Results Feng Shui audit for apartment photos

Responses to letters from readers of my website. The first letter I received from a reader of John. He's writing:
«Please tell me how best to arrange the apartment to improved energy.
Thank you.»
Answer:: Duplex bed unfavorable — suppress the initiative of one who sleeps below. You can recommend a lighter kitchen furniture, it is desirable to have the cabinets were doors. On a stool, and a cupboard just need to leave; things like that, obviously unusable, are a source of Sha and limit the growth of income inhabitants of the house.
Kelly writes: Hello, witch Reddy! I send pictures of my house. The kitchen windows to the east, exit to the loggia, south side. Bedroom — the southern and eastern side. I would be grateful for your advice. "
The answer is: a great design taste, and is considered a range of colors to the cardinal. Further advice and everything that can be added can be given in terms of correction and activation of already only at a more advanced level, taking into account the direction of the facade and layout of flying stars.
Margo writes: Hello, Reddy.!
Hopefully I'll get lucky and you choose my apartment for the Feng Shui audit flat photo. In the bedroom, I want to change the color. Blue replaced by another, warmer. I listen to your advice. Lounge and kitchen are located on the south-west, the bedrooms on the north-east. "
Answer: The bedroom in the northeast this year is better to leave the «cold» color, as there is a negative energy, activated by heat. And symbolically «water» and «metal» colors and attributes in this sector are favorable.
Writes Scott: Hello, my name is Scott. Photos — Living room with a kitchen, where I sleep. The windows all face east. Yes, even we who neither come — everyone wants to sleep after some time, or they will not want to have to go.
Answer: if you noticed that the people who come to you, «will not want to leave,» it is — one of the indirect signs that the feng shui at home is good. And to make the room more «Jansky» (not sleepy), it is possible by changing the curtains to lighter and lighter.
In this case, we can only say, if you actively use fenshuyskoy attributes and red, I want to hope that you already know deep this system. For example, built a flying star chart for your home, and you know where you have some energy «lives». Because the color red can activate the unfavorable stars 2 and 5, but it is also extremely useful in the sector with the «eight», the so-called «wealth star.» To tell you the photos in this case nothing can be, you need to build a natal chart house.
Design is definitely original. But what you are complaining about a lack of self-realization, when you live in such a «purple» room — it is quite predictable. The color of thought, in which a lot of «yin» component, is not conducive to «Jansky» manifestations of man. So I would recommend to change the color scheme to a more life-affirming and bright. More detailed recommendations can be given only by analyzing the plan of the apartment as a whole, taking into account the location of the cardinal.
 Again — it looks original, but according to Feng Shui there is a conflict of the elements: blue and wavy shapes give the element of water to the walls, which is not combined with the element of Earth (brown headboard, supported by the fire — gabled form of the head). And to enhance the relationship should look in which direction should the headboard and orient in a romantic birthday card for the person.
 moral support from the Feng Shui as a possible increase in self-confidence, sense of security, etc. Please note on what you most stay at home..; chair, solid chairs, facing back to the wall to create a secure energy level. Stools, etc. -… Unfavorable.
decoration planning stage repair of Feng Shui possible (and very effectively in this form). But you need to know not only the plan of the apartment, but its exact location to the cardinal, the date of construction of house, and even the occupation of tenants of the apartment. Then indeed the house can create their «place of power» in Feng Shui.
if the room is used as a bedroom and a study, it is desirable that the racks were not aimed at the bed (it is better to hang a door), and that the room was transformed into a bedroom ( «business» objects better clean the cabinets and tables).
black color adds a «yin» energy, and is more suited to the southeast room, but you turned out beautifully, and then the question of lighting — it needs to be more intense in areas with dark furniture.
remark is only bed in the bedroom, the headboard to the window. It is better to deploy a headboard to the wall. If you allow the dimensions of the room.
We thank our readers for the letters sent to us. We have published only a small part. Everyone who sent in their pictures, but did not get in this publication, do not worry!
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