Sex and the zodiac horoscope

Candles, playing soft music, incense sticks lavish wonderful aroma. Another minute, and a lover with all the passion pounce on you and will refer to the bedroom, and then a romantic evening will end a stormy night… Alas, not every meeting is held in such a scenario. This stems from the inability of women to awaken in man love fire. What to do? Knowing the erogenous zones of men born under a certain sign of the zodiac, it will be easier to win his heart.
Aries, like any other man, loves sex. But for him it is no less important prelude — compliments, gentle whisper in your ear, kissing. And the compliments are just as important as it is for women. A kiss can ignite at all in Aries wild passion. On the tongue and lips, as you know, focused a lot of nerve endings, so they are so sensitive, but Aries is also a major erogenous zone. Want to impress their chosen? Master the different types of kisses on the lips, and your man will appreciate it highly.
To excite the Taurus, focus on… head. Kisses, massaging the neck and ears, gentle face massage — all this will lead Taurus in delight. Of course, he will not give up and the kiss, just kiss with imagination. Hit it, such as a kiss under the name «love bite», the kiss intensified eroticism. «Kamasutra» recommends gently nibble those places on the body where the «fall» of your kisses.
The main erogenous zones Twins concentrated in the groin area. Simply put, the scrotum and penis — the most erogenous zones of Gemini. But rather to bring the man to a state of arousal, you can use a few tricks. Twin more than the other signs of the zodiac, like the eyes, so as a prelude to view any movie with an adult or a magazine with erotic pictures. Finally, it can offer and the «living picture» — his own body, «decorated» sexy underwear.
Prefers sex constancy. This does not mean that it is always satisfied with one single pose. No, no! Cancer appreciates caress your partner, because they help him warm up faster. Cancer like when Teasing his palm, his fingers, stroking his hands from the little finger to the armpits, gently massage the penis. In addition to petting, will not mind compliments in his address — some words of encouragement inspire him trust and favor to you.
Selects liberated, self-confident women. But more like themselves, so during a visit not skimp on the compliments. Sing to him, like a nightingale, on its merits, and in a few minutes he Interviews. And then proceed to massage. Yes, yes, that's right, because one of the main erogenous zones male Lion — spin. Leo will be very grateful to you for a massage this area, and believe me, his partner in the loser will not.
Virgo man for sex — great conservative. Make him lose his head for love is not so simple: in addition to sex, according to the Virgin, in life there are many other important things. But you can try. Start experimenting with kisses. Kiss him in the eye, neck, lips, behind the ear, and watch his reaction. Knowing that gave him more pleasure, and once active «inflame» this erogenous zone. Just do not overdo, remember that Virgin still prefer moderation.
Lovers of beautiful life, Libra man can be very creative and choosy about sex. You with this certainly will not be bored, but also the need to be on top. The main erogenous zone of Libra are in the hips. Massage lightly in this area, as well as kissing and pinching in the abdomen will help create miracles. As a result, the most spoiled and experienced in matters of love Libra man will freak.
Sexiest zodiac sign, so with all the responsibility that all of his body from head to toe — a continuous erogenous zone. The difficulty is that the partner must meet their avid love comfort partner. So before you go to visit him, we suggest peruse the «Kama Sutra.» Note the very unusual affection. For example, a woman fondles a man's back a lock of her hair, massaging her feet, covers the body with light kisses, or in a fit of passion, scratches. Take these techniques to adopt!
Fans of the original novel and just like to surprise and be surprised myself. For a start give him a passionate kiss, as his lips — one of the most sensitive areas on the body of Sagittarius. In general, the erogenous zones had a great variety. This inner thighs, the stimulation of which will bring to the mind of any representative of the stronger sex, and buttocks, and back. That is, women have a place to run wild! Sagittarius partner is how to prepare for a prolonged foreplay and show everything that she could.
Known conservative: Sex is not important to him in life. It takes time to drive in the bed. Will not mind if she will take the initiative. Does not like to experiment in bed, preferring proven once and for all poses. However, sometimes ready to ask such heat… His main erogenous zones — buttocks, back, groin and chest. After hot sex do not forget to say a few encouraging words. Capricorn for your support even more valuable than the most magical sex.
This man — the epitome of sexuality. In bed, regardless of mood, eagerly experimenting. Erogenous zones it at every inch of the body. The most sensitive, of course, the genitals and thighs from the stimulation that quickly comes to ecstasy. Also, do not miss your attention his face, kissing, stroking, will do the job. Love the kisses, and the original, the better. For example, «Butterfly Kiss» («Butterfly») — a touch of eyelashes. There is nothing more romantic and exciting!
Impressionable lover. Pisces need partner with highly developed intuition that without pressure, but surely can bind a man to himself and that he does not expect a miracle. Erogenous zone Fish — penis. But he did not give up, if the lady will be eager to caress his body. Massage your feet and tongue to caress his fingers, and Pisces will tell you a passion, which you will never forget. Dealing with Pisces, dream — they will appreciate it. In the course can go not only the hands, but the hair, teeth, nails, and the means at hand — peacock feathers, brushes and other accessories.

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