Terms & Condition

1. By your intention to use my services, you acknowledge the existence of magic and Higher Powers. My services are not for skeptical and irresolute people. My service is not for entertainment.

2. To use my services you should be 21 years of age or older.

3. Methods I apply to:

Fortune telling* – the tarot  reading and runes reading;

Rituals  and  spells;

*Fortune telling (reading) – relationship diagnostics, love predictions, relationship predictions, infidelity predictions (faithfulness check), health predictions (magical health diagnostics), predictions for the past, present and future, situational predictions, predictions concerning your beloved one and other predictions.

4. I guarantee to perform all the rituals ordered within the agreed time.

5. All predictions are made individually for each client. I don’t make vague stereotyped predictions.

6. You can get predictions or tarot reading:

- One appointment – 300 $us 

7. I personally decide who I want to make a prediction for and how.

Why my predictions can’t be free:

- Predictions require energy, take a lot of effort (which depends on the situation, number of your questions) and 15-60 minutes of my personal time. So by the law of magic, if you receive information or help from Higher Powers, you HAVE to give something in exchange. It is called the Law of Energy Balance.

If a witch (witch or spell caster) doesn’t receive anything in exchange, Higher Powers will “charge” her for that (for example, by taking your health) to restore balance.  If you leave nothing in exchange, you can expect:  the problem you have will get only worse, relationship problems, money problems (losing a job, business), health problems.

Every fortune teller has a bunch of “clients” who like to receive predictions for free. You can read about them on any forum on magic. Such people spend weeks or months going from one magician to another asking the same question. Why? Because during this time, the problem doesn’t get solved. It gets worse instead. This is how the energy balance law works. Plus, you know that if you try to predict your future, bad stuff may happen to you, don’t you?

So you shouldn’t go to spellcasters often. You can receive predictions when you really need it (when it’s critical) and should always remember about “the payment.”

8. You don’t have to go into details. Just specify what sphere your questions apply to (love, health, relationship, revenge, work, business, etc.) so I can focus on the right stuff.

9. If you want to receive predictions via email, send me your photograph. I will also need to know your name and the name of the person you want me to make predictions about. If you don’t have this person’s photograph, the name will do. I don’t need to know the person’s last name.

For a phone consultation, I will also need your names.

I don’t need to know the date of your birth to make relationship, health and other predictions.

I need the date of birth only when I’m going to perform a ritual (hex, love spell, shifting, etc.) at a cemetery and the ritual requires finding a grave of a person of the same age.

10. Additional questions concerning your predictions are accepted within 2 days after the prediction is made. This is when you can also make your objections.

11. Objections are not accepted in case I don’t tell you what you want to hear. Be prepared to learn some unpleasant things about your life and that of the people you ask me about.

12. Before a situation diagnostics ritual, fortune telling is required!

13. Other rituals (hex, curse, love spell, break up spell, death spell, harmonization spell, money ritual and other black magic rituals) are performed for money.

The price you pay for a ritual (love spell, hex, curse,etc.) should be significant to you, but you should be able to pay it. What costs little or nothing is never important. It’s axiomatic. Overpriced magical services may cause regret which may affect the final results. 

The money that you pay for the ritual or tarot reading should only be yours. It is not permissible to make payments with the help of someone else's bank cards or take a loan (borrow from someone in debt) to buy magical services (even if you took a loan in your name - it's not your money)

By paying for a ritual, you prove your intention to change your life. 

14. Phone calls schedule:

- for clients who have ordered a ritual, the time is agreed on via email;

- off-schedule calls are accepted from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m. on weekdays. A call can last up to 15 minutes  and up to 45 minutes. Terms for receiving a consultation are provided in paragraph №6. I don’t have a secretary so I personally reply to all emails and calls.

- I don’t make predictions or carry out diagnostics via SMS, WathsApp. I don’t reply to SMS or email  messages where you ask to call you back.

15. I don’t have an opportunity to sit in front of my computer or wait for a phone call all day long. If I do, I won’t have time to perform rituals. So it can take up to a few days for me to reply to your request.

16. The sum you pay for my services (predictions, diagnostics, rituals, spells, consultations, etc.) makes up for the time I spend talking with you, making predictions, carrying out diagnostics, performing the rituals and spells  you order, and makes up for the money I spend on ritual materials. All sales are outright.

17. My ritual effectiveness and prediction credibility is 85-95%. 

Many spellcaster sites on the Internet claim that magic can not be verified with the help of science. However, it is not. The reliability of the information on the spellcaster's site about the experience and effectiveness of the spells can be verified with the help of such a scientific method as polygraph (lie detector). Wealthy customers, before buying expensive spells, can order such a check at any company that is authorized for such research (for example, in state expertise laboratories) and invite a spellcaster to meet in person, but such a expertise is done at the expense of the client. The client pays only the services of an expert laboratory, If the check takes place without my departure to your city. If checking in another city or country - extra paid tickets travel and accommodation.


At the moment, I'm the only person selling spells, willing to undergo such an examination.


18. Magic is art. Magical rituals influence people and situations. They encourage, manipulate, invigorate. They can remove obstacles, but they can’t change you, making you the person you want to be.

When it comes to your relationship, various rituals can be used. At first I need to look at you and decide what I can do for you to stabilize your situation.

Some people are looking for magical services and are ready to pay any sum for a promise to get the lover back within 7 days, or (which is much better) instantly, preferably the moment the ritual is paid for. Magic can’t do that, no matter what you’ve been promised. It takes up to 3 months for a ritual to take effect (depending on the complexity of the situation – up to 6 months). Sometimes I offer my clients to change themselves, to get better so the ritual could work faster, but many of them refuse – they just don’t want to apply any effort to make their life better. 

