BINDING SPELLS Black Magic: How to make Love binding spell & Sex binding spells using photo, candle, paper

How to make Love binding spell Sex binding spells using photo, candle, paper, items, foodThe love magic in my practice takes one of the dominant positions. Very often my clients ask to make a love or sex binding spells to a particular person or teach them to do this magical ritual. This is either women and men who doubt the fidelity of their second half (husbands or wives) or have already survived cheating by a partner in marriage, or those who want to achieve the location of the desired person, sexual intimacy with him or her.

Of course, I can not refuse, if I see that a person really needs my help, and people often get what they ask for. The key goal of the sexual binding spell is to awaken the libido and the appearance of a sexual attraction.

Love binding a spell is one way to excite reciprocal feelings from someone. There are many varieties of binding a spell for love, which differ in the way, duration of effect and force of impact. Different, as well, and the items that are used in such rituals. Consider how to make asex or  love binding spells with photo of a loved one, food, candle, items, paper or salt.


What is Black magic Binding Spells?


Before I tell you how to do binding spell, let's see what it is. Binding spells for love or sex-  is a magical ritual. In a sense, this is the enslavement of the will of another person. If this is a simple binding spell, then it is not strongly implanted in the energy field of a person, thus, a person thinks about the customer such a binding. But it is possible to make  strong and powerful binding magic spells , at which the person strongly yearns and starts to hurt without presence in his life of the customer. The last option is that some spellcasters call Slavery spell. Both these options are done only with the help of black magic. Make real black magic binding spells on someone can be on a variety of levels. Magic rituals of black magic allow you to form a binding for a friendly relationship, for certain thoughts or for the love of another person. By the way, this binding differs from a love spells. The love spell seeks to completely subjugate the will of another person and to subordinate the customer. But the black magic binding spells works only with one aspect of human relations.

In a sense, black magic binding spells for love is a softer magical way. From this, the magical effects are minimal. Such a binding is much easier to remove than a magical love spell.

Differences simple sexual spell and sex binding spell:

Sex spell - is a magical ritual, calculated on the occurrence of sexual attraction of the victim to the customer. This does not exclude the possibility of intimate contacts with other partners. This ritual is aimed only at sexual relations.
Binding spells for sex is a powerful rituals of black magic that blocks a person's sexual function, as a result of which she or he completely loses the ability to enter into an intimate relationship with everyone other than the customer of this ritual.


Real Binding spells for Love using photo


If you want a love binding spells on a loved one to act 100%, then it's best to turn to a professional love spellcaster. You like the amateur, this spell will have less power, but it can be done at home.
For this method, you will need a picture of your desired man (or girl) and a red thread.

On the growing moon, after sunset, close the curtains on the windows, turn off all the electric light, light a few candles in the room. Sit at the table. Put a picture of a girl (or boyfriend) in front of you, look a little in the eyes, think about how much you love him or her and how much you would like him to have reciprocal feelings towards you. Then take the red thread, pass through the needle and sew on the contour face of your chosen one. In doing so, read the text of the love binding spell:

"You are my beloved (Name), I'll give you a red thread in the begging, I'll prick your heart, you'll think about me from now on, to hope for happiness with me. Come to me (Name) happiness to do with me. "

After you sew all over the contour of the face with a red thread. Tap a few times with a needle in the photo, where the heart area is roughly located. This photo should be hidden in a secluded place, away from prying eyes. The powerful binding spell for love will be operational after a few days.


black magic binding spells for sex love relationshipBlack magic Binding spells  for love and sex with candle

For the ritual  binding spellfor sex you need: photos, church candles and preferably, some thing a person desired by you.

We light a candle and write on a clean white sheet of paper:

"I'll pray before going to bed, I'll bow to the south, to the north, to the west and east. I can not fall asleep - I'm freaking out. About my beloved (name) I'm sad, I'm sad, and I keep my sorrow in my heart. You go to the earth to your beloved (name), say about me, go to his head (her). Let him (she) also be sad and tormented, he will never untie me. From night to morning, time is long, let my beloved (name) as I do not sleep, from the desire for me glows. The key. The tongue. Lock. "

We set fire to the sheet with words, look at the photo of the beloved, iron and say: "What is written on paper, it came true, into the head (name) made it, settled. Amen". We read this powerful binding spell for sex until the candle burns to half. Burned sheet to disperse through the air, put the photo under the pillow, on which you sleep for 7 days. Binding ritual is needed regularly once a month for three months. Sex binding spells for a woman should be done on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sexual binding for men - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. On Sunday, no magic rituals can be done.


Love binding spell using food

I must say that the very food that you cooked for your beloved as a love potion, after all, when you cook food, you invest your energy. So, that it is true that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. And the most real love potion will be food, if you impose Love binding spell.

For this, prepare a dish that your man or woman loves. Put the portion on a plate. Take a pinch of salt to your lips and say such a binding spell for love:

"I persuade myself to salt my beloved, let him (she), let him eat, and think about me, let him miss me without me, he remembers me and my food every day and night. Let me (for her or his name) become for him as my favorite food. "

After that, salt a dish with this salt and serve it to your chosen one, preferably, that he (she) ate it, as soon as possible. Such a magical ritual begins to act instantly, the man immediately wakes up interest in you.


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