Zodiac Signs "Energy Vampires" Horoscope

Energy vampires — the ones who feed on the surrounding energy, improve your mood due to other people's problems. There are quite a few people, but they belong to one or the other zodiac sign can tell a more or less an effort to absorb other people's emotions.

Horoscope Donors and Vampires

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each can be either an energy vampire and donor. Donor — is the one who is most susceptible to exhaustion of energy. More, of course, donors.
Vampires are easier to adapt to difficult conditions, are less prone to stress, and can be quite purposeful. True vampires are always keen to ensure that protect themselves and make their lives easier. Naturally, there are exceptions — people who have the ability to saturate yourself the energy of another person, but do not use it or use very rare.

Horoscope: Signs — Vampires

The most notorious vampire — is, of course, cancer. This sign is of 2 types — single-minded and does not require replenishment from the people around them and a real whiner, which aims to make others feel as they feel bad. We need to try fairly to a cancer behind you. Most people can not firmly say «enough», so its energy Cancer-vampire.
Another strategy pursued by the Scorpions. They make the most cruel vampires, as they caused feelings of guilt can rob any power. These scorpions do not stop at nothing — even if I have to pick up the energy of their children, spouses or parents. They should behave openly and pretend that you are interested in their provocation.
Vampires provocateurs are Aquarians and, to some extent, Sagittarius. Aquarians enjoy the fact that publicly humiliate the person. Of course, the victim in most cases — their foe, but in the heat of the moment can get almost everyone. This honest vampires who do not hide their abilities. Their pleasure exhausting and simply empties. Best salvation will also be the usual neglect, though it does not always save.

Horoscope: Signs — Donors

A typical donor fish are, because of their mental organization are often very thin and vulnerable. Of course, they are not only victims, but in most cases are highly susceptible to the vampire action.
Purposeful and confident Cancer can give energy, and without harm to himself. These people create the impression that their forces are endless. It is an interesting situation, because they are both the strongest vampires and donors, who do not suffer, and almost never feel the vampire «activity» for yourself.
Donors should mention the Virgo, which in most cases can sense vampires, redirecting their force, forcing to think about the feasibility of his vampiric behavior. Virgo feel power of the person, so often try to yourself to give him attention, love and warmth. They save, giving energy to others — often this occurs unselfishly.
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