Remember, a relationship can’t be destroyed within just one night.  Ittakestime. Rituals work in the same way.

My magical services are part of my life and I believe in the Powers I work with, they guide me in my everyday life. I know that my rituals have effect, I’ve seen the real power of spells, and I believe in the might of the Higher Power.

But I can’t guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want. I guarantee that I will do my best to help you. I’m a witch, yes. But I’m no God or Devil. Only Higher Powers can give you a 100% guarantee of success. Apart from Higher Powers, frauds can give it to you, too. If someone promises you that your lover will return to you within 1-7 days, gives you a 100% guarantee, and on top of that promises to use white magic (meaning no sins will be committed), it’s a lie. Your guarantee can be applied to an object, but it can’t be applied to a human being.

Some think they can ask spellcaters and witches for a guarantee. I can agree with it partially. But you should understand that the result of magic is not always what you expect.  

The Universe and you are out of my control. Often, you are your own worst enemy, and it’s sometimes difficult for you to do the right thing or sacrifice something to make your life better.

What I can guarantee you is that you’ll receive the best services you can find on the Internet. All the rituals you order will be performed.

19. The effective period of a ritual – for life or until a counter-ritual is performed. 

When it comes to magic, Higher Powers bring positive changes, but sometimes they expect you to make efforts, work hard or thank them when asking them for help.

Magical rituals won’t bring results if you’re not responsible for anything.

Bad habits, laziness, unwillingness to work and earn, greed, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, anger, touchiness, unwillingness to compromise, aggression, pride, children abuse, infidelity, disrespect (including towards parents), obsession, thrusting  your opinion on others violently, manipulating other people until they leave… and then you don’t understand why they don’t want to have anything to do with you. I’ve listed just a few reasons why you may find yourself in your present situation. If you don’t change your life, if you don’t work hard to make your life better, but continue living this kind of life, neither Dark nor Light forces will help you.

If you want to restore the relationship with your lover, think about what you can offer to him when he returns. If you promise your girlfriend something like “I will take you to the edge of the Universe! I will give you that star and we will enter the infinity, our way lit by it…” and then you are going to give her a dirty pan to wash… It will be hard for me to work with a person with such attitude.

When I agree to perform rituals for you, I offer my help and will answer your questions as well as I can. But you should understand: we don’t live together and I can’t control your every step or make decisions for you.

20. If you want me to help you, I will. If you want me to do everything for you, I won’t be able to help you.

My work is to help you and you will hear the truth about your life. After that, it’s up to you whether to accept it or not. If I refuse to perform a ritual for you after making a prediction, you will at least know that there’s no point in spending more time, money and energy trying to solve a problem that can’t be solved.

21. Don’t expect me to make decisions for you.

22. Below are requests which will be ignored. Please, don’t contact me if you’re going to ask me to do any of these:

- give you winning lottery numbers;

- make you a millionaire (if you spend most of your day lying on the couch);

- make money appear in your bank account;

- change term of documents;

- change your sex;

- put a sinless white magic love spell. God and the Orthodox Church (Wiccan magic) don’t cast and disapprove of love spells. If your ex-lover is in a happy relationship with another person, this relationship will have to be broken and this person will have to be bound to you against his free will, which is possible only with the help of black magic. If you believe in white church love spells, why are you looking for someone to put a white sinless love spell for you? Can’t you go to a church and light a candle there? All sins and fear of retaliation exist only in our head and are attracted by our negative thoughts;

- make you invisible, teach you how to fly, turn you into a mermaid, vampire  or an animal, or fulfill another childhood dream of yours;

- I don’t practice hypnosis, don’t give suggestive treatment;

- donteach magic

- I don’t teach how to manipulate people;

- I don’t help possessed or impatient people. 


If you have psychiatric illness, Mental problems - you can't use my services. If you ordered my services- you confirm your legal capacity and absence psychiatric, mental illness. 

23. Never repeat your question waiting for a different answer. If you ask me the same question over and over again, you will receive contradictory answers.

24. After you order rituals, you will receive instructions on what to do next.

After the rituals are paid for, I will make up a schedule in accordance with lunar phases and favorable days.

All rituals are performed by only me.

Some rituals involve special objects or amulets, which will be send to you (handed over personally in my office).

Biological samples (hair, nails, etc.) or personal belongings (clothes, etc.) of the object of the love spell which will be used in the ritual are not returned.

25. Terms.

There are no definite dates in magic. Those, who say otherwise, lie.

As an experienced witch, I know that I shouldn’t give any definite dates. Just imagine: I promise you to solve your problem within 7 days. On the 6th day, you get nervous. If the problem doesn’t get solved on the 7th day you get depressed, and your negative thoughts may not let the problem get solved at all (which might have happened, let’s say, on the 8th day).

26. I ask my clients not to contact other spellcasters (to get a prediction or order a ritual), go to church and wear a cross, while I work on their situation and perform the required rituals.   

27. If you have spiritual wounds and need help quickly (within 15 minutes), immediately, right now, if you want help for free, if you need a psychological consultation, if you feel lonely or just feel like talking with someone, call  - Association of Telephone Emergency Psychological Help. Telephone numbers to be used in different cities can be found on its website. Calls are free and accepted 24/7.

True witches and magicians don’t provide psychological help, because in this case they won’t have time to perform rituals (most rituals are performed far from home), talk with clients. Clients who pay for the rituals usually don’t want to pay for psychological services (which may take much more time that the rituals) the price of the magical ritual or prediction. And if you don’t pay for it, you don’t get it.

28. I can stop working with a client any moment if the client refuses to accept the results of my work (performed rituals) and/or not follow my simple instructions, but instead satisfies his negative needs (manipulation, lust for power, dictatorship, etc.).

  witch Reddy (c)

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