Problems You May Face While Developing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyant abilities are often confused with the ability to see ghosts. The difference is that those seeing ghosts stay here, in this world, while astral guests visit them only when invited. As for psychics, they themselves are from other worlds. Despite almost identical theoretical grounds, approaches, techniques and problems, the mistakes made by psychics are rooted in a different dimension.
Speaking of similarities, a phenomenon close to clairvoyance is our dreams (especially incubated). Through them you can perform astral projection. So, with adequate knowledge and skills, you can get any information you want from your dreams. For example, Carlos Castaneda designed his own technique of controlled dreaming based on the magic rituals of Central American Indians. This technique can help you perform astral projection and travel there quite consciously. How to do that is not the subject of this article. So, as an example, we’d like to tell you about one of the first exercises designed to determine whether or not you have clairvoyant abilities. Think of some body part to look at the next time you’ll be dreaming. If you succeed, you have a chance to use your dreams to get answers to any questions you have.
People tend to think that having a good imagination is good for the psychic but it’s not. Because of it, your fantasies get mixed up with your visions and it becomes difficult for you to tell what is what. Even more problems can be caused by movies, books, art, and everything that stimulates your imagination. True visions occur when something unexplainable, something unknown joins in. Most psychics who are known worldwide were simple people and didn’t study at some fancy colleges. Some of them gave up their knowledge on purpose, such as Nostradamus who burned his books, while others were even blind, such as Vanga.
As a psychic gains experience, he doesn’t have to astral-travel that much and doesn’t need that many visions. Sometimes, just one, the most important vision comes on its own, or the psychic experiences sudden enlightenment which gives him the answer to his question. Suddenly, the psychic realizes what he has to say, but he may not say it if he doesn’t understand its meaning and try to interpret it later.
Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean out mind is a clean sheet of paper and any vision can be written down on it as is. Our mind is more like a matrix or filter. All our experiences go through it and take shape there. Then the mind decides what we should and shouldn’t see. It may prevent us from seeing what’s beyond our understanding because it always needs to understand what it sees. Moreover, our beliefs, knowledge, experience and philosophical theories also prevent us from interpreting what we see correctly. The barriers created by our mind don’t let many people even believe that such thing as clairvoyance exists.
There are special techniques enabling to evade those filters. These include the restart of our senses and certain varieties of self-hypnosis. However, these are associated with some other difficulties. Thus, when our mind shuts off, our ability to remember and consequently use visions goes away, too. To resolve this difficulty, there are such techniques as assignation, expanded consciousness, “nothing unusual” and “reserving miracles”.
1. Assignation
You need an assistant to ask you questions and write down your answers (preferably, record them) while you perform astral projection. The assistant may also navigate you by telling you where to go, what to look for, etc. By the time you come back, you’ll have some material to work with.
2. Reserving miracles
It’s a proved fact that supernatural phenomena are quite usual for certain social groups and even peoples. Remember what attitude the people (personal and general) who lived in Europe and Tibet in the Middle Ages had towards clairvoyance. The point is you can read about clairvoyance in sacred books, meaning it is normal. Since the mind doesn’t mind clairvoyance, it won’t resist it and let you perceive it uncensored.
3. Expanded consciousness
There are many ways to experience expanded consciousness. The abovementioned clairvoyance techniques (except hypnosis and astral projection) also prove that the supernatural exists, that it’s normal. Oriental mystical schools also contributed to expended consciousness by designing and introducing their visualization and mediation techniques. By the way, if you want to achieve expanded consciousness, your wild imagination will be your advantage, which can’t be said about psychics for whom it may present a big problem.
4. Nothing unusual
A few dozen years ago, mass media changed their opinion about the supernatural: they admitted it existed. Clairvoyance often gets pseudoscientific explanations which is why people stop being sceptics and get used to the idea that all that exists. From that perspective, it’ll be good if you study the works of some famous mystics, read some stories about astral projection and ethnographic books, especially those about shamans.

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