Why Should I Pay For a Tarot Reading? pay or not?

payed tarot service readingMany people ask me&&and more often with unhappy tone. Many people say, «If you take the money — your gift is lost. Those who take money — it's scam! „
Let us forget for a while about tarot reading, let's talk about you. One company invites you to work, for example as a seamstress. You are well versed in the tissues, joints, you know how to construct a sewing machine, and easily change your reel in a sewing machine. During practice, you will become a professional and accurate self-confident, so that absolutely no fear interview. You come into the company, talk about yourself, the potential boss in awe of you! He wants to quickly test your abilities, but there is one thing that you're talking about yourself, it is another thing that you can really do.
So, you take the job, but only on one condition — you'll work for free. That is, you are working, try spending your strength and your energy, sometimes exhausting and come home like a squeezed lemon, but for that you just give a smile and say “thank you». After all, if your job pay, then you may be able to stop using needles and sewing machine! do you like it? not like? and you did not tell me that this is another.
You never leave the store without paying for the purchase. you do not come out with a new hair salon, leaving with a certain amount of cash. you will not forget to pay a plumber for drain cleaning. that is, you pay your whim necessary every day, even not really thinking about it.
Coming to the witch and asking tarot reading, you must realize that the witch does not have to just dig in your problems, she spends not only time, but also their strength and energy. Sometimes after reading tarot piles so tired, more than a porter at the port.
Any labor paid. Do not «should», and paid. Believe me, better than what you can pay for the energy expended reading tarot — is money. Not paid magical work (in this case, reading tarot cards) will not bring you any good. and you will not be surprised then vomiting and sudden failure.
And do not let that scare. Witch will cast a curse on you because of non-payment (the curse is very energy-intensive.) Witch knows that it expended by herself after you return the same. automatically. if no payment was made. Therefore often witch take money before consulting tarot-reading, in which case it turns out that you must have a witch, and you must not witch.
Witch Reddy
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