How to bewitch a guy without photos and without consequences

How to bewitch a guy without photos and without consequencesThe feeling of Love is real magic. Love does not obey the laws of physics. Often relations will lose euphoria or people like each other, but something or someone prevents to be together and reunite. It is in these cases that you need to get help from a witch or a caster. Bewitch a guy without a photo you can at home. How correctly to make a spell for love, without harming yourself and the guy?

Bewitch a guy without photos and negative consequences

Before embarking on a love spell, every girl needs to know some important rules and features of love spells:
1. Spells are made during the growing moon, sometimes the full moon. It was during this period that the lunar energy is strong. We must not forget that the moon has been the patron saint of the female since ancient times. Therefore, a bright glow will always help the girls
2. Love spells on the guy read on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Never make a spell on Sunday. The magical power of incantations, without photos, is capable of exerting a strong influence on the subconscious of a man. As a result, he can begin to think differently, behave, the character and views on life change.
3. Do not make a love spell on a guy without a photo, if there is not 100 % confidence in your feelings for the guy. If you cast a spell you feel a strong sense of fear or the presence of an alien sight in your room, you should immediately stop the ritual. In this situation, you need to visit the temple. Get church candles, light them and go around all the rooms of your house, reading the prayer «Our Father». By sticking to these instructions and not breaking them, you can be sure that to bewitch a guy, without a photo will be the result!

To bewitch a guy for a menstrual blood

This ritual refers in part to black magic. The main magic power of the love spell is contained in the strongest manipulator — the blood. No wonder our ancestors were sure that menstrual blood can cause an unprecedented attachment and sexual attraction from the guy. Their beliefs fully lived up to expectations. In order to bewitch a guy for a month's blood, you need to buy a red wine
The ritual is done in the phase of the growing moon. It is during this period that the beginning of your menstrual cycle is desirable. The blood of the second or third day is purified, so it is most suitable for a love spell. Wait until midnight, only you should be in the room. Put a wax candle on the table in red. Prepare a drink, it can be wine or juice. And also the food (meat, cheese, sausage) will do. Add a few drops of blood to the food, light a candle and say the spell:
«As you eat my blood (drink), you give me your will. As the blood has been in me recently, so do you with all the love for me! „
After the magic words are spoken, you can go to sleep.
 Now your task is to treat the guy as quickly as possible with a meal. Make every effort to ensure that food or drinks are drunk completely.
If a loved one asks for a portion more, then the higher forces are benevolent towards the beginning of your relationship. It is not difficult to make a ritual, and a positive result will appear quickly!

To bewitch a guy with a personal thing

 If you have a personal thing of a guy, then this ritual is for you. The ritual is carried out at home and without a guy's photo. You will need a guy's personal item
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