Risks of using free online fortune telling and prediction websites

free online fortune telling and predictions websitesFree fortune telling websites are extremely popular and have thousands of visitors monthly.
I understand people who do it for fun. Fortune telling websites do remind of games. “Why not find out that might happen to me in the future? Why not dream of what my life would be if the predictions I receive were true?”
The thing is online fortune telling doesn’t reflect the reality – neither future, nor present. Proceeding from them (I’ll explain later why it happens) is not only foolish… it’s dangerous! I want to analyze online fortune telling websites from different angles, so I asked a programmer, a businessman (IT) and a psychologist to express their opinion on the subject.
Let me be the first to speak.

The witch’s opinion about free online fortune telling

You should understand that a professional fortune teller uses the tarot and runes she’s used thousands of times to make sure the deck works for her. Her predictions are 100% true. Besides, she has a strong energy connection with her deck that appears with time. That’s why she can just take the cards into her hands and tell her client’s fortune.
The deck that has been charged by long collaboration can read the client’s energy both when the client comes to the fortune teller or sends her his photo via email. The cards focus on the client’s fate to give answers to all his questions.
Now tell me if online fortune telling can do that? It’s nothing but soulless computer programs!

The web-programmer’s opinion about free online predictions

Yes, these websites are just programs designed to make predictions at every click, displaying a new combination of cards, runes, images. That’s how 90% of fortune telling websites work. Also, there are websites which create an illusion of truth. Thus, some of them make pretty much the same predictions to users with the same IP address, and others make only good predictions.
Now imagine that you go to one of those free fortune telling websites to find out how to help your terminally ill brother, and the program designed to make only positive predictions says, “Relax! Everything’s going to be all right!” Can you imagine the consequences this optimism may have? A powerful fortune teller will predict the results of treatment and advise what to do to make it more effective.

The psychologist’s opinion free fortune telling online

The problem of those who believe in free fortune telling websites is that they take it as a program for action. To understand why it’s dangerous, think about this:
A person who’s ready to do whatever he’s told to reads, “You can jump off the roof and stay alive, you can close your eyes and cross the street with heavy traffic and stay alive, you can drink poison…” and so on. Believing it’s true, the person executes the order. When he understands that he’s been lied to, it’s too late…
As for free online fortune telling, you receive advice that has nothing to do with the reality, but you still take it seriously. Moreover, even if you’re not easy to fool, you follow the advice subconsciously. The cards promised ill luck and you walk past your happiness. Or, on the contrary, you’re in trouble but the cards insist, “don’t worry, go for it…” and you die… That’s why my advice is to keep away from online fortune telling. They program your consciousness which is really dangerous.

The businessman’s opinion about free predictions online

These websites are always someone’s business. And as you know, business is receiving profit. Nothing is free in our life.
1) In some cases, it’s a swindle. You already know that this fortune telling doesn’t work. How often did you come across “Free online fortune telling without registration and SMS”? Then why do you keep paying them? Every time you enter your mobile phone number, they charge you from 10 cents to 10 dollars. What for? Because someone showed you a meaningless combination of pictures designed to look like the tarot cards.
2) In some cases you do find free fortune telling websites which require no registration and SMS. You click some buttons and get your prediction. But now you have even more questions to ask. Think about it: why would the owner of this website invest his money into buying a domain, paying for the website hosting, development, promotion, advertisement, if you don’t pay for anything?
In fact, your free online fortune telling is paid by… advertisers that are companies posting their advertisements on these websites. Once they stop doing it, the website stops being free or ceases to exist. Any website requires monthly service and needs to bring profit to its owner.
The purpose of free fortune telling websites which require no registration and SMS is to increase website traffic (attract more viewers) by all means, including by offering free stuff such as free fortune telling – whatever you want just to make you view the advertisements. Nobody cares about the fact that you’re actually looking for answers.
Now tell me: do you still need free online fortune telling? Are you ready to live your life based on predictions which have nothing to do with your future or fate? I think I know the answer.
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