Love Spells using Name (with her or his names)

Love Spells using Name (love spell with her or his names)The name is not a set of sounds to symbols is the most important attribute of human personality. The name of each a boy and a girl connected with the body and soul of the owner. It is well known from ancient times. Before giving the name of the child, parents tried to consult with the priests, caster and astrologers.

Love spells. What name to use (real name or nickname) 

In life people have changed their names and did not do it for aesthetic and fashionable reasons, and in order to change their destiny. Many peoples didn't discover his real name to strangers, not to expose themselves to a love spell or a curse. In our time to the name are much easier, but that does not mean that magical connection name and the host weakened. Love Spell with person name someone in our day can be no less effective than many centuries ago.
In fact, the name of the person one way or another is used in most rituals of love magic, increasing and leveraging the power of other magic items and actions.Sometimes the person at birth gets 2 names: in documents  and the parents call another. or then, friends give a nickname or the man himself requests it or to call it differently.
When do rituals of a person referred to as he or she was named on the documents. It does not matter whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu ritual or taken from any other religion ritual. 
How to read love spells using first name and last name?
Real  spellcasters often say «God doesn't know the last names.» This means that most spells last name is not used. However, in certain rituals such a measure is necessary. The last name is the human family. It helps to channel the spell at the selected victim, said, exactly where to deliver the sent information.

Stronge love spells with his Name and Paper, without candles and photos

To make a love spell on a person without his photo and candles. For powerful spells, you need only a piece of paper and the name guy ( men), who you have decided to make a strong love spells with paper and the text of magic spells. For ritual only need a blank piece of paper, without pictures,cells and lines! Taking a clean sheet of paper the size of a note, write on it the name of the beloved man (guy) on the one hand, and on the back of the paper write powerful spells:
" Union of love I bind you To me forever tied. Love me without cheating. Let the flame of love burns your heart. Your heart and soul libatalk me. Amen"
Then take a saucer in which is burned a sheet of paper and the moment set fire to the paper (just using a match — important live fire lighter). Tell me the text of the spell:

«I sealed you ( name) with me (your name), using curses, bad thoughts, breakup. No one will ever divide you and me. Amen „

A sheet of paper which was placed a love spelsl needs to burn completely, and the remaining ash must be carefully disposed of in the street like you do not matter, carry the ashes in a saucer through the door or throw out the open window. A love spell on a sheet of paper begins to act very quickly and a high probability that in the same day, you will see the effect of the spell

love spells using his her Name and Paper, without candles pictureHow to make a love spells with her name without her photo

Powerful love spell using name girls (women) that can make reading a spells for love. Knowing this is very simple to read a love spell with the name of the one you love and this method to charm to a girl without her photo. With a spell you can quickly cast a spell on any woman knowing this love spell you can just do that. All that is required for the ritual is the knowledge of the name of the girl! Today I will teach you how to make strong love spell using her name to be read independently at home. In this spell for love, the name becomes an instrument of magic effects. In order to do the ritual you need in the morning, at dawn, facing the rising sun 3 times to repeat this love spells using her name :
“ Sun rises, a new day is coming. Become the sun is hot ( the girl's name, female) heart hot. Will she get out of the house and look for me. Comes to me and happiness will find and will never leave. Adalan Maçka Danok!


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