When the seedlings should be planted on the lunar calendar

People have long noticed quite influence of the moon on the development of plants. Through centuries of observations, we have the knowledge about what works in the garden most efficiently carried out at different phases of our natural satellite.
Astrologers notice a direct link between exposure to the gravitational field of the moon on the biosphere of our planet and the Earth's magnetic field. Depending on the phase of the moon of its growth or decrease gardener actions can be effective, but may not bring the desired result.
Phases of the Moon calendar in gardeners
New moon. It is recommended to deal with all sorts of pests and weeds. It was in New Moon is useful to remove diseased shoots and dried branches from the trees and bush plants, as well as collecting the grass. Pluck vegetable sprouts to slow their growth is also possible, but it is advisable to do this is not in itself new moon, and the day or the day after.
Waxing Crescent. When the Moon is in the growth phase, it is best to work with plants emerging from the ground, as their bio-field directed from the roots up. It is a time to sow, to plant or transplant. Useful generous watering, mineral processing is not the root of the earth and fertilizer. Harvested cuttings and inculcate the right at a time of rising of the moon.
Full moon. In the lunar calendar, meaning the day to the full moon, full moon, and the day after. During this period, gardeners recommend to work with the earth: it is possible to do hilling, poryhlit soil and weed it of weeds. Effective pest control is, whether insects or rodents. Collect lunar calendar gardener recommends seeds and roots. Do not instill a positive or crop plants, as well as pinch vegetables.
Waning moon. When the Moon is in a phase of decrease, the ground part of the plant slightly susceptible to manipulation, it is preferable to do planting root crops, bulbous or legumes. Digging bulbs and harvest is also good in this period. Positively affect root makeup of plants and pruning the forming.
Moon in the constellations of the zodiac
The position of the moon in the zodiac constellations are not less important. The most fertile are the Signs Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The first two are favorable for planting, Bedding and budding, and fish plant, requiring the development of the root system. Taurus and Capricorn are also quite successful; they are well suited Roots and leaf crops. The sign Libra is positive for planting corn, cabbage and root crops.
Marginal signs are Aries and Sagittarius. They are suitable only for acute vegetables: onions and garlic. Gemini and Aquarius are good for plants Care, and Virgo and Leo are the most infertile in the lunar calendar. When the moon is in the constellations of the probability of the most prosperous planting low, but at this time it is possible to fight weeds and pests.
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