Slavery Spells to make someone be slave for you (on husband or guy)

Slavery Spells to make someone be slave for you (on husband or guy)Who among us does not dream of enslaving, of the ruling, but simply that people obey unquestioningly, do what we want, be your slave. With the help of spells of magic slavery, you can manipulate people, depriving them of their will, making them slaves. However ... Such actions are unlikely to be useful for who they are made, and all these manipulations can return to the caster with a fourfold boomerang if there is no powerful defense. Therefore, before you start such actions, you need to prepare well.


Magic spells for slavery, obsession with you and submission


Rituals to suppress the will and subordination of man are of the type of black magic and are based on interference in the energy field of another person without consent, because of which this person can get sick if it is weakened energetically. Yes, the effectiveness of such manipulations depends on the aura of the one on whom the spell is being made. If a person is energetically integrated, self-confident, then his aura is absolutely healthy, has no damage through which it is possible to inflict magic strikes, and your actions can not reach him, and will not cause such a person any harm, but you can return "boomerang" .

We all want to be loved, however, the feeling is, unfortunately, very often not reciprocated. And if there is no reciprocity, then is it necessary to continue such a relationship, even with the help of black magic spells? Making one love oneself by force, resorting to the subordination of the spell, is violence against the person, so consider carefully - do you really need this person? Would you like to bind yourself to him for life, or is it just a momentary whim? If a person treats you coldly, then no magic will help. No, after the ritual, he will be near you, but his attitude towards you will not change, and both of you will suffer. If you still decide to use your spell, then at least make it to someone who does not treat you with open hostility, otherwise, life with him will be like hell for you. And one more thing - to make such slavery rituals are necessary proceeding from the purity of one's soul and thoughts. If you pursue some kind of selfish goal such as revenge, you know, good from this you can not wait.

Below you will see simple rituals for slavery and submission in order to subordinate a man (woman), husband (wife), boyfriend (girl), or cause interest to you men who are more less harmless and, if properly executed, will help you Achieve the desired result with the least loss.



Rituals for the submission  and slavery on husband

If you suddenly noticed that your spouse is behaving inadequately towards you - does not pay attention, has grown cold, then, perhaps, you have a rival, a mistress. To avoid the worst, make a ritual slavery spell for the spouse. To do this, during the growth of the moon, take a dirty shirt of a white spouse, which you have not yet had time to wash, with the help of a church candle, set fire to the shirt collar, while reading the following text of the slavery word:

"People look in the mirror, and my spouse looks Only on me. Soap quickly washed off with water, and my husband, looking at me, loves and smiles. His shirt is white on his body, and his smile is bright. How the collar of my shirt will burn, so my husband will not look at other girls. So be it! "After the collar is completely burnt, quash the shirt of his wife, and hide so that no one finds

If there are frequent scandals and quarrels in the family, then the next submission of the spell will help you. Take your wife's unshaven shirt, and tie up the sleeves with a knot, read the slave spell on the knot:

"Let this knot hold the sleeves, and I'll be above the spouse (name) as the hostess. Amen! "The shirt must be hidden. After the ritual, the husband will become compliant, obedient and complaisant;

Do you want your spouse to listen only to you? Make such a submission a ritual - weave your hair in a braid and do not weave for three days. On the fourth night, at three o'clock, untwist the braid, and comb your hair, while saying the spell three times:

"On my head - my hair, in my hand - my braid. My teeth are in my teeth. That I did not say my mind showed. In church people listen to bells, and my husband hears only me. May it be so!"

