How to make full moon love spellsToday I will tell you about the 15 day of the moon, about full moon love spells for your man, and on the practices of the use in magic of the full moon. The full moon is a special time, a time when the Moon is in apogee, at the height of its energy activity and strength, entirely illuminated by the Sun.
Any practical magic, produced at this time, for example, work with biopreparate the victim, such as a love spell on your hair during the full moon, acquires additional force. Not for nothing because it was long since moved that the time of the Full moon, as the moon's day Black belong to witches and wizards. The full moon falls on the 15th lunar day. This is a dark day of Hecate, whose symbol is the serpent. Day, especially when there is the influence of Ahriman – the evil spirit of Darkness, spirit of the flesh and lust. Yes, the moon in real magic plays a special role. Full moon – a magical period of maximum activity, when even a simple spell for the awakening of extinct husband's feelings at the full moon can turn into a love spell done at home. Therefore, the topic of this article – full moon love spell.

Is it possible to make an effective love spells on full moon

In the 15th lunar day spellcaster make magical rites for the attainment of wealth and good luck, doing love magic. This day of the full moon is most favorable for the most powerful, the most tough a love spell on the subjugation and enslavement of men or women. Is the full moon do rituals on love with a suppression of the will of the one tested love spell on the dolls.
Great manage rough sexual charms, pushing people into insatiable lust, fornication. Real testimonials from those who independently did a love spell married man in the moon who read spell on your lover, now I know that this is so.
Knowing full and accurate description of the spells, you can make it yourself at home, but if you are not familiar with the practices of black magic, you better in a full moon to read white magic love spell on your beloved boyfriend.
For energy this day not inferior to any other day of the lunar month. However, the human body is weakened. To control the energies of the current day is beyond him, while all around there are temptations, trials, temptations. Sharpen the instincts, the desires of the flesh become irresistible.
I am a witch Reddy — I believe that it was during the full moon, people become pliable and manageable. Any black magic love spell for love men in the moon, reinforced the negative impact of time of day, faster spins and yielding. Of course, it is time for strong rituals, so to bewitch a guy when the full moon you need to correct. Work should be carried out in solitude, focusing on the thoughts of the beloved you the human, giving him strong positive energy message.
If the day of the cast full moon love spells, you can not only excite the libido and erotic imagination in a lover, but to bring back the old feelings. These are wives making separate spell for love husband, realizing that after many years of marriage, love and zeal tempered wife. To minimize the possibility of negative consequences at home is better to use white magic love love spells men on the full moon – even the simple magical rituals can give a strong result. And it is important that the words of spells did not contain the wishes of longing and promises of agony and love torments a single guy.

White magic love spells full moon on girl using photo

Women also become targets of witchcraft. I know from experience that many men in everyday life use the power of love magic. How to make a love spell of his girlfriend during the full moon? Here is the recipe for a strong love spell on a woman's love, which is done independently on the photo. The ritual is simple, subject to the availability of magical powers, very effective. To do after sunset when the moon in the sky clearly visible. A 15 lunar day, bodily intimacy is perceived as part of a deep sensual love, and not lust. I am a witch Reddy, you think that you can really get a good spell for the love of a girl for her photo taken at a distance.
For that would be to charm the woman you need 2 candles – red and white, a Cup without a pattern with clean water and a photo of the victim. Before him lay a photo over it, place a Cup with pure water, left a white candle on the right is red. Light both candles.
Further, this white magic love spell full moon with a photo of girls do it.
A Cup of water to bring a white candle so that it reflected the flames, and read free words the spell on the woman:
«The forces of light, hear me. To help in my case. Let the light chase away the darkness, may he grant me strength, let all the bad will disappear without a trace, like the fog is transparent. Amen.»
A Cup to put in place. Lay the right hand on the girl's picture, which makes this white magic love spell full moon and say:
«Help me, Moon, in my divination, heart (her name) light love. Let it be the love of her ardent, eager and ardent, let it be as light as your radiance. Amen.»
Three to drink from the Cup. And the remaining water, add in the case of food or drink lover. But it must be done no later than 17 lunar day, because, at least in this day, a love spell work, it is a day influence of female energies. This means that on this day, do love spells on men, and the completion of the spell the girls started in a full moon, can give poor results. So, a magic spell the girls using the food you only have 15 and 16 lunar days.

stronge full moon love spell lunar day husbandStrong love spell full moon on guy with photo – black magic spell for strong longing

The full moon is the time for black magic casters. The dark Forces in these lunar day is particularly active. Here's how the full moon to do a love spell for the love of a man using his photo.
This is a very strong spell men do in the cemetery at the photo observing all the rules of black magic, inscribed on the grave. Doing a love spell on her beloved boyfriend so much tocoal and always thought about you, dreamed to live without you I could not. Going to suitable for the active grave, to give the original victim the gift – a little sprinkle crumb obtained from ground dry black bread. Stomp left foot upon the earth of the grave and read the spell for raising the dead:
«Like people, aryleno the Kingdom welcomes. I salute you, grave. Thou art the door, you am the course that is now open!».
Now you can do the cemetery strong spell guy the moon is full in the photo.
Photo twist right side out, tie the red silk ribbon that 3 day hair wear. Read this:
«Scarlet ribbon heart (name) entwine, entangle Yes connect. Longing black (name) to yourself (name) bind».
Photo was added dropwise in the grave thrice read love spell most powerful spell of the guy in the period of the full moon, leave it on the grave of gift, and go by the rules.
«Like the dead in the damp earth lies, its guards, and (name) I had never met, places I'm finding. As a dead man lonely sadness toils, and (name) for me Kruchinina-sad. Without me his life hateful, heart smurf dull. For me it is now a melancholy yearning, a white light can not see. The anguish in my heart to wear. With me (name) from now on to be. Amen.»

To dream of your favorite guy – love spell full moon challenge

Dreams is a reflection of our subconscious, our hidden desires. Dreams and sometimes in waking hours haunt us, making us think about the theme of dreams with anxiety, fear or with anticipation of a miracle. He saw in a dream girl, an unmarried man begins to think of her. And if the dream was laid love the program, dream woman captivates becomes desirable. Man begins to seek a meeting with the girl of dreams, seeking in reality to realize the dream plot. Awakens the instinct, which needs to be transformed into passionate love.
But to dream about a loved one, do not need the full moon love spell.
In the practices of witchcraft have independent spells a disturbing dream. A call to the beloved guy in his dreams has long been used. The goal is to get lover more often thinking about his dream girl.
Homemade spell to call dream guy in the dream belong to the category of magical challenges. Here is an example of a ritual: before you go to bed, look at yourself in the mirror and read the words:
«I (name) see in the surface of the glass itself, so let them see me in my sleep (name). The image is clear, the image of the beautiful, all handsome. Amen.» But, there are those texts of spells that can be called white magic ways to charm love. Easy love spell to dream of the beloved boy, really, should be done during the full moon. Lying in bed, think about your beloved, visualize a relationship with him. Realizing that you are on the border of reality and the world of dreams, silently read the text the full moon love, spell for a loved one:
«At the behest of the night I will come (name) in your sleep (name). I'll be desirable. I'll be loved. You will not be able to get rid of the obsession. But, I will leave you in confusion. Get used to dreams you succumb to my charms, and I at the call of the flesh give. Yes, what I have said. Amen.»
Witch Reddy

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