason and official contacts with the inhabitants of other planets.

My opinion: Casey rarely wrong. So he, for example, was the first one up to one day predict the onset of World War II, and for her graduation day. And he was not wrong in more than one prediction, which gave those who personally appealed to him. But with the great prophecies of global predictor seems wrong. And it follows from the fact that all start notwithstanding that the above events were in 1975, that year, and you know that the geographical and political maps of the Earth still has not changed.

Predictions Wolf Messing next 2014th year

All predictions for the 2014th year, the data of this great hypnotist, psychic and… hoaxer, concerned only three countries :
— United States, according to Messing will have to fall " under the weight of an aggressor attacks, which no one takes seriously " — most likely it comes to China;
— China — Messing has not forgotten about him — first announced itself as a superpower, just a few months is really becoming the number one power — is that we are talking about three events :
1) pre-emptive nuclear strike on Japan and Taiwan.
2) A powerful commodity- currency impact, which will completely destroy the U.S. economy.
3) Capture the Chinese People's Army, the entire eastern part of our country.
— USSR ( Messing and did not give any predictions about its decay ) offers incredibly — heavy, with nothing previously incomparable with previously weathered times.

My opinion: I have already said that Wolf Messing was a great hoaxer. And, besides, no predictions for the 2014th year, his personal hand written or dictated into a tape recorder, did not survive. And because I sometimes think that everything about this man personally — no more than speculation. Although, wait and see .

Now predictions for 2014 from less well-known or forgotten, but has a rather high accuracy of their forecasts predictors :

Habibullo Abdusamatov — promises to global cooling, which he decided to call «the last ice age for mankind .»

Maria Duval — Russia's entry into the war with the United States .

Bob Frissel — promised us a general association with the Universal Mind .

Mayan prophets — did not predict, because they believe that the world would end more than a year ago.

M.Bondarev — predicts our universal transition in 5 -dimensional measurement (remember that today we live in a 3- dimensional world ) .

David Suzuki — giving predictions for 2014, frightens us offset poles.

Drunvalo — says that the earth will be like a spaceship flying through the stars to the center of the galaxy, and flight control will be " a small part of the elite, who have learned to change the reality of the power of their inner thoughts ."

Dennion Brinkley — the war in Southeast Asia, which will be the beginning of the end of the U.S. as a superpower .

Marie Lenormand — promised an impasse, which stuck all the representatives of our planet, which is sent to our reality to the mental plane .

Grigori Rasputin — he said Russia finally becomes a " quagmire of the wicked ."

Prophetic Abel — foretold us all " reasonable first king."

Helena Roerich — foretold the appearance of new light — the second sun, which " vyzhgut of the human soul or the pulled all the accumulated evil."

Well, if you ask me to give a prediction for the year 2014, I will say that nothing terrible either globally our country, nor humanity, as such, does not expect. Yes, there are local wars, the fall of some currencies, non-dangerous epidemics, earthquakes and a couple of typhoons. But neither the transition to a new level or total war on our civilization does not expect. So I strongly advise any of you do not focus on issues of global scale, and on his own karma and on his personal fate.

And for this to find what awaits you in 2014. What troubles victory surprises loss, joy and failure await you. How? I make predictive alignment in 2014, more about which you can read here.

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