White love spells for a lifetime

It is said that love spell for lifetime does not happen. However, it is not. In fact, ever bewitch favorite perhaps the main thing — to observe certain rules. There are a lot of dowry that the consequences of any ritual, whether it is love spell or curse can only remove one who personally carried out this ritual. But some say that these are short-lived spells and scattered themselves.
Still others claim that can only undo a spellcaster death, made the spell.
After numerous studies have identified several rules that can make a successful rite, and the white bewitching ritual they are in the first place. Any white love spell can work even against the will of the person to whom it is directed, if the practitioner it is ready to sacrifice a part of their energy and maintain the spell if necessary.

White Love spells

As a rule, such sacrifices are solved only one, because no one wants to constantly share your own.
The most effective option is a case where white love spells is done by mutual consent, that is, the person who wants to bewitch the other, confident response feelings, but the circumstances do not develop in the best way. In this case, the ritual gives the pair the necessary qualities and creates a suitable situation for lovers were always together. These are the white magic spell are the key to happiness for a lifetime, because they only enhance the feelings of the people and give even more strength.

White love spell for lifetime

For this ritual you will need original red wax candle, a glass of cow's milk and a slice of white wheat bread. This white love spell is on the growing moon in the Women's Day (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday). The day before you need to be cleansed and to call in the help of the gods themselves.
House to do the spell alone in the evening. The first step is to light a candle and say a prayer Our Father (Pater Nostra). Further, in one hand to take a container with the milk and the other piece of bread, and in this position whisper following words:
«Lord, just mine. I… (your name), in front of you. He created you the earth and human beings. Man you created and love bestowed upon all. I pray for your help, let them… (the name of the beloved) is looking at me and do not see enough, and not love Enough admiring me, kissing me, and do not focus. We live in love and harmony. Amen „
This phrase is repeated three times, then blow out the candle, and go to bed. The next morning, crumble the bread and feed the birds and give milk to cats. It is desirable that the animal has been homeless since watered your pet this drug, you are not endowed with the necessary power of entertainment, and the white love spells may simply not work.
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