Love Spells using Hair

real love spells with her hair or him hairThe hair used in love spells often. Even cut hair maintains close communication with the host and contains all the genetic information. Therefore, love magic with hair very strong.  Hair love spells make yourself at home, can tightly bind to you loved one and give you a chance at marital happiness. But it is important to follow the rules of the casting of the ritual, because, like any powerful tool, love spells using hair, if used improperly, can harm.

Simple Hair Love Spells

In order to make love spell with hair yourself, you must first get the hair of a loved one. The safest way is to inspect clothes, because clothes often are the hairs of the host. You can also ask him or her a comb, and see if there are any hairs in there, or Vice versa — offer to use your new comb. In all these cases it is necessary to check whether the extracted hairs belong to your beloved. You can try to quietly cut off a lock while sleeping or right to ask, as a joke. Both of these ways is good because there is a chance to get a whole strand, however, it is likely that you do not achieve success, but call from a loved one suspected of evil intentions and will take defensive measures against your love spells using hair


Free Love Spells Using her or his Hair


Free Love spell using her hair


True love spells using her hair  this is useful if you are familiar with the girl ( woman) or had a close relationship. For this ritual you will need 5 hairs girls. At dawn we have to bury it under a young tree hairs when fire speaking:

"I buried your hair, I  calm you. That you missed, without me, the place itself is not found. To listen to me to do everything I tell you. Everything is as I say. Amen."

After reading the spell go home and on the road don't talk to anyone.  Love spell involving her hair starts the action immediately after you perform. And since the process of the ritual use of additional genetic material ( Menstrual blood, snot, drool ), the results can be seen much faster. If a woman ( girl) does not show the initiative to you, then after 1-2 weeks you can call or arrange a casual meeting. People who have done this her hair love spell, the result was very pleased  


Free Love spell with his hair


If your goal is to attract any boy or men, you can use love spells using his hair. For the ritual you will need the following components: three hairs of the guy, your three hairs and a candle (pink or red). Night you need to light a candle and link yours and his hair. From the candle ignited the hair and read the text free of the spell:

"As these hairs are connected, and life (us names) woven. So now (his name) neither ate nor drank nor slept without me ( your name).
So he did, always me remembered. Amen."

When real love spell with his hair need to pay attention to visualization. Because this ritual uses the fire, any negative thoughts can negatively affect the action of the ritual. Therefore, we recommend that the evening before casting the spell to be enjoyed. Your thoughts, ABOUT man or boy should only be positive: if you are offended or do love spells involving his hair as a revenge, the result can be the opposite.


Spell Lock of love using lock and hairStronge White magic Love spells using Hair Lock of Love 


The ingredients for the ritual: a new small hinged lock with key, his or her hair, his and her photo

Lock to buy on rising moon Friday, and do the spell we need in the morning or at noon. Must be open shackle cooked Lock and put the handle of photos, folded, right sides together. Hair twist and press in shackle of lock. Then lock need to close on the key. After that, this love spellswith hair "Lock of love" it is necessary to refer to the house of your love and bury it, so that would be in the way of a loved one. During this action, whisper need to pronounce the text of the spell:

"Lock this as nobody open, So no one can force you and me to divide it."

After this, you quickly go home, not looking back and not talking to anyone else in the way.The key to lock during the week to keep under your pillow, and sleep is imperative thoughts about his favorite. After that, the key have to hide in a secluded place, which only you should know. In any case, not with anyone to share information about casting a spell or show the key. If done correctly, "love spell using hair lock of love" very effective. Soon after you improve to build relationships with loved ones, but their further development depends entirely on the feelings of your partner.


Real Black magic Love Spells Involving Hair

 Powerful Voodoo love spells with hair

For voodoo spell you will need the hair and item of the person. Voodoo love spell using hair requires for you to create a special doll-it is as if the person on whom You are going to cast voodoo love spells with hair.

Read more about this doll ritual  text  Voodoo love spells involving his or her haire

You need to remember that the more effective are the rituals that use fresh hair. Besides spells, it is desirable to do during a new moon, if the rules and regulations of the spell does not specify a different time

I recommend you watch my video Hair love spell or you can order this ritual using the feedback form


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