If there are frequent scandals in the family, the ritual of obsession with you and obedience using the shirt (dress) of the spouse (husband or wife)


Ritual, that the husband obeys and obeys only you. Three aspen twigs are set on fire using a church candle. Looking at the fire, they say three times the words: "The Moon and the Star have conspired, the Sky and the Sun have conspired; everyone will agree with each other, and my words will be fulfilled, fixed and become like a stone. My orders for (the name of the husband) be orders as the child of the parents listens, so the husband (name) will obey me. In the name of the Devil I lock, so be it as I said! "

After this ritual, your husband will obey only you. Bake a sweet cake that your husband likes. While preparing a treat, say: "Pie - bring my family peace and peace! As my husband will eat you, he will feel fear to my word - let my word become law for him, let the peace in my family come. So be it! "After the husband has eaten the pie, he will obey only you

To subordinate the husband to your will, make the spell of slavery on the water, which then add to your spouse's favorite drink. To do this on Friday evening, light the church wedding candle with the symbols of the wedding rings, say 12 times the spell on the tank with water: "At the bottom of the stone - silent, does not say anything. Conquered by my will - lives 100 years in captivity. Let my husband submit to me, he will not break free from my will. And I eat for him, and water is for him my will-the law, for ever. Whoever breaks my word will go to the tongue. May it be so!". Candle the lights on the water. From this water, prepare in the morning, on Saturday, any drink and give it to your husband. Soon, he will never be able to refuse you anything and will be obedient.

And after casting this submission of the tritual, your spouse will obey you forever. On any Thursday, when the husband is not at home, take a photo of where he is sealed alone and three times say the text of the slavery spell: "My words will be strong, and the deeds are sticky. As a horse is conquered by a collar - it does not run, it does not kick, so my husband always obeys me - clutch my napkin to the one who is dear to my heart. From now on - everything is my will, in my power - your destiny. With my collar, submit, and obey my will. May it be so. Amen! "The next morning, notice that the husband has become another person, so he will become obedient.



How to subordinate a loved one and make him a slave


To a guy was just yours, you can make a love affair. To do this, take a rope and wrap it around your waist. Such a length piece you will need for the ritual. On this rope you will need to tie twelve knots, repeating the words of the spell to submission:

"My beloved will leave me then, when my hands unfasten these knots. So be it!

"The rope must be taken to the forest and put in any hollow. After that, the magic will begin to act. This ritual is good because it can be done on a person who is far away from you at a great distance.

To fall in love with a guy spell submission - take a thing that after casting slavery spell is given to a loved one, and slander the thing with these words:

"As birds fly safely in the sky, so would we (names) always do things in love to get along. As the sun always illuminates the earth, so would my beloved love me alone. As a new day comes, and people light up with light, so we (names) sadness were rare, but happiness is always there. As in the river the water flows endlessly, so life in happiness with us (names) would be endless. So be it! "After the thing is in the hands of your boyfriend, the spell will begin to act.


The ritual of submitting a man using your blood


Rituals made with the help of blood are considered to be one of the strongest and most effective in black magic. They act for certain, therefore, in order to carry out such manipulations, please, carefully consider everything again - there will be no way back.
 This spell for slavery is made for sugar. You need to light a candle of red color, take a piece of sugar and drop a drop of your blood on it, saying: "How is this drop dear to me, even if I (the name) will be so dear to you! Amen!"

On growth, the moon is doing this spell. In the red wine drip three drops of your blood (from the finger or menstrual blood), reading the spell: "(Name) drink to the bottom, finish drinking! Take my blood in yourself. My blood is strong, but your will is weak. (Name), you are my slave now, I am your mistress. Your life is for me, I do not have the strength. There is no other you, now you are mine - forever. Amen!"


If close communication with a man is impossible, make the ritual of submission at a distance. To do this, you will need a photo of a loved one, where he is in full growth, and a room flower that is constantly growing in your house for a long time. Before the full moon, in a few days, light a red candle, tear off a branch or a leaf from a flower, burn it on the flame of a candle, saying the spell:


"I sacrifice you for sacrifice, for this spell of love. May it be so!"

Ashes from the plant, put them in a bowl. It is believed that this flower will take care of all the consequences of a love spell. Then they will take a picture of their beloved ones, focus on it, focus on it, think about your own. Love, pierce them with a finger, draw a line through a photo that stretches from the genitals to the head, then they repeat the words of the spell and write down the photo. The remains of the photo are also placed in the dishes With ash from the flower. The ashes are mixed, half buried in a pot with a flower, and the second half should be sprinkled with the guy's threshold


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