Red Thread: how to bind to a a loved for a lifetime

With the help of the red thread, you can achieve a lot. She not only performs protective function, but also helps attract success and abundance. It is also perfectly suitable as a love amulet. If you've always want to bind to a loved one for life, use this method.
The history of red thread
Red thread has come to us from the Jews, from the Kabbalah. This doctrine is based on mysticism and used to conquer the will of man. Translated the name means strong attachment to anything.
From this direction and took its beginning protective talismans with red thread. It is believed that if such a string start up on your loved one's wrist, it will protect you from enemies and will protect from harm. In parallel, this amulet has the ability to attract abundance and make people successful.
However, in Eastern countries is also a mention of a scarlet rope. And it comes from a legend that says that every person is connected with his second half invisible red thread which invisibly attached to the ring finger on the hand. Day after day, it attracts lovers of the future together. And no matter how great it may be the distance between people; sooner or later they will meet and will go through life together.
How to bind to a loved one with red thread
This method is suitable for those who have already met the love and wants to strengthen the bond between himself and the partner. However, it is useful to those who is still in search of his fortune.
To give a red thread by force of gravity, you need to buy it in the shop on their own. Ropes well received as a gift, do not work. Amulet you need to fasten on the wrist a certain number of units. To carry out this process should be close to you people. Note that if such a bracelet will tie a person who is experiencing negative emotions to you, the mascot will not bring the desired effect.
If you are already in a relationship and want to strengthen your feelings, you must make seven knots on the bracelet. And if you want to attract your soul mate, you need to tie a string of nine times.
During the weaving of each node it is recommended to repeat the following words: «I Lace braid and love I draw (or strengthened, depending on the situation). Once the knot, two knot… Key. Lock. Amen».
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