How to make White Magic for Love - several ways, consequences + VIDEO White Magic for Love

spells white magic for loveMagic is a world of subtle energies that can be used for good or evil. Good positive energy is needed for love and protection.

If in dark rituals dark energy is used, for example, for imposing a cemetery love spells, then this spell carries a powerful energy and strength. He subordinates the will, changes consciousness, makes a person do what he consciously did not want. First of all, he binds the victim against the will to the "master" with invisible threads.

Unlike black, the white magic for love works gently with minimal damage to the person for whom it is intended. White magic for love does not break will, does not change consciousness, does not injure mentality, and basically is intended to accelerate for some reason the protracted process. For example, a woman and a man meet for a long time, but the man is not shy and does not dare to marry. In this case, its positive decision can push a strong white magic for love. After a certain time, a man begins to realize that a woman who loves him, is close and dear to him and with her is bound to tie his life. At the same time he will remain himself and will not feel that his will is subordinated to someone or controlled by someone.

White magic for love is also often used in cases where there is a long love affair, but the feelings have cooled down, and I want again to become the meaning of life, the object of adoration and again to experience vivid feelings for a loved one.

But you need to know that a person who wants to bind to his beloved or beloved with the help of white magic for  spell love is liable to great responsibility. After all, even such a sparing magical effect as the white magic for love spell still violates the predestination and the natural course of events. And if a person is ready
 Do a magical ritual, then real white magic for love is the best option with minimal consequences.

What, in fact, is a white magic for love?

First of all, this is the soft direction of the energy of the spell object in the right direction. Such a ritual emphasizes the person's attention to the best qualities of a woman or a man who made a white magic for love. A person begins to love, pay attention, tries in every way to protect from various problems.

People who have certain problems with their loved ones often wonder how to make a white magic for love spells You can make a ritual yourself, at home. But before you commit, you have to be specially tuned, because this spell is based on light positive energy, which means that your intentions should be clean, and emotions are only positive. In the event that you are not sure that you will succeed, you can always ask for help from a witch or caster. That is, in this situation, the choice depends on you.

METHODS white magic for love

On the photo
On the candle
On food
In Church 
Love energy
On flowers

Air is not the entire list of white magic for love that are used in practice. Of course, there are a lot more of them and you can tell a lot about any of them. After all, each of these methods, there are many different technologies for execution.

White magic for love on the photo:

Such a ritual is considered one of the most reliable ways. The fact is that the photo contains a lot of information, which is easy and convenient to work with. Spell on a photo have set of variants. For example, you can make a spell only on a photo, or additionally use a photo of a person wishing to make a spell. You can also do combined rituals in photography with candles and holy water, etc.

White magic for love on the candle:

With the help of a single candle or several candles it is possible to make an effective spell on a guy, a girl, a man or a woman. This ritual is the strongest magic ritual, in which the substance takes such an active part as a wax. He is able to accumulate information and absorb different types of energies, and in interaction with fire, a symbol of a strong aggressive element, gives amazing results and repeatedly strengthens any magical actions.

White magic for love for food:

This is perhaps the easiest, affordable and at times the fastest and most effective way to achieve the desired result. But here there are their nuances to attract a man, win his heart, we must not just cook it deliciously, but make it by conveying the maximum of positive emotions, saturating, thus, food with your feelings for the chosen one, and he, having tasted such food, will inevitably receive a huge charge of your energy of love . And if you also start talking about food! Often love spells for food gives a positive effect from the first time.

Spell in Church:

Servants of various religious beliefs believe that any magic, whether it is white or black, is sinful. However, many sorcerers believe that white church magic is one of the most effective and not sinful types of love spells, because its foundation is the pure and bright energy of faith. There are many ways to create church love spells. After all, such spells are not only those that are imposed in the church, but those that use any church attributes, candles, icons, lamps, crosses, consecrated water, etc. As a rule, such rituals are accompanied by prayers that are themselves On their own they cut off all the dark and evil.

White magic for love the power of love:

In the very name of such a spell and it is already laid that it is based on the energy of love, and love magic is a force that is very difficult to overcome even the most powerful black magic love spell. Probably, in every city there are places where couples especially like to be. It can be bridges, parks, squares, embankments. It is in such places that they make the real white magick for love. Often the attributes of such a ritual are "locks of love." Such castles can be seen in large numbers on some city bridges, where they are hanged by lovers. They often write names, keyholes invest their hair. In parks and squares, lovers often bury their personal belongings. Such places are simply saturated with love energy, because every lover, being here, leaves a little of his energy. And such a powerful energy field accumulates in them for whole generations.

White magick for love on flowers:

The main attribute of such spells are fresh flowers. Rituals using flowers have many options. Above flowers are read love spells and give them to their chosen ones, and sometimes to the chosen ones in the form of bouquets or flowers planted in pots. Rituals can combine flowers and candles, flowers and photos, flowers and consecrated water, and many other options. The magic of colors has a bright start and is safe


So, we found out that white spells, which has a large number of different ways and options, is primarily aimed at the natural enhancement of love feelings with minimal consequences. White magic, a love spell and consequences for an object can, first of all, due to certain circumstances, cause trauma to the soul. This happens usually when a person casts a spell, for some reason, decided to break the connection with the spellbound. Of course, after some time the latter will begin a new life, but a sediment in the soul can endure forever.

A person who is under the influence of white spells can also feel slight indisposition or influence from the side. But the consequences of the white magic spells are transferred much easier than the effects of the black spell and disappear quite quickly. The performer may have weakness, change his state of health, so the spellcasters recommend during the ritual and after being stored with talismans, as at this time people become vulnerable to dark forces. Also during this period, many women who are the initiators of spells, strengthen feelings for the beloved - this is quite a normal process.

The ritual can be performed with the help of a professional witch or spellcaster, but it can also be done independently (unlike a black magic love spell) that requires certain knowledge and many years of practice. After all, manipulations with dark energies without magic protection do not forgive mistakes, and if something went wrong and the ritual was wrong, you can end up with the strongest retribution with heavy and lasting consequences. In the case of white magic for love, this will not happen.

Next, you will learn a few practical examples of how to make white magic for love yourself. Basically, these are simple actions that do not require special knowledge, skills and training.

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