Real White Magic Love Spells using Gift

how to make white magic love spells with giftMany girls and guys often seek to get a lover by any means. Especially when strong love is unrequited. Only sometimes it is possible to evoke mutual feelings by natural means. But you can help white magic love spell with gift.
There are many love rituals that cause unfavorable consequences, but this ritual does not apply to them.
The caster or witch makes love spells easy. The white magic love spells using gift  is one of the most accessible, especially if the object of adoration is a friend or acquaintance. This is not a very strong ritual, but in combination, for example, Love Spells with Foodcan give a 100% result


White magic Love spells with gift is safe?


This simple spell does not bring trouble to the performer - the spell has two advantages. To do this, the physical contact of the object with the object of the relationship is important. During this contact, the magical effect increases many times. As a result of donating, people exchange spiritual energy among themselves.


3 effective white magic love spells on gift


There are three effective ways to charm a soul mate by gift giving. The main thing is that this object is endowed with positive energy. In most cases, the gift is jewelry, stylish accessories, decorative ornaments or antiques.

In the latter case, it is worth to be very careful, since antiques are endowed with the energy of their past owners.
The first white magic love spell using gift is done as follows:

It is necessary to pick up a thing that the future owner will really be happy with. After choosing, the thing is conjured with a special magic text. It is important that after the ritual the subject finds his owner as soon as possible.

1. Spell on a gift

"Let me, (name) ... be dear to you, like every drop of blood for me!"

To attract love, after choosing a gift, you should bring it to your lips and whisper the text of the spell, then gently kiss it

2. Spell on a gift with a kiss

"I give you a gift,
I give my heart to you.
If you take this gift,
Your heart will return me in return
With my gift, I send love to you,
My kiss is my seal "

It is important that the gift is inviolable until the moment of delivery. The surface of the gift should shine with purity. The cleaner it will be, the stronger the energy of the gift will be transmitted to the second half.

To make white magic on gift  and give a guy or girl love, you need to buy a good gift - it can be anything.

3. You can inspire people with candles. To begin a strong magical ritual is necessary after sunset. On the table, a photo of a loved one is laid out, a gift is put in front, candles are placed. After lighting the candles, the spell begins reading. Depending on the gift, in the text of the spell the verb "to put on" must be replaced with others, for example "push", "take in hands", "eat and others. Whitemagic love spells with gift will act in those moments when a person will contact the donated item.


White magic love spells using gift and photos


"You take my present,
Accept my love with him.
When you wear it,
You will remember me.
You will think how beautiful I am,
How kind I'm not proud.
How good you are with me -
As stars with the moon,
As the land with grass,
Like a river with water,
Like a bank with a river. "

The next moment is the strengthening of the ritual through the object. The gift item is endowed with a lot of energy, which multiplies the magical effect many times. The third point - the natural location of the chosen one to the donor. A gift, whatever it may be, can not always cause love, but a good attitude is very often.

Any person is pleased to receive gifts, especially if they radiate warmth and sincerity


What are the consequences of the White magic of love spells?


The consequences can only appear if the ritual was performed not by the rules, but with violations


How to get rid of the white magic love spell using a gift?


In order to remove the love spell it is necessary to first determine the presence.
There are several signs of a love spell, after identifying which, you can remove the spell:

- A man after a ritual will change his behavior.
- Very often the sense of attraction to the customer spells sharply.
- All thoughts only about the customer of the ritual.
- A love spell is able to force a person to leave the family and in a moment to go to another person.

To remove the love dependence, it is necessary to perform the magic ritual with the help of needles. It is important that the person himself is aware of his artificial attachment and wants to remove it. Ritual is done in a quiet secluded place in nature, where a small hole will be dug. Taking each hand in a handful of needles, you should read the beginning of the spell. Then, send all your negative energetics to each needle and continue reading the text. After reading, the needles are thrown into the pit with a sharp movement. The hole is buried, a burning candle is placed from above.

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